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  1. still searching, still hungry :3 bump
  2. I would like to suggest a little texture/model change for the rose bush, the way it is now is sparse and meager, not at all like a real rose bush, would like to notice them more in the wild, they could have more sizes like low growth high growts, something like hedges, and yes i know there are rose hedges that fill in more, but they also are meager on the rose flowers would like some more abundant models for it,like oleander has, maybe leave the old model for the lower resolutions but add the better ones for the higher res? thank you for listening
  3. thank god, worried i was the only one again get up asap!!
  4. Close

    Corbita bought
  5. thought about this to be more aesthetically pleasing, instead of seeing a bunch chests littering the floor, maybe some kind of shelves that we can use the place command to place the chests as we please
  6. maybe it would be better if it was unlocked for them to reach it instead on starting on it
  7. would like to join in the fun, but a tad bit early, since i'll be at work for 2 hours longer have fun and good luck getting those drops
  8. A Bulk container unit that would allow us to add chests to the upper part of the container unit, and bsbs to the lower part, for easier keeping of tools and other things unable to be placed into the bsbs, without the need to separate it all around i'd guess someone already suggested something like this, i just did not find it searching though forum, probably missed it
  9. kind of, still would take them time to reach it, but restrictions on speed and number(or timed cooldown) bashing of walls could apply on free accounts
  10. if the game was bigger and more populated yes, then i would think that way, but looking how fast people are leaving, even on a daily basis i see people saying goodbye wurm and nearly every new player gets turned away from it, i think at least some changes should be added. maybe restrictions, like riding speed and riding faster horses, being able to destroy only a few walls, that would be okay i'd say