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  1. But destroy the item is fine? I would think renaming rights, when compared to outright destruction is the lesser of two evils. Although the lesser, still not good, though. Someone made something and left it behind. If you like it keep it, name and all. If there is an aspect that you dislike enough that you don't want that object in that specification, don't keep it. (BTW, I am seriously thinking of pushing the mailbox up the street down to my house - when I finish the teardown rebuild. If it had a name I didn't like, I would leave it where it is).
  2. This has had me thinking. I wouldn't normally be advocating a new server but I really like the idea of a server completely empty except for a shallow sea, with islands to be raised by players. A mega-project for players, build a new land from scratch.
  3. I do not know how to reproduce this bug, as I cannot say for certain exactly when it occurred. I think that the carving knife disappeared when I moved it into the backpack because my log does not show any "You drop a carving knife" kind of message before I pick up the backpack. So; have a pile of items that includes the specific item and a backpack open the pile of items and drag the specific item into the backpack Pick up the backpack, equip it, open it - no item. I have no idea if this would replicate the error because I have not tested it. I am not going to test it, as a successful test means another lost item.
  4. Well, I was riding through the desert on a horse with NO name.... Oh, wait a minute, that may not have been me. I know I heard it somewhere though...
  5. This is all well and good, and I really look forward to what this might mean, but many of us ALREADY find Wurm's wilderness interesting to explore. What we could really use is some kind of skill/characteristic ticks for exploration. While others put time into other interests, all of those pretty much tick something whereas exploration is about the only activity that ticks nothing.
  6. I got lucky with a marks-buy of affinity and got tailoring, in which I was already interested. At least I have ONE useful affinity.
  7. Somehow, last night my Pagedown keybind switched away from look down to something else. What else, I did not immediately find out. All I knew was every time I tried to look down I got "You are too far away to do that" as if I was in danger of vertigo or something. The only way I had of finding it was to try to rebind to look down and THEN I was told what was bound in its place. I assume that the quick add interpreted something as binding PageDown as "examine" but for the life of me I have no idea what. I was having all sorts of issues with lag and drop outs, and I have no idea what else might have bugged. Quick add of stuff can be good, but at the very least a confirmation would be good.
  8. Yes! Almost as soon as I posted the OP I though "should have mentioned something about status tags". Even something as basic as an indicator that Wurm staff have seen and discussed it would be a big help.
  9. First of all, thank you for this. I like objections to include the reasoning that got to them, as it allows me to a) test my own reasoning, 2) learn more about the game from those with more experience and iii) answer the reason for the objection instead of just throw "is not" and "is too" at each other. The first question is. I believe, faulty, because it is based on "instead" as if fixing Xanadu is a solution to the problem "wanting to discover and work with new territories" and at that a mutually exclusive one with new lands . It is not necessarily so. Because the mechanics for creating new islands already exist in game and is not a hassle to manage, while fixing Xandu's server issues is major development work, there is no reason why either one should be chosen over the other. Let's start both next week. As to combining several servers into one map, I was shot down sharpish when I suggested that as a newcomer. Retro said "It's just asking for Wurmageddon 2.0 " Maybe if Xanadu's server problems are fixed that will enable this, but then as you say, there is "fill the empty space between them with lots of smaller islands" so you are still proposing what I am proposing; it's just that you want the server lag problems fixed first. If both are going to happen, why hold back the one that needs no development and almost no ongoing management in order to work on the one that is going to need a bulk order of both? The phrase "low-hanging fruit" comes to mind. "...what is going to stop this needing to be done again in 3 months time?" I think you are misunderstanding a little the problem I am proposing to solve and the solution that I am proposing. I am proposing this as an ongoing, dynamic process, where new island pop up (and maybe some disappear and others grow bigger) from time to time. Think of it like rifts, but for all rather than for just fighters, if that helps. I certainly hope something happens every few months or so, at least. I think you mean is raises the question of being just a placeholder for a re-naturalization mechanic. (Begging the question is a whole other concept. Forgive what may seem like pickiness, but English only dies if we let it). It certainly isn't in my thinking intended to take the place of a re-naturalization mechanic, but instead to provide the game with ongoing stimulus. It is quite literally new content - just not of the fashion that most would have envisaged. As to "why are we not pushing for those fixes instead?" I have and do. In fact I have been very specific as to a workable mechanism for a slow and limited reversion of terraforming. (Having read up a bit on rifts, I think they could easily be augmented just a bit to do some re-naturalizing while they are at it). But again I don't think that "instead" is appropriate. What I am suggesting here could technically be implemented with no development if done "manually" and very little development for it to be automated or semi-automated (think of a hybrid between a rift and a Wand of the Seas). None of what I am suggesting precludes or replaces other measures like optimizing servers and allowing fallow landscape to revert to "nature". If there is something major that I think is lacking in Wurm, it is a sense of excitement. Not enjoyment; excitement. Uniques and rifts don't generate that excitement for me because I didn't come to Wurm to fight. New vistas do generate that excitement, but to provide that by spinning off a server every few months would be foolish. Having new land pop up in the ocean is a seemingly paradoxical high AND low impact way to so something similar. High impact because - WHOLE NEW ISLANDS! Low impact because it happens ONLY where nobody is active.
