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  1. Default action key sounds awesome, looking forward to seeing how it works in game.
  2. Hi Olufus, Can you please add Talking Trees (458, 1284)? Also please note that Camara's Hub (260, 1339) and Rolling Dreams (327, 1273) no longer exist.
  3. Another bump for a merchant that is efficient and helpful. Many thanks for the quick delivery.
  4. Reached out for a purchase and literally within 25 minutes goods were delivered. Very quick and easy, will come a knockin next time I need something fast!
  5. I just wanted to add my thanks to Shrimpiie, Impers, Staff and Enchanters as well. I am only in my 2nd month in game and I was dragged along at short notice to this event by xvBabyvx, who suggested it would be amazing for me. I said, "sure", not knowing what the hell I was getting into. I quickly grabbed all my tools and raced up the road on my new steed to join her on the journey to Blackmoor. I arrived and had no idea what to do, with the vague understanding that my tools would be better when I left. First up I found I had a room at the Inn complete with a bed for that much needed Sleep Bonus, I felt a little bit special Over the next few days I dumped my tools into the forges and was amazed to see these high end QL tools come out...they were mine! Then it was explained that I can get them enchanted to help boost my skill gain, simply amazing...and for free, all thanks to the generosity of those in attendance. A bonus on top of that was the fact that I could then Imp other peoples tools and increase my skill gain! *Disclaimer, my imping was low rate but others perfected them after I finished, phew. When I arrived I had 30kg in my inventory, when I left I could hardly walk because of the weight! From a new player to the community, thankyou for your help and generous spirits, I will always remember this, my very first Impalong.
  6. I have been told there is this capability in game....for those that aren't aware, manage>friends, click on the bar under their name, type note then scroll to bottom and hit the update button. Works a charm Please close thread
  7. Hello, I asked in chat earlier whether we had the capability to add comments to players on our friends list, the answer came back that no we don't. I would like to suggest that the game dev's consider adding this function into the game, i.e. i would like the ability to right click a friend and be able to add comments like, "mentor, knows there stuff", or "helps with rock shards", or, "chatty person", or, "complete tosser but has been so very helpful to my progress" etc. Something to consider. Cheers and happy adventuring, Noc
  8. As a new player to the game this village has been so very helpful! I am a Citizen, now, of Camara Hub and proud to be so, come join us and help build something :)