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  1. the 12 month subscription is normally $75.51 usd so we would save about $25 usd during the black friday sale right? Cuz ive noticed that the cost of monthly or even 2 months at a time is only 0.18 cents difference in cost. So I love the idea of paying 51usd for a 1 yr premium. i think im going to start paying for the year as thats the lowest cost overall plus you get more Marks for the one yr purchase iirc there is a bonus thrown in. even though the american dollar isnt worth the paper its printed on as long as it buys me time in wurm than im ok with that
  2. Calico Merchant Sales Please stop by and visit us at K21 on Indy Self service horse sales some breeding pairs available 3 speeds w/o the water trait 4 speeds with Misc or Combat traits Occasionally cattle and white/black/grey sheep with output traits Draft Bison and horses are coming soon I am currently working on horses to list here but until then we have some in the sale pens on deed and are taking offers on the following items: White dotted flowers x20 @ 18c each sprouts/seedlings available at current market price 91, 85 &84 ql forges available, Floor looms, spinning wheels and rope tools available will update items asap. More items located on the two merchants on Calico Harbor Deed PM offers in game to Kielynna or Kaitlin Or you can leave an offer here if we're not online (warning: I dont always check the forums when in game)
  3. i found it and let me say that is one crazy hike LOL nice job
  4. i agree a library would be wonderful. I think it would be great to maybe one day integrate it into finding pages of the stories while investigating past deeds. I can just imagine the amazing titles players would come up with.
  5. Amazing job to everyone who worked on this. I cant wait to plant all the new seeds and try all the new stuff. Love the Halloween event with the new fragments too
  6. oh this is gonna be amazing, I cant wait Please tell me that there is something made of slate or sandstone in the new stuff . Rare or better Slate and sandstone shards and bricks are currently a waste because there isnt anything to make with them besides walls and fences and we all know those dont go rare. a nice slate teapot or even a sandstone well would be great. But as always Im sure that the new stuff will be amazing. you all do an awesome job with this game
  7. I have acquired about 600 84 QL hides in my explorations that i will gladly donate for the event if you are still in need of those. Please let me know and ill send them over Looking forward to the event this year, last year was amazing.
  8. My husband introduced me to WO almost three years ago, I believe. He used my love of horses to his advantage and got me into the game. I play wurm now: because of the people i have come to know and consider friends, because it is in a way like real life, challenging and requires dedication to learn things and progress for the animals, and the funny names I get with new babies Like my newest foal "SNICKERKICKER" because of the endless inspiration that exploring the servers gives me for my own deed it allows me to, when needed, immerse myself into the game rather than dwell on and stress out about things i cant change in real life I honestly dont know what I'd do if the game were not here anymore. Most of my friends say I abandoned them to play Wurm, but they know how to install the game and make a character. I told them that I will always be here for them, they just have to log in LOL Im still learning things about the game everyday and I like that.
  9. yeah, im all for dropping the taxes on personal merchants. its enough that we bought the contracts but the tax just makes people use the trade channel more for selling items. Merchants are going to be useless soon.
  10. This was an amazing event!!! I had Never seen a sea serpent before this event and they look amazing ( hopefully I wont see one on the way home) . Want to thank VirusMD and everyone else that helped imp tools and the priests for all their wonderful and appreciated hard work. The games were fun, wurmian lawn darts, that was hilarious to watch, what an amazing four days of fun, Oh i almost forgot RedDragon was an Amazing Barkeep. and someone rared my fishing net for me, Amazing thank you. cant wait for the next one.
  11. Very useful guide. Thank you. I might take another shot at breeding some horses but nothing close to what i was doing before. But you guide does give me hope that its possible to create the draft horses. I am going to try your method and ill try to keep you posted
  12. I ordered and it worked perfectly, very informative and helpful if youve never used this before will be coming back for more as needed Highly recommended
  13. just wondering if the player wants ingame silver instead of cash is that an option if they live somewhere that allows them to win cash?? Just wondering? thanks
  14. graceful eater would be they"re less likely to eat the grass down to packed dirt.
  15. My friend had put a meal in the oven and the pig i brought for him ate the meal right out of the oven, Twice before we realized what was happening. so after we realized what had happened, and stopped laughing, we decided to do a few things different until it can get fixed. 1. Keep Animals and or Storage Containers separated either via fence or buildings, All my animals except for the saddled animals are kept in separate area from my main house area 2. Saddled horses or diseased creatures brought to the main area will be hitched to the hitching post or a vehicle on enchanted grass for healing if needed 3 all containers with anything an animal might find tasty will now be locked in a building 4 my fsb's in my farming area will now be moved from the fence line to leaving 1 tile space from the fence to the closest fsb, if i cant reach it then they shouldnt be able to either ...crosses her fingers... and im hoping these little fixes will prevent my animals from eating me out of house and home.. Now, when it comes to saddled horses running off the second you dismount, without being able to select lead, then thats a big issue for me because i love to explore but as long as i dont dismount the horse away from home im ok, on the downside, if you happen to get disconnected while riding a saddled horse in an area full of recently spawned extremely aggressive mobs, that could be very very irritating and your death is coming quickly. Please fix the saddle issue, because they bolt before you can even select lead from the menu. or maybe its time for an option of "Dismount and Lead" Maybe ill start bringing an extra mount with me while exploring until this can be addressed