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  1. I want to ask questions about this, just to confirm: Are you saying that there was an official announcement that "Golden Mirrors" will eventually become a thing in WO? Could someone point me to a link to this announcement? To be more specific: I'm guessing that Golden Mirrors will be a lot like Silver Mirrors, except it will also allow players to change gender? Will be a paid / cash shop item? Also, what about Wurm Unlimited players? Perhaps, will WU get something like this (perhaps an admin command) eventually - perhaps 1 or 2 years after it gets implemented in WO?
  2. From what I've read: Once upon a time, Wurm had voice chat. I also understand that it no longer has this, but that a certain number of players still use voice either on their village's Discord channel or via TeamSpeak, Mumble or some other voice chat software. My Request/Suggestion: How about a client-side mod that adds support for CrossTalk's and/or Mumble's Positional Audio system? Would that be possible? (CrossTalk is a mod for TeamSpeak. CrossTalk's Positional Audio module enables you to hear clients from the position they are in a supported game. In other words: This would give directional and positionally attenuated VOIP in relation to the game world.) Here's a mod for Minecraft that does this: