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  1. So, I have made a habit of moving my deed boundries around to aid in bashing or building things in the near vicinity. Recent comments and queries in CA have made me wonder if this is an intended and legitimate use of the deed resizeing function. It seems fair enough to me, but then I live on a remote island on Xanadu and there is nobody to complain. Thoughts?
  2. This just happened to my passenger. I drove uphill a while, fought of a goblin entered my friends deed and parked. I disembarked and scouted around for more goblins When my passenger disembarked she fell from above the level of the nearby trees and took 26.x damage. The cart was nowhere to be seen to her after. Everything looked fine to me but the cart remained invisible to her until I had driven it a few tiles away. I have never seen this glitch before. I'd had a position not updated error when driving up the hill so specifically waited for the now updated message before disembarking first and nothing odd happened to me.
  3. I suggest that if Traitor 'Animal' missions are not completed that the animal in question, rather than de-spawn, morphs into some sort of boss creature, eg. 'Traitor Chicken Attack Warrior'. It would motivate lower level players to complete the original mission and higher level players could have fun hunting down these 'new' monsters. (Make them hard enough to require groups).
  4. I am now surprised that ignore doesn't do this already because I thought it did... though I can see why you would want to apply it to only specific tabs. I ignored someone whom I had an altercation with (on GM instruction) but I wanted to see if he tried to sell the stuff I thought he had stolen from me in Trade.
  5. I would think that killing an avatar of your god would just result in alignment/faith loss - lol Could be interesting to turn them into boss-fights after the mission is over though.
  6. Where I am we dress the tree the first weekend of December and leave it up until 'Twelfth Night' (5 January) which is Epiphany Eve. I know Wurm is not denominational but like most games it makes a nod to Christmas and it would be nice to carry that through with the dates. I like the idea of a tree that is available from 1st December and takes no decay until year end then decays rapidly and vanishes on 6th January. The idea of an additional 'potted' tree that can be maintained for that period would also be a good solution for traditionalists. We can all wack up a tree to grab the gift, but many of us would like to celebrate more traditionally, I think.
  7. Nice idea! Pigs are a complete pain to keep so some other advantage than bacon would be cool. They seem to lack the utility of the other kine. Cows get - milk, beef, hide, Mount (lol) Sheep get - milk, lamb, wool Horses get - meat, hide, Mount Pigs get - bacon ... and a pita rep. (Unless I am missing something like them being death on four trotters as a pet - lol) Maybe allow foraging for truffles if you are leading a pig or order a pet pig to search for them, or something like that. Having them able to forage on tree tiles sounds like something the Devs might find too much, all though I would love to see it, as it would add to the utility of orchards as pig-pens and make pigs far more unique and interesting creatures. (It would also prevent players from foraging the orchard but that's the trade-off). The extra recipes from adding truffles would also be awesome.
  8. Give a small bonus to some of the rare+ items that just shine and can't even be equipped to show off. Specifically thinking of books/almanacs/archeology journals here but at least let them hold a few extra pages or something. Likewise rare+ crates, racks & stands.
  9. Some of these last couple of pages of comments just fill me with joy and remind me why I came to this game They are positive, patient, and reasonable. Goats, Ducks, Ostrich, Coffee Beans, Short Spears, Log-cabin Textures, Cloth armour variations, Gurl-armour (seriously, I agree with that idea) - all great suggestions! Not so great are the step-back suggestions that would penalise people for not logging in 24/7. That is just short-term click-bait thinking. There are plenty of games out there who will happily delete your characters and property if you fail to log in every week/month or are 10 seconds late with your RMT. There is even a whole culture of paid 'account sitters' to go with it too. Maybe if you can max out a chari in 4 weeks then you might expect things to decay over a similar timescale - but if you can't max a chari in 7 years then you don't expect to see significant decay this decade. @Eleraan - That is a fantastic idea and I wish I could like your comment a million times! The idea of converting a certain minimum-X quality item into a 'master item' that once 'fixed' becomes un-repairable (like pottery) would indeed create a huge market for crafters of X level goods, a process for Y level artisans, and an ongoing market for users of Y-mastergrade items. It wouldn't even require much of a new mechanic as potions provide a very similar service bonus.
  10. Yeah, we both tried that more than once - that is why we made a ticket. Thankfully Nethys got us out of the mess. Said we should report it so we have.
  11. Dug a hole and started 'jitterring' at the bottom as if falling/running. Unable to recover stamina to climb out.