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  1. Global cast waiting list for Benediction

    Silvertail Nahjo /holy crop Faith 100 Channeling 91,75
  2. I would be willing to pay prem for an extra character on this server because I would not stop playing on freedom meanwhile. When it comes to meditation, tomes, etc etc I say whatever is easiest to get it up and running.
  3. "yes, but make it so you require new accounts. Be strong emphasis on the fact things will reset, they will wipe." "I do not care if after 1 year you wipe me and my account, I'm not going into this server with a mindset of grind but a mindset for pvp and fun, with events." +1 for a stand alone server that wipes skills and map on a shedule.
  4. Supreme addy small maul

  5. WTS rare bundle

    Cod to silvertail
  6. WTB scale set

    Bought one. Can be closed
  7. WTB scale set

  8. WTB scale set

    Hello. I wanna buy a scale set, prefer black or blue. But might be interested in all colors. Prefer paying over paypal. Pm me what you got and price. /Robin
  9. SOLD. WTS Wand of the sea

    Hello. Selling my Wand of the sea for 100s.
  10. Hello, I'd like a room for me (Silvertail) and my friend Bananapie. /Robin
  11. I Can help cast coc/aosp as a Nathan priest 90+ channeling. Ingame name Silvertail.