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  1. Impalongs are probably easier, because a/ it was a charitable service to start with (so it is only degree that differs) and 2/ the etiquette for impalonged stuff is that the owner will not sell the item (so there is no economic benefit to the owner). Just to add to the discourse, I think it is worth remembering that really, especially since Wurm being a virtual world, generosity actually does not cost you anything. At worst, it costs very little and gains much that cannot be valued. I try not to haggle much on prices (speaking in general, as I have had much "professionally" imped) and usually try to leave the pricing to the other party. Sometimes, if we are very far apart, I will just call it quits, while at other times I might suggest some compromise. Generally, I would rather the other person feel good about the trade. If I made a basic item and sent it to be imped and it got rarified, depending on the item I may even prefer they keep it and on-sell it. The idea of someone's favourite spoon having my maker's mark on it is appealing.
  2. I got my WU client for 97 cents. I don't know what a hosted server costs, but based on the size of the WU server list in the client, I presume it isn't crippling.
  3. Maybe the site itself should be reworked. If there are some still some active merchants than recreate a smaller market in its place and perhaps build an inn with free beds and kitchen. That way it won't look as deserted (depending on whether they are in a bus or a sportscar 3 people can make the vehicle seem empty or full) and there would still be a reason for people to visit for a while. Maybe the devs could sub-contract a remodel to experienced Wurm builders. Landlocked markets towards the centre of servers are really not in in a good location to thrive. Also, mail and wagoner systems have brought online shopping to Wurm, which is always hard on physical shopfronts. If merchants could act as wagoner agents, I think they would see more use, but then how would those who have purchased contracts for both wagoners and merchants be compensated? I travel more by water than by land, and have seen small markets that easily visible from the water, but bigger markets are generally behind walls and such so while they look great from the ground, are highly missable by boat. Shop signs clearly visible from the water would go a long way to triggering the instinct to stop for a look around.
  4. I think there is a need for a different message. Well, not so much a message as advice. Kind of like this,
  5. I think a lot of places use fir. Where I am it is either pine or plastic. We don't have fir trees, and gum trees don't make for a typical Christmas tree look.
  6. I don't understand this "Cadence is crowded" thing, any more than I understood the "Old servers are dead" thing. Can we have perhaps a little moderation in assessments, instead of hype? I was just on Cadence a couple of hours ago, and on Release a couple of hours before that. There were more people in local on Release than Cadence. I travelled into Encore, and as I moved about I managed to find a maximum of 3 characters in local. I headed up the road and went as far as Night Blood Forest, and in all that way came across one other character. It might be quiet on Harmony and Melody, but it is on Cadence as well.
  7. I kind of understand the scrap, being for the base. I think even at starting strength the weight would be sufficient for a large tree, so really everyone should be able to craft a good range of sizes. I think everyone should have the choice of small/medium/large but my own personal preference would be to avoid being just a choice from a menu (but this Wurm, so why start that now? )
  8. Nah, a Christmas tree needs to be a conifer, so pine or fir. The type of scrap deciding the size of the tree has no sensible reasoning; it would seem entirely arbitrary. The OP says skill, which makes some sense but doesn't allow for user choice. There is already a dynamic that uses the weight of the felled tree to determine the weight of the Christmas tree, so it would make sense to extend that just a little and have the weight determine the scale.
  9. You know, I did activate my steel & flint and try to light the tree, just in case . I would have been cool to have a lit tree. I would have lined the street with them (and maybe got told off by a neighbour for littering). I did misunderstand the heaver<>bigger issue. I also thought you were suggesting that the issue with heavy little tree was specifically the heavy part (when for me it is the little part). If the tree is always going to be a particular size it does make sense to reduce the felled tree (even if just to get the most out of it) before making a Christmas tree.
  10. Nope. I started with and later said and My reasoning has not changed at all. Platyna suggested scalability based on skill; while I agreed that scalability based on something would be good. Your opinion is that if the gifts are the same then the trees would be the same. My opinion is that the one has nothing to do with the other.
  11. I think you miss the point entirely. An indoor tree is fine small, but what about a tree on the village green or in the middle of the market square? It is not about competition, it is about appropriate degrees of scale and grandeur for the setting.
  12. I didn't want a lightweight tree. I read the weight scaling to mean size (true it is not the same thing, but I didn't imagine it would mean zero change to visible size). I wanted a tree to plonk outside, and for that it needs to be big or it just looks silly. I have left it in place, even though it does look silly.
  13. I hope it was fun and profitable for all. I was this close to getting there this time. Unfortunately I am not particularly lively at 5am on Sunday mornings these days.
  14. Ahah! Nope, it is the absence of colour. True black is 0,0,0 RGB, everything else, even 1,0,0 or 1,1,1 is non-black. Perfect white is also arguably not a colour, or is perhaps "zero" colour.
  15. [19:17:52] Dye, used to colour clothing and items with. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. Colors: R=183, G=72, B=72. This has a very low nutrition value.
  16. Would you two either get a room or take it outside? You are hijacking a useful thread.
  17. The wiki told me the Christmas tree would be bigger with a bigger felled tree (or words to that effect) so I used the biggest felled tree I could hold and put the result in my yard. It is wee, and looks pitiful. There should be something that gives big trees, for courtyards and such, while the little trees are better indoors.
  18. 2 handed weapons, not necessarily swords. Polearms were big (). Shields were often timber and home-made and not a specialty item. Most were not smithed at alll. Swords on the other hand, if not made skilfully would be quite useless. Swords in general were not a cheap option. Mercenaries with the skill to use 2-handers were entitled to double pay, while the rest made do with pikes etc. I still don't know which film you are referencing, but you are still mistaking what I am saying. I didn't say either film wasn't good and I didn't say either film dishonours anything. I am talking about when the people who watch them then treat them as representative or authoritative regarding the cutlture.
  19. This is very long and all, but doesn't answer any of the 3 questions I asked, or address my main point that that I don't think this actually an issue for new players. Slow, limited reversion of terraforming is something I would advocate, and indeed have done
  20. Yes, I grow tired of having to go the log way round.
  21. hugely huge blade swinging tireless huge blade swinging indefatigable huge blade swingnig dogged deadly pendulum swinging
  22. Yeah, but since it is all pixels, what's the difference between a graphics hack and real? But, yes, the collisions would need to work.