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  1. "vibrant" mmm, there's a perspective on it. We have a thing in my part of the world that we call "meat ants" these ants scurry about everywhere, but around their nest where they are busiest there are just ants and dirt. Nothing else, just a bare patch of dirt and pebbles with ants scurrying around carting the pebbles. I started [in the north] on Melody. It was like a meat ant nest. If I had seen that as a glimpse of Wurm I wouldn't have started. What started me in Wurm is the potential for what can be done - demonstrate by what HAS been done on the mature servers. The choice to stream the older servers instead of the newer was IMO the right call.
  2. Actually, if players were to head west or southwest or even south overland from Encore, there are plenty of good spots. Cadence generally has a much higher proportion of desirable land than other servers of the same size. If it was just about the map, I would probably be over there more. I recently travelled overland from Encore to Strathbrock in the southwest - via the middle - and really came across quite a variety of settled and unsettled land, many different landscapes and many different animals. There were plenty of places I could have settled, if I wasn't a nomad. I think the notice does need to come down, but there should be other information available in its place. Surely it could only be a good thing to help new players find the server that is going to give them the experience they are most likely to enjoy. Don't make the choice for them, but let their choice be a sound one.
  3. I certainly get a lot of satisfaction from using a map to navigate, but something somewhere between the ingame - which doesn't really indicate any but the grossest landmarks - and the community maps - which which leave little for the player to work out. Somewhere around here on the forum I made a suggestion about mapmaking. I think an icon for a market, with some kind of indicator as to size, is a good idea. Like you say, either different markers, or maybe labels, or even colours, or size (concentric rings, a dot in the middle and a ring for every 3 or 4 stalls? I personally don't think teleporting to and from markets is a good solution, and an auction house to me seems almost game breaking. Who wants to play mediaeval spreadsheets?
  4. Yes, as another who sails about a lot, I see horses in the water everywhere. Particularly the open ocean around the outside of any given server.
  5. Of course it is a money sink. It is entertainment, not an investment From the numbers I have seen, Harmony is not dead. It is probably a lot quieter, and the economy has probably settled down a lot, but I recall both of those being explicitly and repeatedly predicted.
  6. I still don't understand the complaints about Cadence unless the north is simply hunted out. I was back on Cadence just recently, in the south, and I had more critters than I could handle chase me for miles. That said, the less populous servers do have large chunks of fallow land that is crawling with animals. I really like to explore, but most of my exploration trips might as well be hunting trips for the amount of animals I have to fight just to look around. I still haven't been to all the SFI, but on several the small islands are already very good hunting grounds. For example, both of the 2 islands on NE Indy, although they have deeds on them, have both numbers and variety of mobs to hunt.
  7. a) no need to yell. b) so now you mention branded for the first time. Please don't ask questions of more experienced players and then tell them they are ignorant when you haven't given them the full story. Thorin has probably nutshelled it quite nicely, so I won't add to that.
  8. WTS dodgy weapons and armour
  9. I like the idea of the ingame map having markets tagged, but at what threshold? Based on size in tiles? Based on number of market stalls? I guess we already have the functionality for individuals, villages and alliances to mark locations on the in-game, but that would mean having to find the markets first to mark them. I also think protected highways should be on the map, either from the off or at least complete sections when you have travelled from waystone to waystone. I am not a fan of teleports. I can see some use for them when starting out, but that is an exceptional use when initializing. I don't even like respawning to a location I have never visited, as it messes with my mental map. I have twice been too quick to respawn and accidentally selected location I had not yet visited and both times there was significant re-orientation required. If I am to go somewhere, then I like to do it by going. YMMV.
