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  1. [02:04:20] Using an old Kelatchka Nomad-loophole you once heard of, you plant your deed stake and quickly found a casino.
  2. Some have completely missed the philosophical nature of this topic. Impatiently skimming very carefully worded statements. A few "arguments" read like agreements to me. Coin/premium is available in game without ever making a real-world transaction. And remember that we (players) do not have ownership of any Wurm assets, and so therefore do not receive rewards/prizes of any value whatsoever. Very interesting.. So you mean to say that one needs only to "pay for an item" in order to participate? Just as long as they never leave empty-handed. Exactly. So that brings me back to my question on whether a payment could be intangible. Couldn't a person offer his promise, an IOU ("I owe you"), or some kind of pledge, as a token of value? Isn't labor a valid form of payment? What does the laborer lose when he gives his work? Time? Just as the participants provide their time. Not a requirement. The host asks nothing of his guests, but takes his pleasure from them.
  3. Does anyone here object to gambling on a moral basis? Maybe we should remove liquor and violence from the game as well, since they are controlled in real life. Imagine that I consciously pre-select a number from 1 to 100, then ask you to guess the number I have chosen. In that scenario there is a specific correct answer and thus no randomness. A blind decision is not based on chance, but on choice.
  4. ________________________________________________________________________ Real Money Transactions are prohibited, so our Wurm possessions have no conceivable value. A player may move or transfer virtual Wurm items, but that can never be a real payment. A player can never receive anything of value through using the Wurm Online game. Whatever the answers may be, some thinkings and wonderings: What is a "form" of payment? Coin is a form of payment. Could a payment be formless (intangible)? Does a person's word (their promise/pledge) have value enough to be payment? If a player hosted a free public lottery/drawing, what if he was doing it all for the smiles and happy words? That is the payment form received from the participants. What is subject to "chance" in the software? Is the 'random number generator' (the pass/fail element in Wurm) truly a random number source? Even a 'true RNG' would be delivering a result at the timing of the user's actions, so what in the world is truly up to chance anyway? Are "moments of inspiration" influenced by such randomness? Or is that "window" for the player's action unchanging? Is premium required to participate in any activities that utilize elements-of-chance to yield assorted rewards? (coin/premium is available in game, without ever making a real-world transaction in the Wurm Online Shop, so I suppose the payment is not "required") Easter Eggs may be claimed by premium players, but are their contents pre-determined? (or according to a schedule/formula?) Rift participants' rewards are from a list of known possibilities, influenced some by their performance, but does a free-skilled player even have a "chance"?
  5. Is this an auction? I'll bid 111s