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  1. if never logged in 2days
  2. think servers are down rn, got dced and now server conect error
  3. did harmony crash too?
  4. y was downloading too but got stuck at 36%, prob download servers are oveerloaded
  5. wts hamsters 1s/each (only new server silver) xD
  6. anouncement just disapeared so....
  7. +1, don't want my breeded kittys to kill their moder cuz it's still tamed
  8. because it's a pain to sit in every stool to place it correctly looking to the table and all the inns i have visitted have all stools looking to the same direction would be nice if you could see along with the stool placing image a small arrow that allows you to see where would the sitting player look without having to sit on it to check the looking angle and having to rotate it after
  9. that was me lol tried to jump from the inn roof to the bridge that connects to the main building and apeared there!
  10. my best tick: [11:30:10] friends increased by 100 to 100 also the best prize i got is a bigger friendlist and i started a book i hope to continue next impalong here is the book now
  11. thats not a new monster, it's almostsolitude and lunea holding a dual wield shark fight
  12. the mighty virusmd and his dualwielded sharks
  13. no good idea to add a new skill but it would be a good idea to have alternative recipes that requiere pegs instead nails (maybe that requiere an higher skill to make)
  14. yes plz that skins are so cool