  10. Yeah, it was punny, but the picture was also funny.
  11. This goes back to the perennial discussion around motives. It makes no sense to me that because the game mechanics allow it, creating buildings or extending deeds/perimeters specifically to impede another player is not considered griefing. I forget that even if someone explicitly states that what they are doing is for the purpose of of stopping or undoing another's activity in the game The Masters will give it a pass. (A bit like I forget that personal attacks are specifically allowed by GMs under the ambit of "your reputation is yours", because nobody ever indulged in character assassination on the internet). Anonymous houses are indeed a major problem. Communication is key, but how do you communicated with the builder of an off-deed house if you can't even discover their identity?
  12. But you said "they will not be able to repair it" implying taking the action without consideration as to abandonment. The fact is the major problem the OP seems to have with the building is that they can see it even though it is not on their deed or the perimeter around their deed. Per the game mechanics and rules, the builder has every right to build there, and annexing their building just to destroy it could well be considered griefing.
  13. Steering wheel? They do seem a bit undersized. Maybe they are all low-speed spares?
  14. Er... did we not just recently have exactly that with Halloween? The biggest stir it seemed to cause was getting an off-switch for it.
  15. Also, the title should be able to applied to a hat. That way, you can put on your master farmer's hat and switch to whatever title is linked. "I've got my weapon-smith hat on today."
  16. Or.... communicate. Passive aggressive behaviour begets passive aggressive behaviour.
  17. I hate to say it but Skatyna's right. It's not on your deed, not even on the perimeter around your deed, they can build there if they want. Of course, courtesy would have been to talk first, but likewise you could start with why instead of with remove it.
  18. Yeah, the way I suggested it only rowboats WOULD be loadable, and only on caravels. I had a look at boat dimensions on Wurmpedia, and really nothing but the caravel is big enough to load another boat at all (the cog is too short one way and the corbita is too short the other way), and even then only the rowboat is small enough. A bit of a shame, it would be good to have both a dinghy and a pinnace.
  19. hmm, would this bring guards out of mines? It would be worth doing even if that was the ONLY thing it did. Call the guards together, and any who are blocked respawn at the tower or something.
  20. I know this has been suggested multiple times before, but I can't find one in a hurry, so here it is anew. Larger boats should be able to carry or tow smaller boats. In my thinking the "smaller boats" are the rowing boat and small sailing boat, and the "larger boats" are the rest. The knar should be able to tow a rowing boat. The corbita and cog should be able to tow either a rowing boat or a small sailing boat. The caravel should be able to carry a rowing boat and tow either a rowing boat or a small sailing boat (the graphic for the caravel even has an on-deck lifeboat). This towing would be at either no cost to speed or very little. Every boat should also be able to tow any other boat but with a speed penalty based on the towed boat's size (something like dragging). The rowing boat on the caravel would be shipped and launched via load/unload, and all the towing would be done like hitching/leading and animal. I would be great to go directly from one boat to the other, but even disembarking into the water and then embarking on the other ship would be tolerable. This would allow "landing" or navigating through shallows. Sail the big boat as close as possible, transfer whatever cargo you are unloading to the small boat and then take the small boat in. Or take a passenger and their boat then they go their separate way at their destination. You both get the speed bonus on the big boat (less whatever towing costs in speed), but have separate transportation later (good for getting to rifts, or bring your fixer-upper boat along to an impalong). You could sell a boat and deliver it (or buy it and pick it up) without messing around with alts, friends etc doing empty runs or relying on teleports. Give people a reason to do something with their older, smaller boats that they built early on.
  21. New building type "vomitarium". Maybe just have eating stop when you are full, and if you try to eat again with food above 98% or something there is a warning about the negative health effects of over-eating and a confirmation before continuing. Then you go on eating but at the cost of some health (would require the creation of a new body-injury of a type that cannot be treated but only heals slowly over time). If you want to get immersive about it, then you should also take a hit to all three body characteristics, without any of the 3x recovery dynamic. Or, here is a thought, let's NOT have bulimia in the game. -1
  22. Yes, I am genuinely asking why. I want to know what your reasoning is for this; what you want to achieve by it.
  23. I don't think the OP was about "Guards!" to attack a target but "Guards?" to call them around you.