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  1. Very nice sword found sitting in my mailbox. Please pm me regarding return.
  2. Aaaaw... it is a shame it is so short - that is a beautiful skin otherwise, I almost bought it before realising it wouldn't be what I wanted.
  3. Found a small problem with the lineage listings on 'Inspect'. The correct data is shown with 'Examine' but 'Inspect' seems to become confused with animals renamed through branding.
  4. So... is the colour inheritance fixed? My ebony pairs have been producing everything BUT ebony.
  5. Snowballs are a food item and dogs have always eaten most things. I keep my 100ql meat in a crate so I am just glad I have a lock on the rack because that would have been very expensive dog food. My experiment with rate of decay of snowballs in a coffin will just need to wait until next winter - lol
  6. Thanks, I wasn't certain with the nested containers but Neopherus said to report it. Nalimar also said a horse had eaten out of a crate in a crate-rack - but crate-racks can be locked.
  7. My dog ate the snowballs I had on a plate inside a coffin.
  8. Are these 'time until can breed' numbers correct? 71 hours? for a BULL? Just dropped to 61 hours as I watched... OK I tested this a bit and the numbers are complete nonsense. This is very much a reporting bug because they breed just fine even while saying 118 hours.
  9. I am gonna have to care-for some of these 115 point animals I apparently have as they will not be available any more. Greys have the 'mystery 10 points' added too.
  10. I don't understand how this trait point system works. How does 70 positive and 15 negative add up to 95? (on a pre-update horse)
  11. And we are back!!!! YAY!!!
  12. Says the servers are online but still unavailable to connect ???
  13. WOW! Wasn't expecting this update to go live quite so fast - AWESOME! Now just waiting for the server to come back up so I can play with it - the suspense is killing me - lol
  14. This update sounds amazing! It will be great to work on a new breeding project for kine - there are only so many BattleCows and AttackSheep any village needs - lol I am really hoping we get some more care-for slots though - It is already hard enough to maintain a good variety of breeding stock for all the horse colours.