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  1. i have also gotten diseased twice while embarked on either a cart or a wagon. I was out exploring by myself with the horses hitched . both times have been since December 2020 i thought that we were immune while embarked but something might be broken.
  2. Ive encountered the same issue with the Straw Picnic basket ql 99. I put a wrapped portion of full house pizza ql of 70. and logged out a few hours later, came back about 6 hours later and there was over 10damage on the pizza. It was in my inventory, pizza was wrapped and it was good ql so it doesnt make much sense. Im also thinking that a recent patch may have broken them, Im hoping that you can look into it for us, when you have time. Please and thank you
  3. Nice Job and thank you for fixing the balding issue
  4. not sure if it would work but you could try using the Trusted friends setting and maybe set the perms that way or use the Add a role under the manage roles for your deed? not sure if itd work but might try it
  5. Frank quickly dropped his prize cone, backing away from the 2 swarms of not angry but hungry bees.
  6. +1 I can make a rare sandstone or slate brick, but for what???? you cant make anything out of them, only fences, walls, gates or paths(roads) . Please Please give us a few options, slate statues, sandstone fireplaces, anything that would make those rare or even supreme bricks worth getting because right now i throw them away or use them to make a fence or walkway. id rather get rare dirt, than a rare slate or sandstone brick
  7. +1 What is the point of killing a champion mob, when nothing special is gained from it? they drop the same stuff and take more damage and time to kill and they hit harder and you dont even get anymore skill from killing a champion Wolf than you do an adolescent wolf so ill stick with the easier to kill ones.
  8. I was wondering about that as well, but make the chances quite small, much like in real life. I wouldnt go as far as triplets only twins and make the cool down for rebreeding the mother 72 hours instead of 24 hours. I would say not to have it be an inherited trait, like the speed traits( if mom and dad have the trait then baby gets it too) Just make it as random as a Moment of inspiration maybe like .010 to .099 % chance. and then somehow in the bio of the twins make it known that "animal is a twin" it would be quite amazing to log in and see identical babies from one mommy +!
  9. this would be great, I often wondered why there wasnt any wheelbarrows or garden trolleys in the game. +1
  10. would be amazing to be able to do what your proposing. Maybe even be able to temporarily apply potions to a tool like a sickle could have a "harvesting potion" possibly increase chance of getting rare or better sprouts or harvestables from the tree or shrub for a short amount of time. your idea and detail for the plan are very well thought out and would prove quite intriguing +1
  11. i wholeheartedly agree we need to increase the functionality of the Bison in the game. I would love to see a new color or two maybe even with a speed bonus or different trait depending on their color, say maybe a White Bison could have a bonus for a higher ql of milk or with some chance for a brief affinity from drinking the milk. and a black bison could have a speed bonus much like the Ebony Black horses do. if the chance was there to obtain these colors of new bison by even a 20% chance i think it could make bison much more sought after and give them a new lease on the game.
  12. Could you please list Calico Harbor on the map at 44x30y thank you Kaitlin
  13. looking for a metal brush with botd or woa and stone chisel with speed as well