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  1. that's pretty overwhelming, gettin' almost 2 mil, from 50k expected
  2. sorry to hear that, always try making more roles, and try them out with an alt, start them out as serfs
  3. Welcome to the jolly scrapyard that is Bens Bin L25 Cadence I'll be offering some lil' stuff I get here and there while working on my deed stuff that cannot be mailed will be pickup only or close proximity delivery current wares: Shipbuilding materials: Deckboards x35 Hull planks x170 Tennons x250 Pegs x350 Misc: Rare Large Barrel x1 (reserved) Rare stone shard x1 Sleeping powder x3 (x1 reserved) Source crystals x10 (all reserved) List will be updated as stuff comes and goes, thank you for visiting for shopping please contact me in-game under /tell Ben
  4. the biggest reason people dont really make them, they look lame, almost no texture, like a real thatched roof would look like, easy texture pack patch but who am i to judge the mods
  5. good idea that would never work in this game tho
  6. Certissa 2926, 2944 p21 also you can add 2 clay pits at the same coords
  7. Still going strong, with big plans and numbers keeping steady If we hit bigger numbers of active, "guilds" will get used
  8. Haste

    yet you play it actively i see -1
  9. i'd say 10ish active players plus other citizens
  10. its not that we are not satisfied, the way you suggested changing pve sucks, also the way you suggested changing pvp .. sucks the speed of the game is what it is, we keep telling you, the only one liking those suggestions, that we dont want such changes
  11. if anything, a bunch of people despise him, even on global chat he comes up ..not in a great light tho don't change something that doesn't need changing, one thing is to suggest little bits and fixes, other is to suggest changing practically the whole game
  12. i just dont understand why you keep trying to change the game in such massive ways, after dozens of your suggestions.. it seems like you dont want to play this game at al, there is hundreds of us, if not thousands, that extremely enjoy this game, most of your plans would deter every single of us a massive -1 , not just this sugg, but to the average of all your suggs