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  1. On my Windows PC I can never hear the (lit) forge sounds and (lit) large braziers BUT can always hear the fireplace when lit. On my Mac I hear lit forges and lit large braziers about 50% of the time (but also I always hear the fireplace). On the Windows PC (my main concern) this has been going on for months and months. I tried making a new profile, turning off all the sounds, saving it, turning on all the sounds/volume, and saving it and relaunching but still have the same issue regarding being unable to hear lit forge/large braziers. I'm assuming whatever particular audio setting for the fireplace would also effect the forge/brazier (the same crackling fire sound) so I can't see why one would work and the other not. I also tested this with different forges in different buildings on two different deeds and had the same result. Any ideas? Does anyone else experience it?
  2. The statue has been sold to a private buyer for 72s. Thanks for bidding!
  3. SOLD FOR 72s Starting bid: 10 s Increment (minimum): 5 s Buyout?: Make Offer! Sniper Protection: 2 hours Private Bids: Accepted Special Notes: This auction is for the two sets of fragments to form ONE complete rare version of the statue so that it can be mailed, and would have your account as the creator name. However, I also have a 2nd rare statue of Libila (!!!) NOT a part of this auction (it's still a work in progress in terms of fragments). That's something that can be negotiated later with the winner. I will also consider a few other things as part of a trade-in (+ silver) toward the cost: other top-tier rare statue fragments, 95+ skill carpentry & masonry services, 97QL+ steel/iron tool imping. (a picture of the final statue, except the one being auctioned is RARE and allows you to complete the assembly with the provided full set of fragments -- not plain like this)
  4. I just found one today when I went out hunting for meteors. It was 2 tiles away from where I had probably walked 20+ times over the past 9 weeks (right between my deed and my neighbor's)! The contents even had a bit of damage from sitting there all this time. Found it 1 minute into my 6 hour journey looking for meteors (which I didn't find!) but at least it got me outside. SO... they are definitely still out there waiting to be found!