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  1. Amant, as usual you don't mess about, thank you for the Intel.
  2. Time to pay more attention and get more involved in the community...

  3. I do believe I have found my Wurm Spirit Animal
  4. Well at least I know its not Wurm hating on me so that's a bonus. For the Future can anyone let me know of available methods to see the server status real time, I first realised there was an issue when Wurmclock couldnt find the server, Then I checked Wurmnode, unfortunately that for once was as useful as catching rain in a paperbag.
  5. bit late in the day but only just found this post, Gratz on the Rare, good work on the build, was a fun thing to see happening and support.
  6. Don't Panic

    This was definitely. Mostly Harmless
  7. I have recently begun to enjoy the whole slaying situation, the item drops are great for a coin strapped player that hasn't found their coin making niche yet. If its not something you have considered, just know that the joy of the journey, the excitement of the event, the fun of seeing all those other players in one spot are so worth it. So even if only once get out in the world and see what's out there and I hope to see you on your travel's while I am on mine
  8. Murmaider

    Gonna do my best to be there, looks like its right on my old deed, will be good to see the place again.
  9. Glances and then stares wildly....... Hmmmm that could be fun and lets hope he dont run like his namesake......
  10. Oak Harbour is an amazing place, run by a great player. I was given just the start I needed to ground myself in Wurm before striking out on my own. It is a Great Community, a Well run Place and somewhere you can really call home.