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  1. You're welcome I used the ore you sent to make 100, and some I had for another 50. I'm sorry it took longer than I wanted to complete them. I was finishing up new road across desert, east of Walnut Cove, connecting the 2 existing roads that turned south
  2. Oh wow! Thank you very much! I'll start making ribbons :)
  3. You are so welcome! I've got a couple projects I'm trying to finish up, and then I'll hunt down some more low ql iron and make another batch of support beams. Very happy to contribute whatever I can! This project seems years in the making, with a lot of people giving of their Time. In the couple short months I've been playing, the canal has saved my many hours of sailing around Pristine, as I can now sail "through" Pristine
  4. Helllooo I noticed a new feature, not sure if I missed it before and it is just new to me, or if it was just added and new for everyone. Right clicking inventory line in the inventory window allows creation of nameable groups in the inventory window. Very helpful tool to help organize main inventory window
  5. The cozy place where I start and end my wurm days.
  6. Hellloooo :) I'd like to suggest adding an option to give a player/group perms for the entire deed, without having to go into options for each building, each gate, etc and having to change each one individually. Having all these options are really awesome, they let you fine tune your deeds with multiple buildings, animal pens, whatever with individual access and I wouldn't want to change those options. However, there are times when someone is a trusted friend (or an alt from discussing with other players), and it would so much simpler to just give them full perms with a single click. I understand alts can be made part of village and handled that way, but if other person is mayor of other deed, I don't see a way to give them access without going thru each catagory atm. I only have a small deed, with basically 3 buildings forming one main structure and it's a pain to allow someone access just to those. I can only imagine how bad it is for people with giant deeds. Perhaps considered suggestion as a master key for the deed. Instead of getting keyring with individual access to different areas, you are given master key for whole deed. While the current system is awesome as I said, and allows users to minutely fine tune perms as needed, but currently trying to change perms is like jumping in the space shuttle with lights and dials everywhere, when all I needed is a golf cart to get down the street. Thanks for reading :) Have an awesome day!
  7. The moons aligned for Kasumi's birthday party and Mitzie's 10 year wurmiversary :D Was a fantastic day, including special guests appearances :D
  8. Helllooo! I sailed thru there yesterday and it is really awesome to see this project! I'm not too far away and am happy to help out where I can It really is an incredible shortcut from blossom to the east coast and now towards the south. Thank you for doing this!
  9. Hello! I would like to suggest an update to the various messages the user receives as an "error". Specifically, I'm talking about the error messages that don't provide any useful information on what user is doing wrong. For example, sometime I try to move inventory and I get the message, "You selected max", but nothing happens. What this really meant is that I was too far away from containers, I think. "You selected max" doesn't help at all but instead, a message like, "Containers are too far apart" would provide the info on what's wrong to user so they can do what they're trying to do instead of being frustrated. I tried for weeks to put barding and horseshoes on a horse and was told information that only frustrated me further with no help. A useful few words that help point in the direction of how to perform the intended action, rather than a neutral statement, or saying you can't do that, would be fantastic! This is just overview of idea to update "error messages" that user receives, to provide information on how to resolve error instead of just pointing out the problem. If there's anything I could do to help provide more info, I'd be happy to help. Thank you and have a great day!
  10. Great job to everyone that is working on this update! You can tell a lot of time and talent has gone into creating this for us. Thank you! Since it is a complete rebuild, will we be able to also adjust the column widths? Sometimes my text gets jumbled in the weight column, etc and it would be nice to be able to make that clear. (I use the weight column on a stack of unfinished items to keep track). Will item order be changeable by drag and drop? I've noticed that I can currently do this in some containers, with some items. But I honestly haven't explored which one I can and which I can't beyond knowing that sometime I can and sometime I can't currently. As has been mentioned a couple times in this thread, a way to save a window's inventory sorted by how user wants to sort it would be fantastic. It seems now that windows remember the order items are placed in them when they are reopened. Perhaps a way to save windows to be opened as it was last sorted? Then if people wanted it alphabetical, they could open the window, hit the name column and the window would sort items alphabetically, and then they could save and window would open next time with items in alphabetical order. Conversely, people could drag/drop items (or place items in containers in specific order if drag / drop not available) to sort how they want, and then save and window would reopen next time in the order they saved. This would also fix those times when things get all jumbled in a window, since could close window without saving, and reopen to get previous sort setup. Also, it would be great if things like log & logs, sprout and sprouts, etc would be grouped together. A sprout is a sprout whether there is one or 99? Having 2 catagories for same line item creates confusion and easily lets user make mistake sorting inventory and mix items accidentally. Just my 2 iron on some of the functionality :) Thank you again for all your hard work! Have a great day!
  11. Ahh, the snow all over the amazing landscape. It really was an incredible sight, and then it was suddenly gone too soon. Was discussing with friends how beautiful is was, how much easier it was for them to get around, etc and then suddenly it was gone. Just curious if it is totally random how long it lasts because it seemed like last wurm winter, the snows and serenity lasted a lot longer than this one and I for one and I know others would love to see it return again before another 3 real life months. Just my 2iron :) Have a great day!
  12. Are you still looking for support beams?
  13. You nailed it, Jonny. Checked task manager and there was a copy running. Did an end task on it and then update completed. Now that I see the problem, I know I caused it. Yesterday, I had a copy of game running and while in desktop, I accidently started a 2nd copy of the game instead of going back into current session. When I did, it started the patcher and I cancelled the download because I realized that I didn't mean to start 2nd copy of game and didn't want the patch to interfere somehow with the copy I had already running. When I did that, my pc must've bugged up my cancelled version and didn't know what to do with it and it was waiting for me to execute the game again and cause an issue. Not sure if there is way to stop that from happening to others, but was an easy fix if anyone else has same issue. Thanks again for your help!
  14. Thanks, Jonny! Running errands this morning, but I'll try those 2 fixes when I get back. Hope you're having a great day! Sol
  15. Hello! I was playing online and suddenly kicked to desktop. When I tried to restart, and each time subsequently, at the conclusion of patch download/update, I've received the following message: Update failed! (Error: Could not copy graphics.jar to graphics.jar.bak) I've tried restarting patcher a number of times, and each time is same result so I am not able to enter the game. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you and have a great day!