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  1. Sale pending.
  2. Hello. Want to sell my drake set. Looking for 95e.
  3. Cod to Silvertail please
  4. Hello, Looking for a Nathan convert and some answers to questions I have. Will pay. Pm for more info. /Robin
  5. 17s
  6. 15s
  7. Bump
  8. Hello. Selling my account Pravy. Male, no prem, naked on NE Indy. Give me offers. /Robin
  9. 2s for Rare vynora stat, to silvertail
  10. Hello In a sailing boat without lock that I owned and commanded, I tried to cross server with my friend. From east Xanadu I ploted a course towards Deli. Where it says " You may not leave the server with this boat as one of your passengers will not have passenger permission on new server." But the boat didn't have a lock so I could not change the boat setting, I crossed the server with my boat but my friend got left behind on Xanadu. Am I unable to cross server with a boat with no lock with my friend or is this a bug?
  11. Hello. Want to buy drake hide or scale set, prefer blue colour but other colours can work too. PM me what you got and the price tag. /Robin
  12. Looking for offers atm
  13. This will be my first post here, also the winning post. yay