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  1. wtb drake set I can pay 40s
  2. do you still have a drake hide set for sale?
  3. Wtb Drake set pay 40s - pm to Perlia.
  4. 1,12 kg of Black Scale. I don't know much about prices so I accept offers. Thanks
  5. Hello friends, I wanted to leave here a problem that I had and only noticed Today, on 01/02 my friend and I participated in our first event where we found in exodus a black dragon hatchling, got good items and took to our castle and left in our LMC , well, on November 28th my friend edited the permissions to be able to build and unintentionally marked the permission where everyone would have access to the items (Kingdom of freedom isles). that is, any player could get iten from inside the castle even without participating in the deed. I believe it was about two days, someone came in and stole some items from Bau, where I will list below. Rare Bone of Black dragon Hatchling 0.58 kg of black drake hide QL80 + 4x blood (2x lack dragon and 2x white dragon) the sleeping bag we got for Christmas and a supreme rock shards. We know that we were wrong to not be careful about this option which is very important and I found it strange that the GMs could not see that they had access to LMC, because we are sure that it was no one of our deed, because we share equally everything we achieved. Okay, that's said, it will take some relief from the Rage I'm feeling, but it will be difficult. good evening everyone.
  6. Please trade The Crusaders for Carrancas
  7. o/, Carrancas is deed name, PM to Perlia, but 5s is much for me.thanks
  8. Hello friends, I am Looking for a good stone crisel, rare or supreme, For a fair price, quality doesn't matter, please send us your offers.