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  1. Well, sure, but what I REALLY wanted was a multi-sentence monologue telling me I'll be Au-right. And possibly Rift-wood mailed to me in game as an empathetic gesture to keeping a newbie, like me, in WO because you, Sir Finnn, are an incredible community member with impeccable character who cares deeply for the down-trodden.
  2. Id say.. they are more PVP-light oriented. i.e. fear of full loot loss gets the ticker going. Will the Steam WO release be multi-island where kvk or pvp exists? I wish Wurm had more integration between the PVP and PVE clusters where certain resources existed in the PVP lands and vice-versa. Lure over PVE Wurmians for get rich plunder in a dangerous land. Of course it never works out that way you just end up dying, but trying is half the fun. Wait.. If one dies on Chaos kingdom-less, what happens? How the hell do you get back to the other Freedom Isles? Do you spawn somewhere on Chaos and just get spawn-killed over and over? I never really thought this through but not sure of the game mechanics. No need to answer here, needs a different thread for a different forum. We can keep this the place where tears fall over the Steam release.
  3. lol. thanks mate. Didnt really expect a reply - just grumbling over the Steam announcement. Have friends on the edge of joining the game but are hesitant due to the Steam release possibly pulling the pop from existing servers. Its a bit frustrating.
  4. Well.. thanks Finn. You just shat all over my fairy-tale version of me telling myself it will all be ok and I'll still amount to something in Wurm's Steam version. Sighhh....
  5. Wait a minute.. Your not my wife are you? Sounds like the standard two word reply in a marriage.
  6. Can we put this cat back in the box it leaped out of? My ability to enjoy this game is seriously compromised because of the looming fear I'm wasting my time "enjoying" this game. This statement shouldn't make allot of damn sense but it sure as hell does every time I read it twice. Lets forget Rolph EVER announced this whole Steam release thingy and when/if it happens I can fantastically implode then. I won't have much time to grumble because I'll be too busy getting that new account on Steam up and running for a fresh new land-and-skilling grab, aiming to be "that guy" selling Hi-quality shovels to the horde of new gold-miners. New servers are just irresistible. I'm sure it was with great compassion and good intent in him releasing this info, but in hindsight it created a terrible dark cloud following me around like that pathetic character in Charlie Brown. I would seriously like to be the Ostrich with his head in the sand on this one.
  7. Someone had to do it. Can we have MUGA hats made in game? But seriously, I've looked for other Sandbox games and I can't find one like this one. EVE Online is the only other sandbox worth mentioning in my honest, but its a completely different Genre. One scratches the back, the other scratches different jiggly bits. Why isn't everyone just dragging their friends kicking and screaming into this game? Or even better, why not hang around Havens Landing hiring newbs to do stuff, like anything keeping them in the game longer then a day or two? Not saying I won't do that, just haven't seen many people do it (or perhaps I missed it if they are). I feel like this Big-ole Steam WO release is F%^&*ng up everyone's ability to just dive in causing players to stay in limbo for fear of wasting their time. Give me some love, tell me I'm wrong. Cheers. Just wanted to rant a bit. c'est la vie
  8. Definitely on the frontier. To the North and to the East is undeveloped country, as well as many "dead and decayed" old deeds for great archaeology. Need more people. Schiann is taking us to Chaos next month to loot and pillage. Who doesn't want some of that? Cheers.
  9. Sounds like you need defenders Whats your active member count in your village?
  10. Oh thanks, I'll give it a try. Appreciated.
  11. lol. Dude I'm a broke newb. But I scrounged around 9 Silver. For whatever reason I cant insert an image URL from Google Drive. I'll have to place it somewhere else tomorrow. Me is tired at the moment. Cheers
  12. Update. Total money supply in Wurm. Not sure if this site is BS or not. Anyone know the history of this and whether its accurate? Is it Developer backed data?
  13. Are there raids on Epic right now? I still need to visit. I want to see a trebuchet siege.
  14. Awesome! I'm a bit of an economic nerd. Glad you liked it!
  15. Post a screenshot. Make me jealous. Cheers.