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  1. yes, no one buys. and I hardly have time to be advertising (or playing wurm), but I can surely log in and send some through mailboxes.
  2. I have 51 QL toolbelts for sale, at a negotiable price (about 40 copper I would expect) at 30 copper.. Please PM me either here on the forum or in-game if you are interested . Location: see the signature below. (I can deliver them at if you are close or I can send them via post.)
  3. to Kamikazi: I have to admit that your anti spear attacks are a viable idea. Again, it is spearman's duty to keep his tool intact. Although I think that animals would rarely assault the weapon (especially scorpions and spiders) instead of user, I'd rather consider it a PvP option. As far as poor close range performance is considered, I would limit it till 50 skill with two handed spear use, as there are many emergency techniques that are very effective at close range. (and you can always decide to hold the spear in the middle instead of first third of the pole). to Lancelot: High guard is fine, but again every stabbing weapon has it. A second line spearman would use it in tight formations as he has little space anywhere else. The main problem with using a short weapon against cavalry is that cavalry has far much more energy - imagine that a horseman is 500 kg hammer riding at you at sixty kilometers per hour, you won't be waiting with a longsword till it gets near. (especially if the horseman is spearman and will get opportunity to hit you first) - Also it would be nice if you defined which terminology you use. Longsword may mean the one-handed weapon-as in game, or the weapon that English usually refer to as Bastard sword, but s also called longsword as a translation of german langschwert http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/Langschwert. to Darthryan: Yes there are still people who are practicing with middle age weapons, in middle age armour, and gathering up for battles. You can check this video if you need proof. />http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u0oeN1XyYEg it is an annual battle in Northern Poland. There are many "battles" occuring in central Europe, Wolin is one of the bigger ones. to Ianrose: Spears were commonly used even with kite shields as you can see in this picture http://www.hurstwic.org/history/articles/manufacturing/pix/kite_shield.jpg
  4. In fact they should be menacing against everything as far as you don't let it get close enough (two handed use) - which could be solved by putting effective distance for spear a tile further. Only real weakness of a two handed spear user is an archer or a spearman with a shield.
  5. Hello, as a real life spearman I would like to emphasize the role of polearms in wurm. Historically spears were the most used weapon due to multiple reasons - easy to manufacture - very effective even in untrained hands. (In my first spear practice I stood against a man who was practicing with sword and shield for about a year already, I was getting through his defences in about 75% of tries) - only effective defence against cavalry (already implemented in wurm) - have long reach - i. e. user is somewhat safe - can be used with shields. Now if you imagine a formation of spearmen with short spears (approx 1.5 meter), two lines would suffice. First line can attack the enemies that are in two tile's distance in front of it, the second line can attack the enemies that are just in front of the first line. This means that both lines can focus their attack on single line, or that second line attacks the first enemies' line. (still the first enemy line has to be careful not to get hurt from the both lines, which are potentially threatening it). I don't think that formations are possible to implement in Wurm though. What I think that may be possible is to give spears different range - good range being with one tile gap between you and enemy. Also what I would like to suggest is that some spears have shields equippable as well (are either one handed or have one handed / two handed mode, with different attributes). Two handed spears should have also other means of damaging enemies besides piercing. (Tested, heavier spears tend to knock out people in real life if you swing them into a helmet, even gently, - very similar to pole axes). I hope at least part of these suggestions are implementable. Kind Regards, Eleri
  6. Hello, I would like to add a minor upgrade. - forges and ovens should be usable as only storage for things that won't be destroyed even if it gets lit (and is unlit at the moment). just lost fifty imped arrows this way that I thought I put them into bsb... and lit the forge.