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  1. I wonder if the current broken mechanic (there are many people complaining of getting diseased all the time) rises a TOS issue, if the game itself due a bug repeatedly stops you playing. Even if it doesn't, who would keep playing a game where you have to repeatedly do almost nothing at all but stand there and occasionally eat?
  2. Yes, I can see an issue, but actually IRL the quality of the timber and/or item actually does have an effect on how easily something catches and how quickly it takes damage. Rough-sawn will light easier and burn faster than DAR. Gapped joins provide additional surface area and ventilation that tight joins do not. The same goes for nail holes, splits, chips and heavy scratches. Heavily weathered timber objects are much easier and faster to burn than well-maintained ones. QL of materials and objects already affects the chance of a successful action - this could simply be an inverse of that, with higher QL reducing the chance of success. There wouldn't be any chain-destruction of fences. It is already much less effort to bash down constructions than it is to build them, but bashing is already allowed. Limited spread would mean limited destruction, and an easy mechanism for that could be that a player-lit element could light an adjoining element of the same construction, but that is it - second-generation fires but no third-generation. That means that the spread could not be more than 2x2 tiles; and only on a construction that a player would be permitted to bash anyway.
  3. How so? You could only burn what you could bash, so nothing is more at risk then is currently the case. Also, fence panels are separate items with no real unifying identity, unlike a house plan. Having a range limit would work well, though.
  4. A book IRL dropped on the ground would not last long at all. IRL there are very few left of the books produced a long time ago, when the volume of volumes is considered. Books decay quite badly unless very carefully preserved and kept in very carefully controlled conditions. It doesn't take "bad conditions" to destroy a book; merely less-than-optimal conditions. They need to be kept away from moisture, heat, light, vermin (including the microscopic), contact with living tissue. Basically, read or display a book and you are contributing to its destruction. Even in good conditions, time and physics work against the book. I have worked with records that were mere decades old and already brittle, even though stored in a climate-controlled archive.
  5. Yeah, I can envisage something like that. That's why I would limit the spread to shared elements of the same building that share at least a corner and items that share a tile with a floor. Wurm already knows how to tell the extent of a single building and how to tell if an object is inside or outside.
  6. Day 1 would have been too early, arguably. End of week 1, maybe. End of month 1, where are they already?
  7. I will say that is a "no". I built a bridge, didn't like it, and couldn't bash it.
  8. I do it the old-fashioned way. I look for landmarks, compare with the map and generally try to get an idea of where I am on the map. I move around the area a bit and take careful note of surrounding landmarks, so that if I can get back to the general area I can navigate to the spot I am looking for. When moving away from the spot, I often look so that I can note what it looks like to be approaching it (rather than what it looks like to be leaving). I kind of spiral out for a bit to learn the immediate area so I can easily recognize it. Map-based navigation is a learned skill, though, so if you haven't had much experience with that it may be hard to start cold. If I am coming back very soon, I will built a little pen with a roundpole fence or crude wooden fence, as they are not particularly common and are easily seen. I also light and fuel a campfire, for the smoke (maybe that is WU, do WO campfires smoke?). Also, seriously, if you have the materials make pointer signs.
  9. Which is why they absolutely should be leveraging WU.
  10. I posted some of this in the "rebalance f2p" thread but it also belongs here. Maybe, when your premium runs out you shouldn't be dropped to 20/30 for skills/characteristics, but to the average of your prem levels and the non-prem caps. That way letting premium lapse is still a hit and therefore there is incentive to stay premium, but there is still incentive to stick around for a bit post-premium so it is still good to play, but better to premium. Someone with, say, 80 FS while premium would drop to 50. A player returning after a long absence would not instantly be fodder for everything tougher than rats and cats. A 70 skill would drop to 45, which a player who is used to their 70 would definitely feel, but is still not too shabby. The game already tracks your levels while on premium in order to restore that when you re-prem, so it should be a doddle to programme (he says blithely). This would allow people returning after a long absence to not feel like they are starting over from complete scratch. I am even wondering about "restart packs" for returners. A backpack/satchel or something with basic starter-level equipment. The fact that when they stopped they may not have had starters in their inventory could mean they re-start with less gear then when they originally tried the game. Even players could be doing that bit. I have plenty of salvaged basic wood-working tools and basic weapons, even basic armour (I also had a large collection of anvils large and small, but melted them down). If I could guarantee zero decay I would be happy to make up packs and put them in our town inn. None of it is really marketable, so theft wouldn't really be a huge risk. Or maybe stock a merchant with this stuff at very low prices (low enough that a bit of selling off of foraged stuff could finance some basic equipment). It would be better to have an actual game mechanic for it, but I think some players (myself included) would be happy to supply this if the game offered returning players a teleport to a deed that had such a provisioning facility. Hell, provisioning stations (or any trader/merchant) could be provided at starter towns a bit like the bartender, but instead of counting total playtime, count the playtime in the last 7 days or something.
