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  1. I'm still a little upset about being locked out those 4 days (on all clients/servers - there was no fix) Totally know how you feel Gumbo. Error 35 was swept under the rug and unaddressed and I was willing to live with that, but what does everyone who enjoyed a fantastic launch from day 1 need all this compensation for?
  2. Thanks Karm 30 mins left! Current offer 45s 10 minutes left!
  3. Private offer received for 30s I will be accepting offers for 2 more hours. Thanks! \
  4. Thanks Gerboa. I just received a 20s private offer shortly before yours. Still open to more offers until the end of the day but at this time the item will be sold to private bidder for 20s
  5. Hello For sale this weekend is 1x Supreme Alchemist's Cupboard, 50ql pinewood Pickup preferred. Location: Independence N13 Please message Pomeray in world or reply here with any reasonable offers Current offer 45s [22:30:41] A wooden cupboard, used to store small amounts of precious liquids. This is a supreme example of the item, with fine details and slick design. Ql: 50.22957, Dam: 0.0. Thanks a lot!
  6. Weird line on screen

    haha, I thought this was just my old graphics card stumbling around
  7. @Gumbo Thanks for looking out for us! To be honest I was really more upset about this than I care to admit xD After seeing the 30% skill bonus extended to compensate for the lag I really was hoping to see something done for the error 35 people who were royally screwed out of both clients for the weekend
  8. Who was unable to launch client (Error Code 35 and silent crashes) and what's your status now? Unable to launch from Friday 24 JUL up until about ~9:00PM UTC Sunday 26JUL. Works now. Win 7 64bit
  9. Windows 7

    Things appear to be working once again with Win 7!!! Make sure you download a fresh copy and re-install - don't just launch the old installation hoping for it to connect P.S. WURM TEAM Whatever happened to break Windows 7 functionality has isolated a portion of your customers for 3 days from ANY gameplay and completely ruined for them an exciting and rare event that many have been looking forward to and planning for weeks.
  10. still unable to connect on windows 7