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  1. What he said. Im Gallandria's neighbour, its real!
  2. Hmm, do WU creatures have armor types then? Maybe the table I saw was for WU? In any case, thanks for the feedback!
  3. I once saw a table listing the creatures of wurm with their armor types. But I can't seem to find it despite my efforts. Does anyone have a link to it bookmarked? Thanks!
  4. I see. Thanks! So does the 2.5% steel DR apply to chain armor too?
  5. I see. I figure a "hole" wound is probably from a pierce attack then. That helps the case for wearing plate. But I'm still not sure which armor would be better for hunting. The tougher foe's damage types I'd say are more impactful in the decision, to minimize downtimes.
  6. Among these two links, the damage reduction listed for plate armor does not match. So which one is true then? In this link's table below, plate armor is listed at 65% damage reduction. https://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Armour Meanwhile in this second link it says: "Like drake hide armour, plate armour made from iron has a base damage reduction of 70% at 100 quality.". https://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Category:Plate_armour
  7. I can't decide if plate or chain is better for hunting in PVE. I'm listing why, and I'd like to hear from others. Let's consider rift creatures, but exclude them from the focus on hunting armor. Glance Rate (woot, no damage!) Bite: 65% chain, 50% plate Burn: 65% chain, 35% plate Crush: 30% chain, 30% plate Pierce: 30% chain, 65% plate Slash: 65% chain, 30% plate Acid & Cold damage don't seem relevant for hunting, so I won't include them. Damage Reduction Bite: 107.5% chain, 105% plate Burn: 107.5% chain, 95% plate Crush: 107.5% chain, 95% plate Pierce: 92.5% chain, 100% plate Slash: 100% chain, 105% plate Plate has a superior 2.5% overall damage reduction. In damage reduction, it leads with pierce by 10% and slash by 7.5%. In glance, plate leads only with 35% in pierce. In damage reduction, chain leads by 10% crush and 10% burn In glance, chain leads with 15% bite, 30% burn, 35% slash, but has 35% less for pierce. So what creatures do pierce damage? Besides pierce damage for which plate is superior, chain looks better overall . Thoughts?
  8. The Wiki states that hyenas are able to be groomed. However, this appears false, as the groom option does not appear with a grooming brush activated. https://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Rabid_hyena EDIT: The page also claims it to be rideable, which I'm skeptic of, as they seem unable to be lead or tamed.
  9. Hello. I noticed the spell Disintegrate is missing in the spell list of Smeagain under the link listed below. https://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Category:Smeagain_spells