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  1. @Millammberhello, I would love to help you, this is in my name, the house has a Large Magical Chest, but I am 6 days without a response from the team. as soon as it is resolved i withdraw it for you. @SpacyIs that what you mentioned makes the walls go down?
  2. friends i have 80s in NFI negotiable, i am interessed in pieces of scale in SFI, or Supreme Itens, PM Offers Please.
  3. 35k eyes QL 36+ 10K Hearts QL 43 3,5K eggs QL 79+ 9K Pinnenuts QL 78+ 1K Cocoa Beans QL 80+ 17K Suggar Beet QL 95+ 7K Oats QL 86+ 8K Barley QL 88+ 9,5K Rye QL 84+ 9,8K Wheat QL 84 5K Green Grapes QL 77+ 12K Blue Grapes QL 65+ 2,5K Blueberries QL 73+ 1K Red Cherryes QL 54+ 2K Raspberries QL 69+ 3K Lingonberries QL 70+ 10,5K Green Apples QL 56+ 8K Strawberries QL 82+
  4. yes after i did it came back, weird, but thanks.
  5. friends, I have a problem, I can't open the citizens' settings window, the previous problem was that the window would open but we didn't have the option to exclude the citizens, so we decided to change the owner to see if it solved, and for a while it solved , but now even the window doesn't open. I made a video showing the problem, Moogien tried to help me in many ways but we were unsuccessful, and I tried on all clients. (1) Bug Citizens Window Wurm Online - YouTube
  6. WTB Red Dragon Blood or Potion of Ropemaker, PM Perlia or Message here
  7. I buy red dragon blood. you can send it directly to Perlia, worth 2s.
  8. WTB Supreme Loom, Supreme Spindle - Pm ingame Perlia...
  9. please cod to Perlia yellow, cyan, pink and black dye 5 kg each high ql
  10. does this group of sermons still exist?