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  1. Ok I install all by myself manually (like you did in your video). And it works perfectly!! I assume the Modloader from the link in the FAQ is outdated. Thank you for your time
  2. Thank you, but I already saw this video. All I did is correct, I took the modlauncher of this server with the correct mods (just need to uncheck ESP). But I don't have the 'Client is now Patched' when I launch Patcher.bat. I'm on Win10 with a 64 bit OS . And no, the list of mods are not on their website, even on the Steam forum, you can't find it with the search tool. I just got it in the FAQ with my old friend Google. It's very poorly organized for a such old and popular server. Heres the link of the modlauncher of the server : I think it's maybe outdated, I should try to download the original modlauncher from 'Ago' and take all the mods manual...
  3. I just spend 2 hours on the modding and nothing work. When I run the Patcher.bat I get : C:\WINDOWS\system32>..\runtime\bin\java -classpath patcher.jar;javassist.jar org.gotti.wurmunlimited.patcher.PatchClientJar ---- Can't find path I need to search all over the Internet to get some information, we have almost no information and really bad modding tools for this game. It said to download the Modloader and uncheck ESP and launch Patcher.bat (all in admin), but nothing work after that. I already mod a lot of games (manual, not only with Nexus and Workshop) and I never see something like that. A modding tutorial with the Modloader, that's a other thing missing on the Website (or Steam forum). For now I will continue without mods, but I'm scared to advance and lost all my progress. My stats and progression are probably on the server and not on my Pc, but I don't have any account... I just choose a nickname on the launcher, I don't understand how it works. The server just recognize my nickname? So, I can write yours and play with your game? Or maybe it's linked with my Steam account. So I can't create a second character in the same server?
  4. The server is still alive? I just joined, and I have some questions.... First of all, I can't access to the maps section on your Website, I get a error page with malware warning and my Pc don't let me see the maps lol. I just can see it with Google. I'm probably not the only one who can't see the maps there and can be a bad thing for someone who look for a new server... What is the best, Plains or Northlands to start? I'm looking for something with low population, good community, but not next to me lol. I just found the FAQ (, but where is the new player area? Do we have free food and water like the Adventure mode for new player? Do I need to pay 10$/month to be able to pay the upkeep of a deed? And what about the decay of our buildings, on or off? And other players can destroy my stuff? I found you on a website with all the active servers, but it don't tell a lot of informations... Wurm is for me a long term game, I know your online since a very long time. But now, almost 2020, do you think the server will be online for a long time to come?