  10. A proper archipelago would be awesome.
  11. I guess my affinity for paving is useful, just to me so much. I suggested once before and do so again because squeaky wheel etc, affinities should be selectable. Give players points to allocate to affinities of their choice and enrich the RP element of Wurm no end.
  12. There are whole classes of suggestions, but it is hard to easily find them mixed in with everything else. What if under Suggestions there were sub-fora for the different classes of suggestion? Some examples GUI suggestions Building and Construction Crafts Vehicles Animals Weapons Skills Trade
  13. Aye, even if only a skillion roof was added, we could kludge lean-to and clerestory roofs from that. Just move the ridge from the tile/span centre to one border and controllable, and a whole lot of options are opened.
  14. I hope you didn't pay too much for it. Most will give them away free of charge.
  15. Yes, there is a perennial sense of entitlement in Wurm, where people think they have some kind of rights to everything that they can see. However, given the low server populations lately, and the fact that the game mechanics would technically allow a player to to do this (more on that below) such complaints don't have any sea-legs to stand on. I understand, though, that good customer service means not aggravating said customers, but there are limits to much unreasonable customer behaviour should be accommodated. This would not be an island 10-tiles away from a seaside settlement. There would be some distance. Rifts manage to find non-deeded 41x41 squares to turn to dirt, so there is both mechanism and precedent for this, and I haven't seen widespread complaint about rifts messing up the view. Others may have a different aesthetic, but to me while the wide view of a flat horizon of nothing but ocean is pleasant, an island or two in the distance would always be an improvement on that. I guess another answer to the "where" question would be map columns 1-5 and 28-32, and rows b-u. That makes 200 map squares of available space. Holy Carp, that is almost exactly the kind of thing I am talking about. I found Timeless Isle and Darkken on the Xan community map that don't appear on the in-game. They are both small and round, and well clear of the other small islands. What I was contemplating would be less small and probably less round, but still well clear of other land. This shows how easily this could be done in the game as it now stands (i.e. little-to-no coding to worry about).
