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  1. I blame the keyboard



    It isn't my atrocious typing.  It certainly isn't my old eyes reading small type on a small screen.  It is the keyboard at fault.   


    That's my story and I am sticking to it.



    I undertook a commission for some bulk materials, and made agreed to get in touch to sort out delivery.  Every time I entered Wurm, I fired off a PM only to be told the character was not online.  I tried looking them up on the fora, couldn't find a user.  I was figuring I was going to be stuck with the materials, and even asked on CA Help how long to wait before considering the order abandoned.  Eventually, as a last ditch shot in the dark I decided to check my PM logs to make sure I had the name right.  Hmmm, should have started with that.  Where there were two t's I had only been using one.  I sent a forum PM with two t's, arranged delivery, all done.


    I put some stuff up for sale, and found a buyer very quickly.  More quickly than I expected, as I was still sailing home and had decided to take on a shark in the bay.  I told my buyer "I will be a few minutes.  I will mail it as soon as I finish dealing with this huge shark."   Or at least I thought I told them that.  That missing t?  It seems to have showed up here, replacing the k in "shark".  My poor buyer was hoping this was a typo and not an extreme case of over-share.


  2. @Bloodreina , this isn't intended as recruiting, but have you considered trying on the southern servers?  I play both, well actually, I play in the south and have a toon in the north.  I rarely find any desire to play in the north.  My experience of the "community" there is one of players being rather self-absorbed (sorry if that offends anyone, but that is my experience).  Wells and fountains fenced off, people who simply ignore hails, others who tell you off for talking within their local.  Complaints of unavailable animals while nobody will take giveaway animals.  Prices were breathtaking.  I tried all 3 northern pve servers.


    I can't help but contrast that with my experience on Release.  I am in a village where there is a mix of people who work together and people who work alone, there is usually chatter going on in the alliance chat, requests for help are always answered, jokes shared, advice given.  

  3. Yes to needing feathers - makers of arrows are called fletchers because what differentiated an arrow from a stick with a point is that it was fletched, i.e. with feathers.  The feathers are called fletching  - in other words they are the making of the the arrow.  


    I will take this as a chance to again suggest fletching jigs.  For creation, add the feathers in 3 actions per arrow, unless using a fletching jig, where it would be one action.  "Hand made" (i.e. no jig) creation QL would be affected by materials and skill, but variable - you would get top QL from hand made, but also a bit more variable QL and a slower make. Using a jig (if we had such a thing) would be quicker and less variable - you wouldn't get the absolute top QL but instead a consistent QL.  The hand made would have a higher range, but also a wider range, while mass produced would be much faster with a more reliable QL of output.



  4. 11 minutes ago, Berms said:

    imagine logging in  to the game and seeing a busy village with people with no alts, all real players, working and having fun in 1 village... yea a nice dream for Wurm ( they want it so bad, look at their loading screens and trailers lol )


    Come visit Harvestmoon Lagoon sometime.  It isn't so little, but has quite a few active villagers.

  5. On 1/13/2021 at 11:44 PM, Platyna said:

    as a new player I have no chance to get the shield skin


    @Platynawts skinned large steel shield QL75  with CoC63  😜  (Actually, I probably couldn't part with it, because the lack of repeat on the skin means it is irreplaceable - it is currently my everyday carry and I am very attached to it).


    There would definitely be a market for skins long term because they open up a level of customization to make your stuff distinctive.  

  6. It wouldn't even need to be "traditional" microtransactions for skins.  Despite what people might think, the game already has something of the sort with the items that can be bought from a trader.  Almost 1/2 the items (6/13 to be precise) could be considered micro at 1 to 4 silvers.  


    Loyalty marks and silver can easily be converted, because both have a fixed price for sleep powder.  Sleep powder would cost 3000 marks in the loyalty shop or 3 silver from a trader - therefore 1 silver is worth 1,000 marks.  That's the "market" value.  The marks issued for buying silver from the shop are 20 marks per silver - but that is a bit of a bonus for buying silver rather than just acquiring it in-game.


    The monthly skin costs 4,500 marks, so would be 4.5 silver on a trader and a jackal skin costs 3,000 marks so would be 3 silver on a trader.   


    This could over a long time add up to a lot of skins, but that could be managed with things like rotation of availability or even have the skins purchased through a right-click menu mechanic, like the current method at the token.


  7. On a very popular WU server, just outside of the starter town is a portal to take the player to a less populated area on the server.  I would rather see something like that - with a sign saying roughly where it would take you.  


    I think the in-game map could be better, with toggles for highways/bridges and guard towers, but I don't like the heatmap for deeds.  A bit too meta for my taste.

  8. 1 hour ago, Ekcin said:

    I don't fully understand that issue. If you have at least a vyn priest at hand who can cast nimbleness, Freedom players can craft a huge axe or staff or whatever and imp it up to 80 and beyond in short time. Same with armour, I would say that 80ql studded should suffice for most purposes, and that I with my modest 65 LW (Freedom) could create in an hour or faster (more exactly that does not need but a set of rivets and the imping time as the noob armor can be turned into studded and is impable then).


    Only issue to get enough Freedomers over. Maybe some can be convinced. And all would be easier if the devs would provide some skill re-transfer from Epic to Freedom.

    Does your gear go with you?


  9. On 4/17/2020 at 3:25 AM, Antony said:

    Some other things I'd like to see is the introduction of micro transactions for things like skins beyond just the monthly skin


    I couldn't possibly +1 this one enough.


