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  1. GOATS! Also, generally, yes. Terraforming to/from a vehicle or container would be a huge benefit with negligible downside. I personally believe that the masses of abandoned carts is caused by the combination of putting the making of one in the journal while making the cart itself frustrating and annoyingly impractical.
  2. Maybe give a starter item of some sort which tells them rough direction and distance, like other locators. Have it take damage with use fairly quickly after the first x days. Not a beacon but an orientation tool.
  3. So, I think considering getting lost a problem to be solved is the wrong starting point. Of course newbies will get lost, that can be a good thing. I still at least get disorientated, if not actually lost, all the time in Wurm. The road to discovery and adventure is no road at all.
  4. @Llawnroc What prestigious title have you selected for your achievement?
  5. I agree it should not be only for Stanlee, but should still definitely be for Stanlee. He might say it isn't as much work as an impalong, which is true, but how many impalongs does an individual player put on in a year compared to how often Stanlee send out his invites in a year?
  6. And sporrans so we can do somethin with seal skins
  7. Mercy Buckets for the gitf(s). I already did a bit of of a white Christmas and traded my snow lantern with someone else's festive swag. So, Yay I have the swag!
  8. As long as you didn't cheat or get into a fight about it, you're all good
  9. Who got marbles now? I want marbles for Christmas.
  10. But really, REALLY should not be the second one. Even if the owning company want to blow their income on chocolate coated garlic and a lifetime supply of fairy bread, that is none of your concern.
  11. I am getting dizzy; can we please pick a lane? First you keep complaining that content providers are not getting enough, now you want all the details of who gets what for what so you can literally judge them and see if they are doing enough for their rewards. Give it a rest. Edit: Or just say "Bah! Humbug" and be done with it. I thought I was a curmudgeon. If you really "would like to know" you can go an read it, like I did.
  12. I made mine a few weeks ago (where I am it is "traditional" to have a tree dressed at the start of December) and when I logged in this morning it was gone. One of our villagers has put several around the town, and apparently had to replace them already, and the one in the centre of town was at 70% damage this morning. Maybe make them available from late November (or 1 December) and have no decay until the start of January and then have more reasonable decay. Or, let us make a potted one, that we can keep alive with pruning, like keeping herbs alive through harvesting.
  13. I think that shows the subjectivity of it, for each there is a context where it is useless and a context where it is useful. The problem to me is we get to choose our context but not the affinities that go well with it.
  14. This seems to be very localized. I have generally travelled around southern Cadence, (the middle third of the southern third-ish) and do not recall a single trip without coming across animals. I haven't seen a wild bison or wild deer for a while, but almost anything else I come across all too frequently. I used to grab horses and cows as I went, but I since I can't give them away I have stopped doing that.
  15. This is what I found about the Valrei Entertainment Network incentives on the webpage; Monthly deed stipend! Contribution to giveaways! Insider peeks on new and upcoming works! Time with the developers! (We promise this is a bonus)
  16. If I was logged in to see it in chat I would also have been logged in to collect it, so it wouldn't have been much of a spoiler. In any event, I ignore the global chats most of the time, only occasionally dipping in to CA and Trade, so it isn't hard to just not look. As to the Forum, I saw mention of gifts in patch notes but could easily just not scroll down to read specifics. When the gift is named in the thread title, it is impossible to unsee. I started in Wurm in late 2019, and last Christmas and there was plenty of discussion of the gift without actually naming it. It felt like a couple of weeks after Christmas before cat was let out of the [sleeping] bag. Until then it was just "the gift". <sigh> standards are slipping Although, when I started I didn't even know there was such a thing as Wurm Christmas gifts for prem, and I hadn't gone premium yet, so I missed the one Christmas gift out of all of them that I would have chosen . Armed with a couple of legacy gifts, I aim to trade for it.
  17. Could you have least put the OP in a spoiler with a warning for those who haven't yet received their gift? Also; the gift is in the title. Really? Please don't spoil it for everyone outside your time zone.
  18. I fond this out only in the last day or two! I was poking around the website and came across it. Nice.
  19. Since that is so subjective, let players choose their affinities. Simple solution.
  20. But destroy the item is fine? I would think renaming rights, when compared to outright destruction is the lesser of two evils. Although the lesser, still not good, though. Someone made something and left it behind. If you like it keep it, name and all. If there is an aspect that you dislike enough that you don't want that object in that specification, don't keep it. (BTW, I am seriously thinking of pushing the mailbox up the street down to my house - when I finish the teardown rebuild. If it had a name I didn't like, I would leave it where it is).
  21. This has had me thinking. I wouldn't normally be advocating a new server but I really like the idea of a server completely empty except for a shallow sea, with islands to be raised by players. A mega-project for players, build a new land from scratch.