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  1. allready recieved it really fast work, nice atention, good prices and the sweet +1 ql for lasting more
  2. you can say that for irl because market can be studied at any time and you have a lot of information to compare but for a new player who just started and has no idea about prices and you tell him a item worth 30s is only worth 15s (lie, isn't that wrong?) and then talk to him with another account offering to buy for 15s as a favor to him isn't fair. A mate talked to that guy that got scammed and he was really sad about it because he was brand new and got the rod from a giftbox with marks, a new player wont expect ppl in a GAME to take advantage of them just for money. Lying to new players destroys their experience and kills comunity for a game thats about comunity, you are not studying the market to see ppl usualy sell this for 2-3s i can buy at 2 and sell at 3, your are saying fake prices to make profit from it
  3. you mean pay half the price for an item to get the other half as profit on resales?
  4. don't buy from him, he is a market speculator taking advantage from ppl who don't know the prices buying at really low prices and reselling at the normal price
  5. i'm at 58 fc trying to make a bcu wich wurmpedia says it's 50fc, in crafting screen it apears red 0% with a mouseover of you don't have enough skill but if you hit create you can make it, and allready made one so guess is a visual bug, reopening craft window doesn't fix it on my client edit: happening on north freedom cluster
  6. you can use also if horse is branded and wont get atacked that way
  7. [15:52:41] <██████> (Har) WTS 50ql Adamantine Knife (10% increased quality items) PM offer if interested! don't think this is much balanced when only the ppl that bought moonmetals the first 2 days has the right to have them
  8. can you use plate armor on channeling for increase dificulty and keep grinding with lower dificulty spells?
  9. its a great idea as long as starter afinity is locked because alts spam
  10. if you don't mind please look the last 2 mins or so in trade, have got arround 10 times your offer just arround 1min after mine
  11. please try to wait a bit if someone just posted same services in the same minute to don't cover other messages (yours is bigger and draws more atention)
  12. since dual wielding is not viable because your second weapon is mostly decoration on a fight i thought it could use some changes to be really viable. For example a dual wielding skill, at the begining if you choose to dual wield you would get hit penalties on both weapons since you are unskilled on that style, while you progress on that combat mode that penalties would get reduced and at 100 maybe remove the penalty on main hand and keep a lower penalty on the offhand (since your right hand is still your main hand) and since it would be a hard skill to level(similar to agresive/normal/defensive fighting) it would take a lot on investment to get a decent level on that skill to be really efective, but rewarding when you reach a high level on that skill making it a viable alternative against staff/huge axe, of course thinking that the offhand attack speed would be increased to like half speed of that weapon being a mainhand so you could use any combination too for diferent speeds, or just suit yourself with a open plate helm, 2 axes and chainmail to be an angry viking