  11. Maybe, when your premium runs out you shouldn't be dropped to 20/30 for skills/characteristics, but to the average of your prem levels and the non-prem caps. That way going non-prem is still a hit and therefore there is incentive to stay premium, but there is still incentive to stick around for a bit post-premium so it is still good to play, but better to premium. This way, post-premium free is good but with premium subscription is better.
  12. I guess, maybe so that you have this; X X------- --------- X X| |o X X| | X X------ ---------- instead of this; X X ------- --------- X X | |o X X | | X X ----- ---------- It would save a whole tile wide space. At least, in my head.
  13. This. For the likely phobia creatures, have either an alternative or a blob and have them all under a picklist with tick boxes to select those creatures for which you want the alternate. Sharks and snakes bother me (I wouldn't call it a phobia, but I wouldn't mind not seeing them ) but I am fine with spiders and scorpions etc. I am sure that many people find some stuff horrific and other stuff fine so it would be terrific to have a level of control over that. Edit: If you are phobic about sharks you might want to stay out of the water on the north of Pristine.
  14. I honestly don't know why a coffin should provide better protection than a chest. Protection is one of a chest's 2 functions.
  15. Absolutely. I drafted but didn't post a bump about a day ago, to this and to hanging things on walls. I have my "specials" stored and I make sure they aren't decaying but I want to DISPLAY them. And yes to racks and storage reducing/preventing decay. IRL we put stuff into storage systems to protect it, so the storage system takes the damage first. If the storage system is protected due to deed upkeep, then that mechanic is simply working the way it should. At that, upkeep is like paying someone else to look after the upkeep on buildings and other elements, so they really nothing should should take any decay type damage on a paid-up deed unless it is in a rubbish pile.
  16. Mayors can. Otherwise citizens have to be given "destroy any building", as far as I know, which is an awfully broad permission. This would be limited to buildings and items which you would otherwise be permitted to bash. Also, manage>destroy *poof* (is gone) is a pretty boring mechanic. Efficient, but still boring.
  17. Instead of summon corpse, maybe give returners who have been away for some minimal time a version of the starter tent (that could also function as a portal to a starter town), already pitched at their return login location, and a welcome back message that recommends they build some shelter (or even just a fence).
  18. I recently spent a lot of time tearing down a large-ish wooden building with a carving knife (with significant help from someone else and their carving knife). The whole time I kept thinking how much easier it would have been to light it up and let it burn. This would not be a terribly unbalancing mechanic on PVE, and on PVP could be managed, and might even be a bit interesting. Light a wooden building element the same way as a forge etc (i.e. with a steel & flint and some kindling). Have the element start to take damage, and once the damage goes beyond say 25 or even 50 percent the fire would light any other building elements directly connected to the current one. Any timber items sharing a tile with a floor element would be lit in a similar manner. An element can be snuffed with water (call it 10 litres for per element, for example). Use the same kind of mechanic for timber items, such as vehicles, furniture etc. The important thing is that it is intentional damage/destruction, so it would be slow to light and slow(ish) to burn but very easy to extinguish. On PVP, this would mean that it would take a very concerted effort to light a building or siege engine and protect the fire from being extinguished by defenders.
  19. Just cruising through the northern Pristine ocean. Sharks galore! Everywhere I look I have 2 or 3 in view.
  20. There are two clusters on WO, and WU has soooo many servers. What's this notion of "other games"?
  21. That's not a thing. You could have a Viking Helm, or you could have a helm with horns.
  22. Yeah this is a known error, and has caused a huge bun fight both in game and in the fora.