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  1. Still going strong, with big plans and numbers keeping steady If we hit bigger numbers of active, "guilds" will get used
  2. Haste

    yet you play it actively i see -1
  3. i'd say 10ish active players plus other citizens
  4. its not that we are not satisfied, the way you suggested changing pve sucks, also the way you suggested changing pvp .. sucks the speed of the game is what it is, we keep telling you, the only one liking those suggestions, that we dont want such changes
  5. if anything, a bunch of people despise him, even on global chat he comes up ..not in a great light tho don't change something that doesn't need changing, one thing is to suggest little bits and fixes, other is to suggest changing practically the whole game
  6. i just dont understand why you keep trying to change the game in such massive ways, after dozens of your suggestions.. it seems like you dont want to play this game at al, there is hundreds of us, if not thousands, that extremely enjoy this game, most of your plans would deter every single of us a massive -1 , not just this sugg, but to the average of all your suggs
  7. balancing would help with the other suggestion about colosseums and events, in-between other stuff .. +1
  8. truly a fitting woodscrap post
  9. one of the reasons i rarely do anything on my perimeters, always trying to keep atleast 3+ tiles of deed landand 5 perim clear around your lands, your locks thank you for letting the people know
  10. I am 50/50 on this one since the mechanic can get really abused with afking, the state it is in right now shouldn't be changed in my opinion, i know a lot of people would like to have a level to storage option, some have much much more massive projects than i do. but it could be implemented if they shortened the time you can level, as it is rn you can do leveling for a long time if you drop all the accumulated dirt/sand in your inv a shorter timer + leveling to ground would be a +1
  11. Darnok, you keep telling people to go find themselves another game if they dont like your ideas, how about you do that instead of ripping on a establishes game and comunity?
  12. dont have every member on my list, but the dates do show in the manag. tab, would be nice to be able to sort it