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  1. Gems succesfully aquired. Gwyn is a very nice fellow. Totally recoment him
  2. Maybe you dont know mats. But 100e on all 3 means 33.33e on each one of the 3 accounts
  3. What a beast. Id suggest you sell it in parts as many people would want just scale. Or like me, i just want that adamantine sickle

    Was always runing as long new accounts were used and created. It is the tutorial server
  5. For 25e i will buy it
  6. Hope you get it.but you may not. I offer you 50e for it.
  7. I will pick it up later today when i get home. Hope i can have enough time for it
  8. I will buy that rare axe for 1.5 shiny. Mailed to his mayesty supreme devout Jimmynorman
  9. Celebration tapdance market only has two merchants and one is selling rare materials at 5c a piece and one supreme mat at 15c. The other one its mostly empty.no other known markets so far
  10. Some vilage mate made me a chaneling pizza. So your service is quite apreciated by people around. Also quite good when grinding stuff like chaneling. Weaponsmithing or similar skill. Heck, on every skill that percent counts. +1
  11. 2 Backpacks full of Gems i would be intrested if pictures of the gems are provoded and ql counted
  12. Still gives as far i know