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  1. Oh nice, thank you for updating the related pages.
  2. Good, good. Such excellent sense of time is essential for any archaeologist of great ambition! Now make room for tens of thousands of carefully sorted fragments, grab a dozen investigating tools of your choice and hit the road! (Then turn back halfway because you forgot that you were out of blank reports again...)
  3. A nice list of new additions, QoL changes, balancing and fixes overall. One of those surprisingly useful features we never knew we needed. Works really well. And of course, I greatly appreciate this one. Thank you very much for including it in this update, during these busy times.
  4. Thank you, everyone. Much appreciated. Ha! Excellent suggestion for the Forestry title there, but I believe that one is taken already. Also, rumor was spreading among archaeologists that... a certain someone, one day, might aim for the title "Archaedology". What a terrifying thought! Something clearly needed to be done.
  5. The rust on metal, Crack in the wall... What starts small, Can mark your fall. Bridges collapse, As time flows by, Highways don't last, Catseyes go blind. From deepest valleys, To Wurm's high peaks, Lie ruined cities, Rotting old keeps. A Wurmian's plan, Grand or humble, In due time can All just crumble. Goals, ambitions Fleetingly burn, Greatest visions To dirt return. Magic chests, full, Try as you may, No spell or rune Holds it at bay. Mere fragments speak of ages gone by, of mastered skills, the daily long grind. Fine tales of fame, Riches and pride, One day just fade, Dissolved in time. Witness and yield! Struggle's in vain. All that you build, Decay will claim... [19:18:48] Archaeology increased by 0,000008 to 100,000000 Chosen title for 100 skill in Archaeology: Witness to Decay (if confirmed to be first and right to custom title is granted)