    Also, the monthly skins shouldn't be "this month only"  Sure, bring out a new one each month, but let people keep buying them.  There is no percentage for the company in making this a "limited edition" item.


    Instead of only being able to purchase the current monthly skin, and a random Jackal skin, let us buy whatever skins have been made available (which the exception of genuine gift skins).


  10. On 1/11/2021 at 2:42 AM, Jaz said:

    yes they tend to simply pop from undergound in a few weeks on Epic. On the other hand I've seen a blue dragon living for many months in an open mine and it did not even chase anyone outside its mine.


    That is exactly what the uniques need; lairs and domains.  Maybe a built in mechanic on all servers that once a unique has wandered about for x amount of time it looks for a home and settles in and then won't venture beyond a given radius unless actively provoked.  Don't want to be hassled by the Forest Giant?  You would only need to stay out of his forest.  If you get the hankering, and the help, to go slay a dragon, he will be in his lair waiting for you.


  11. Wurm is generally poor in polearms; or weapons variety in general.  There are basic classes of weapons, but very little to pick from within the class.  For example, of swords there are three.   


    For polearms, there are 2 staffs, 2 spears and a halberd.  Polearms are an incredibly diverse class of weapon, and Wurm basically has 3 broad types.  No pollaxes, lochaber axes, guisarmes, bardiches, glaives - and those are just a selection of only European ones.


    There are no maces - a truly ancient weapon.


    Mostly that is all cosmetic, though, because the combat system would be at home in Zork.



  12. Deed upkeep.


    Presumably, when a deed's upkeep is being paid, the notion is that SOMEONE is being paid for all that upkeep.  So who is that someone?  Spirit templars are the only NPCs that are being paid out of upkeep.  What about the lamplighters, to light and snuff the lanterns, fireplaces, braziers etc?  What about whoever is maintaining the buildings to stop them decaying?  There is a lot of room to create NPC roles for existing mechanics in the game for deed upkeep.  Maybe the bigger the deed the bigger the staff.  


    Barkeeps, innkeepers, stablehands, dockworkers; these could all be set up to operate much like merchants, although maybe with a bit more mobility - whether they need to be paid for their services on a user-pays basis or whether they are "paid" out of deed upkeep.  


    WU has a pretty neat Crafter NPC, but I can see how that could seriously unbalance some elements of WO.  A modified version might be a good addition to the village workshop, though.

  13. I have already suggested display racks, but I would also like to see display cabinets and cases.  This is not so much for things a character uses regularly but for items that are "display only". 


    The display cabinet should;

    • lock - so that items on display cannot be stolen.  Permissions would be specific to the cabinet, and independent of deeds, buildings, what-have-you.
    • protect the items in them,  preventing any decay on-deed - so that items displayed do not need to be constantly monitored and repaired.
    • display the item - obviously.


    I am envisaging a shelf-less cabinet with pegs or hooks on the inside of the rear to hold items, and with front and sides made from crossed metal ribbons or bars.  It could possibly come in short and tall varieties, with the short one able to be placed on tables, cupboards etc. 

  14. Essentially, GMs couldn't help, and suggested someone else picked up my tools (even though the one for which I could give the most detail happened inside my building with no permissions for anyone else to pick up and there is NO "playerx gets a carving knife" in my event log, like there would be if that happened (I was in game and within 5 tiles from the time I first moved the thing into my backpack and when I noticed it actually wasn't in my backpack).


    This is almost game breaking for me.  Items can randomly disappear and nobody can offer any remedy or prevention.


    When I pointed out how worrying this was from the point of view of it being able to happen again at any time, the GM tried to reassure me that this was incredibly rare - completely ignoring that it had happened twice in 24 hours.

  15. I wonder if the current broken mechanic (there are many people complaining of getting diseased all the time) rises a TOS issue, if the game itself due a bug repeatedly stops you playing.  Even if it doesn't, who would keep playing a game where you have to repeatedly do almost nothing at all but stand there and occasionally eat?

  16. On 1/10/2021 at 1:21 AM, Finnn said:

    it's still doing 1 action to chain-destroy several constructions walls/fences that took somebody way more time to collect the resources and build it, not even putting QL into account which normally means a lot about how long something lasts.. logic will say .. wood ql1 or 100 burns all the same.. do you see the problem

    Yes, I can see an issue, but actually IRL the quality of the timber and/or item actually does have an effect on how easily something catches and how quickly it takes damage.  Rough-sawn will light easier and burn faster than DAR.  Gapped joins provide additional surface area and ventilation that tight joins do not.  The same goes for nail holes, splits, chips and heavy scratches.  Heavily weathered timber objects are much easier and faster to burn than well-maintained ones.  QL of materials and objects already affects the chance of a successful action - this could simply be an inverse of that, with higher QL reducing the chance of success. 


    There wouldn't be any chain-destruction of fences.


    It is already much less effort to bash down constructions than it is to build them, but bashing is already allowed.  


    Limited spread would mean limited destruction, and an easy mechanism for that could be that a player-lit element could light an adjoining element of the same construction, but that is it - second-generation fires but no third-generation.  That means that the spread could not be more than 2x2 tiles; and only on a construction that a player would be permitted to bash anyway.  

  17. 2 hours ago, Finnn said:

    But this makes any wooden fence/wall on and offdeed useless.. which is not good


    How so?  You could only burn what you could bash, so nothing is more at risk then is currently the case.  Also, fence panels are separate items with no real unifying identity, unlike a house plan.


    Having a range limit would work well, though.