  16. In the last 24 hours I have had 2 tools disappear completely. I have no mention of it in the log. The first (almost 18-24 hours ago) was a saw. QL >50 DMG<10 Maker was Crimsonearth. I had been picking up and putting down tools while I worked on heavy stuff and had put tools in a wagon. After I was done and picking up the bits and pieces; no saw. Not in inventory, not in any container, can't find it on the ground. An hour or two ago it happened with my carving knife. I have moved it from my backpack to main inventory, then dropped the backpack to save weight. I also dropped the carving knife a bit later. When I opened the pile of items (backpack, woodscrap, nails and the knife, from memory) I moved the carving knife back into the backpack. I can find no mention of that in my log. I could not directly equip the backpack from the pile (which surprised me) so I picked it up and then equipped it. A little while later I opened it to access the carving knife, to find I did not have any carving knife. Again, QL >50 dmg<10 maker Crimsonearth. These tools were gifts and I really want them back. I also had a club go missing a few weeks ago - to which I had applied a skin I bought from the marks store - and had figured it had been stolen because the QL was too high and dmg too low for it to have decayed. Now I think that this too vanished in a similar fashioned. All three disappearances are within 10 tiles of each other. I want my stuff restored, please. EDIT: The items that I know have have vanished so far: 1 saw, iron. QL>50 (from memory 53-point-something), DMG<10 (prob <5 because I had recently repaired it and had only made a handful of planks since), Maker: Crimsonearth. Last seen about 7 tiles east and 4 tiles south of the bed I am sleeping in at Thetrickster's house in Harvestmoon Lagoon on Release. 1 carving knife, iron. QL>50, DMG<10 (prob <1), Maker: Crimsonearth. Last seen about 2 tiles east and 2 tiles south of the same bed. 1 huge shod club. Cannot recall material. Has the Jackal Spiked Club Skin applied. QL - not sure, assume almost 45. DMG=0 last time I saw it a week or so before it vanished. Maker - unsure but likely Thetrickster as I would have been the first to examine it. Last seen about 1 tile east and 5 south from the same bed. (If these decay fast enough on-deed to disappear from 0 damage in a week or so, why bother having a skin for them?)
  17. No. Just, no. This is not how a healthy community conducts itself.
  18. It has struck me that there is a bit of a theme that emerges in a number of threads, that goes along the lines of wanting to discover and work with new territories, but the player base is just not sufficient to justify repeatedly launching new servers (rather the opposite). It has also struck me how much open empty water there is between the actual islands and the server borders. I imagine you have already seen where I am going with this, and feel horrified. Let the idea soak in a bit first, though, and THEN shoot it full of holes. Would there not be some scope for NEW islands, within the existing servers, to arise from the deep? Players can already do something similar but only on a limited scale. GMs and Devs could raise up brand new land, whether it be bare (dirt/rock/sand etc) or have a biota seeded. Maybe don't even always announce it, just add it during maintenance downtime and then, ooh looky a new island. I wonder what is over there? You could even have basic rock islands (e.g. volcanic emergence). Some could be event-related, rising out of the sea for some period and sinking again after it is over. Get some of the pluses of "seasonal" server, like Jackal seems to have been intended, while avoiding some of the minuses. This is something that, technically, players could do, except the scope would render it incredibly slow. I can see objections to this, and I can see solutions to objections, but would like people to actually think about this before firing off. EDITS: The issue of "where" has been raised, and I thought this deserves to be addressed at the top. Every in-game map has the first and last 5 map columns empty (actually more, but I am leaving a buffer), which add up to 200 map squares of open ocean. You could fit the landmasses of all the 8x8 SFIs on the Xanadu map (you wouldn't want to, but you could). That is how much room there is. It's like Wurm is a 4:3 world in a 16:9 space. There are also some significantly large inland seas that could hide an island or two.
  19. I think the "it is just a decoration" bit is of key importance. @Platyna, would you be happy to be able to craft a replica of a gift - something that looks similar, maybe a bit smaller or with some different features? I think bedrolls are good example of how NOT to make a craftable version of a Christmas gift. I have made quite a few, because they are marginally useful to travelers, but their usefulness is marginal, especially when considering the material involved. The thing needs 174 wool (that means a mob of roughly 35 sheep).
  20. er... You pretty much did, here. Okay, you didn't say it outright, but the hyperbole pretty clearly stated it.
  21. I can't help thinking of the craftable bedroll - well, what with the ridiculous volume of materials, marginally craftable, and with a de-buffed benefit. If that's what craftable versions of gifts are going to be, then no thanks for me. I think the noncraftability of event gifts is a good thing. They are almost the only items in Wurm with a genuine level of scarcity. It should certainly be possible to maintain them (repair and improve), but any craftable version should be something similar but distinct - a replica or something. Maybe a scaled down version.
  22. Make a HH docile, losing its aggression (but not fighting ability) and gaining some lifespan.