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  1. Rules.. Rules.. Rules... Make bannable offences? How would a new player, many of which will never come to these forums, know these rules? The game allows one to do things, yet its enforced with a ban? This.. seems very extreme. I would say if the game allows you to do it then its allowed. If the Devs want some type of ownership of uniques to be made upon first sighting, then code it into the game. If some jackwagon comes in and "heals" the dragon while its being slayed, the issue is game mechanics.. Solutions could be: At that point the person healing the dragon should be targetable by others (if there's no game mechanic for ownership). Problem solved without banning, smuck gets killed. Or, a larger party comes in and steals your kill. Bannable offences should be left for metagame issues of hacking, harassment and IRL interference (doxxing, threatening [threatening real life, not in game toons]), etc. Exploiting game bugs which are marked by Devs for correction (non-intended coding issues) could be a tolerable offense to warn people, then ban (short term fix for a bad piece of code). Griefing rules seem to overwhelmingly permeate non-pvp games/servers/instances. Someone can invade your space but your restricted by game mechanics from smacking the crap out of them (in game), but they arent restricted by game mechanics from invading your space.. Heres a game-developer treatise on PVP I thought made an interesting read: Developer thoughts on PVP from Haven and Hearth But.. you know.. These are thoughts from some new-guy schmuck, it only matters to me. Take that for what its worth, which is 1-2 premium paid accounts. EDIT: Or make uniques only spawn in PVP servers. Giving incentive to cash in with extra risk. No ban needed with this.
  2. Glad to hear this - I would enjoy this aspect to. Agree on all points. This is definitely a thing, only certain development battles can be fought. Limited time, limited people, and all that jazz. Noting, however, that MMOs should evolve over time. Existing Metas need to change, ever so slightly, and new metas introduced altering the environment in such a matter it changes and forces adaptation (which.. should be fun? Understanding that sometimes devs get it wrong and will need to alter course, all apart of the evolving sandbox experience). My lack of understanding here - what the game of Wurm wants to become - an economic trading simulator? A survival game in a harsh environment? A building simulator? A kingdom vs kingdom pvp arena? It is a sandbox - but - it almost seems like separate sandboxes are emerging to satisfy these different play-styles - Vs - One unified sandbox with all the play-styles interacting with mechanics constructed that integrate them. EDIT: I'm biased, I want them all under one roof - and I understand its hard to pull off well. Just thoughts. I'm probably off, but like a broken clock I could hit the mark up to two times per day.
  3. I agree -sellers don't want to spend precious time traveling to deliver and buyers - the same - for buying. Its.. the perfect opportunity for a middleman service to develop, but it never did. In EVE middleman services for transporting goods emerged in several ways and is a great way to make money. In wurm.. it just never materialized and instead developers added game mechanics to remove the time it took to transport goods. And other mechanics were found to exploit: Alts one-time village teleport use. There are other possible factors why it didn't emerge - partly because one can just "make" the items themselves in Wurm, and it may be that making 2000 bricks takes less time (and skills you up) then spending time traveling to get the bricks from someone else. Here's the problem statement. Travel time in Wurm is time lost skilling/grinding. Raising ones skill-ticks is a higher motivator then traveling. Traveling almost feels like a waste of one's time. I'm not saying this is a bad thing, its just a thing. I just hadn't grasped all the motivators (and de-motivators) in Wurm's mechanics that emerged some behaviors but not others.
  4. It makes sense, now, why any market hubs (Club Market, Freedom Market) emerge and sustain themselves near Spawn areas. What wasn't apparent until now - with your post - was why this emerged. One-Time Alt-Spawns for existing players can be used to transfer goods to location. This is cheaper then using a Priest teleport too I presume. Making a new ALT costs nothing for a player. I've also identified several other very important (and non-logical ) needs for alts. Off-Line non decay storage and increasing the 5 copper limit per hour token selling is but two. Why emergent behavior emerges - almost always a result of some meta-game angle that isn't logical. After playing this game for ~2 months its becoming more and more apparent that multiple Alt spawning and use is a key to (?winning?) the economic game. Making a mental note here for anyone stumbling across this thread; you need to separate the notion the character in game represents you. Not doing so is a mental hurdle for many (including me). Toons in this game are tools - used by players to reach an end goal. If you tie yourself to the idea a specific Main character is you in the game, it will restrict your ability to maximize the environment. This includes purchasing/trading toons in game that have high skills in certain areas. It doesn't mean you are forced to play the sandbox by using multiple toons - but if you wish to play for any economic advantage, in production and logistics (delivering goods) it is a necessity. I'm also pondering the importance here for the pvp side. Advanced pvp toons are vehicles for fighting, but not good vehicles for economy (imping, cutting, mining, paving etc. priest restrictions..). If you truly want to start a new kingdom on Chaos, I presume you'll need some of these vehicles to survive. I am not sure it is viable to start a new deed on the pvp side with newer toons only. As I learn more I'll revise my thoughts on the matter, but this is definitely enlightening. Toons <> players.
  5. Sleep bonus is so important for grinding. Not sure if sleep bonus is available for Unlimited servers. Without it, it very well could be 12 hours+ grinding. I was able to reach meditation ~20 over the course of 2 days with sleep bonus for much of it. I didn't record the amount of time spent grinding mediation, as I was moving and doing other things, but I am 90% sure it was well under 12 hours total. This was Wurm Online Freedom Cluster- which is 1x same as unlimited? Hope that helps.
  6. Being able to mail items COD.. Reduces or eliminates market emergence. Trade chat is your market. I don't like this, but asking for removal of mailing items would cast you into the Leper's hole I'm sure. Were there more markets before mailing? or was mailing always a thing? EDIT: I've thought on this more - I don't think Mailing Items is a major culprit for low-market emergence, its lack of need to purchase goods, i.e. demand is too low - back to another one of my arguments regarding "not-enough" item sinks (consumption) being the main culprit for the low velocity of monetary exchange.
  7. What kind of Kingdom is Panda... The type to ###### and Pillage? the white Knight? Do you take super-newbs? Or do you require players to purchase established accounts? Whats the current active player count? If this type of convo is better via PM discussion on discord that's cool, just let me know. Not sure how much of your dress you want to lift up in the public forums. cheers.
  8. Hey boss - If your not doing anything with it can I have it? I'll promise to play nice for a day.
  9. ? You want some cool links bro? I'll send you some. If you have kids.. like.. don't let them in the room when opening. M'Kay?
  10. Actually.. Moot point. When he returns he will have to start over on Steam's WO servers - because that's where all the cool people will be heading.
  11. I will hold it for him and await lord zethrel's return.
  12. Mowglia - Whos on Epic? As far as I can tell, its you, Lowborn, and.. a few sheep? At least your not lonely.. who else is on Epic? sound off yeah? But yes, Epic DOES sound fun. I should really head over there. But know this, I'm a bit of a Wind-up merchant and enjoy a little drama and inter conflict with a bunch of needling. Its my way of showing love. Probably just the echoes from institutional brainwashing and hazing from my time as one of Uncle Sam's Misguided Children. Not everyone's cup of tea. And the problem.. On epic you can just spawn-whack me over and over once your tired of me.. And that just sounds like fun in and of itself - I'm definitely coming over!! I expect a warm welcome with red carpets rolled out upon my arrival.
  13. Can I have your stuff? Come on, no one said it yet!!
  14. I've got one FSB and the thing is a never ending pit. You seriously need multiple FSBs? Like.. how much crap do you have? Send a screen shot of what a full food bin looks like if your so inclined... I wasn't even sure it was possible to Cap one.