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  1. sorry, searched for similar post but didn't find
  2. Would like to suggest repairable pottery with gold, would be a nice touch, tho maybe a bit hard to implement
  3. i too keep my first rare gold lump
  4. Well repairing does take ql away for me, tried it now, guess it got fixed
  5. My old fat Walkingbrisk, horsey that saved me from numerous champion trolls and been trough a lot with or my black greathelm that i never take off
  6. bumping this every year it seems with no changes ?!
  7. i would like to see like small outposts from goblins, imagine coming online one day, and see that they settled 30 tiles from your city making a comunity much potential in it
  8. Friendly, active and ready for rush hour! bumparo
  9. Friendly, active and ready for rush hour! bumparo
  10. I wonder if you could implement a bump button into forum posts, having to reply to your own post, like village recruitment, to stay relevant doesnt seem fit you could perhaps a bump counter together with it, so people can see how active it could be just a little idea
  11. With permission of the owner of Astrix, we would like to apply for the community map, rough locations of the city are 45x 54y, exact tile distances will be edited into this post, thank you in advace. With kind regards, City of Astrix edit: used the blue line to mark the lenght from a landmark there, 31 tiles away from it begins the crossroads of astrix and marked astrix main city with the crossed circle