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  1. Friendship Bay Summer Impalong (Friend-A-Long)!

    Hello, I'd like a room for me (Silvertail) and my friend Bananapie. /Robin
  2. Friendship Bay Summer Impalong (Friend-A-Long)!

    I Can help cast coc/aosp as a Nathan priest 90+ channeling. Ingame name Silvertail.
  3. BL depriesting WL priests on freedom

    I think both BL and WL priests should be allowed on Freedom, so both side can show their ways and attract people to both sides on chaos. But it's the way they interact to eachother on freedom that should be changed in my opinion.
  4. BL depriesting WL priests on freedom

    Perhaps there coul be some milder penalty than loosing priesthood, even the deity. I need to find someone to convert me again and start over from 1.0 faith.
  5. Hello, I have attended a sermon group for some time with my fo priest, the last couple of days I have only been afk, to support the sermon group even when I weren't able to play. During the time I have been away a BL priest have lowered my alignment to negative, so to my suprise when coming back I were no longer a priest, months of faith gaining lost. I don't think someone else should be able to depriest my character while I stand afk on a PVE server.. This is how it is intended right now I have found out, but I don't think it should be. /Robin
  6. WTS red drake set

    Sale pending.
  7. WTS red drake set

    Hello. Want to sell my drake set. Looking for 95e.
  8. 91QL Supreme Longsword - LT + NIM

    Cod to Silvertail please
  9. WTB Nathan convert

    Hello, Looking for a Nathan convert and some answers to questions I have. Will pay. Pm for more info. /Robin
  10. 91QL Supreme Longsword - LT + NIM

  11. 91QL Supreme Longsword - LT + NIM

  12. WTS master blacksmith

  13. WTS master blacksmith

    Hello. Selling my account Pravy. Male, no prem, naked on NE Indy. Give me offers. /Robin
  14. WTS Rare Enchanted Rugs, statuettes & misc

    2s for Rare vynora stat, to silvertail
  15. Hello In a sailing boat without lock that I owned and commanded, I tried to cross server with my friend. From east Xanadu I ploted a course towards Deli. Where it says " You may not leave the server with this boat as one of your passengers will not have passenger permission on new server." But the boat didn't have a lock so I could not change the boat setting, I crossed the server with my boat but my friend got left behind on Xanadu. Am I unable to cross server with a boat with no lock with my friend or is this a bug?