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  1. Congrats to @Glynflorelfor winning the auction!
  2. Rare oakenwood rope tool 27.5ql Starting bid: 2 s Increment (minimum): 1 s Reserve: no Buyout: 10 s Sniper Protection: 30 minutes Private Bids: not accepted
  3. 1. Ben2. 2014 on and off3. If you cannot make it, you can roleplay it... but don't worry, you probably can make it.4. Each conversation, each fight, each trade and service, each adventure I made and took in this game mean a lot to me, it is not just gameplay that keeps you here.
  4. Maple Arbor 670,880 just a bit south from Nor's
  5. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Welcome to the recruitment post of Maple Arbor. A small deed on the north-western coast of Harmony. We are recruiting everyone looking for company. No requirements set, everyone is welcome, new, old, veteran. If you want to play solo, you're welcome to play. If want to help out, even better, any help is always good . we offer space and resources to start you out, and hope you will decide to stay long! Small community of veteran and new player(mostly new tho). For more info contact Ben in-game, Benalish#2257 for discord, or here on the forums. Thank you for the read! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Picture will be updated every now-and-then
  6. Just to ask, can we expect the bridges update anytime soon? really love using the program, but dont like to use wide stairs instead of bridges thanks in advance
  7. best way would probably be to implement categories/groups as sirevo said, (+) drop down menus, and it should remember the categories you keep open
  8. Auction Ended!!!! Starting bid: 20 s Increment (minimum): 1 s Reserve: No. Buyout: No. Sniper Protection: 30 minutes Private Bids: Not accepted Statue is located on Harmony E10, can deliver to coasts, or pickup ofc
  9. that's pretty overwhelming, gettin' almost 2 mil, from 50k expected
  10. sorry to hear that, always try making more roles, and try them out with an alt, start them out as serfs
  11. Welcome to the jolly scrapyard that is Bens Bin F10 Harmony I'll be offering some lil' stuff I get here and there while working on my deed stuff that cannot be mailed will be either pickup, free close proximity delivery, or agreed paid/free delivery Prices not listed, taking offers lower than current pc, everything is negotiable Current wares: BSB x10 FSB x4 Larder x2 Beds x15 Spinning wheel x1 Looms x2 Open fireplaces x2 Empty low bookshelves x6 Coffer x1 Bee hives x2 Large chests x5/10 Large anvil x5 Barrels: Small barrel x7 Large barrel x4 Huge oil barrel x2 Tables: Small square table x7 Round table x1 Large dining table x1 Chairs Armchairs x2 Chairs x22 stool x3 List will be updated as stuff comes and goes, thank you for visiting for shopping please contact me in-game under /tell Ben