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  1. Thank You so much Mthec, the custom trader mod is going to come in SO handy on our server. *****
  2. Hello Everyone. I'm looking for a WU mod that will allow a GM to place a personal merchant and keep it automatically stocked with specific items that can be indentified in the config file. Through the mod config file I use the personal merchant ID# to identify the merchant, list the item number to stock, the ql of the item, the number of items, price of the item. An example would be: My GM character places a personal merchant in the starter town. After retrieving the merchants ID, alter the config file to have it restock sleep powder, magic chests, shaker orbs, etc, etc. every few hours the mod would automatically reset the amounts on the merchant. This creates a useful tool for the community admins to allow special merchants on their server without the need for gm's to be constantly checking it's inventory level and refilling it. I'm hoping someone will take up the challenge! TIA, Rookie