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  1. Does this mod still work? I tried to do everything according to the instructions, made my bot in a discord, gave him all the permissions, but constantly shows that he is not online. I wanted the bot translator https://top.gg/bot/471542070817849355 to translate all messages from the Sklotopolis server. classname = net.Ildar.wurm.Discord classpath = Discord.jar sharedClassLoader = true discordBotToken = Secret discordServer = Secret discordTransfers = GL-Freedom-> gl-freedom; Trade-> trade; CA HELP-> ca-help; Recruit-> recruiting-notsynced
  2. Whatever you say, the topic of the NPC is not only of interest to me P.S. The number of views once again confirms this
  3. By the way, I have long wanted to ask why the NPCs have not yet given voice-over to dialogs? And is it possible to do this? In my opinion, this will make the NPCs an order of magnitude more interesting
  4. Maybe everything will change if the developers transform the external shell of the game. Will it happen or not, and how well will they do it, time will tell
  5. At the expense of games. Over the years, with rare exceptions, I have the strong feeling that no one can better change the game than as well as the development team of the creators of the game. And wurm does not fall under this exception, since it is incomplete and unpopular. When the game is not so perfect, the players will not reach for it. Players do not reach for it, because it is imperfect. Moders almost always gravitate only to promising projects
  6. I wanted to say that I am not a programmer, and I can’t learn anything. Memory constantly fails and vision does not allow you to sit for a long time It’s not clear what you are talking about through Google translator, but if I understand correctly, you say that I hardly go to WU and that everything that I say can be changed using existing mods? At the moment, I have roughly 500 hours. And about the mods. I have never seriously tried to use them, but I can assume that the bdew mod is far from being so perfect.
  7. I know that all my comments are just babbling, which is similar to the ravings of a child. Sometimes I don’t even know when to stop in time. But to be honest, I don’t care. I’m not going to change my character.
  8. I’m a little tired of talking about the same topic, and there is still a lot of things that it’s just hard to think about, for example, military crafts, but I will go through a couple of those that I just wanted to add, but forgot. Even if it will be a dead weight. Tamer Gives quests to capture. Bring a certain number of monsters, get a monster statue as a reward, activate the statue, sacrifice the corpse of a monster, thereby giving him a second life. Useful when creating arenas. Cook Every month he sells random dishes, seasonally. Gives tips on killing monsters, in return gives dishes, books or dishes (by the way, these two, I can say I rewrote the thoughts recorded on the smartphone) Well, then I'll tear a couple from the long list of the Internet. Doctor Sells medicine depending on your treatment skills (By the way, this item is not enough in the game) Architect Sounds cool, I won’t even add anything Geologist Maybe developers will add mines with dead geologists who do not know their job well Astronomer It’s hard to understand the philosophy of this game, maybe he will tell Librarian Books are sacred. Especially if it's a craft book.
  9. For health reasons, it is almost impossible
  10. Any software resource rests on a human
  11. There was a duplicate of the comment here
  12. A bit about NPCs. I want to add that most players usually refuse all seasons, and set only summer. In my opinion, npc, this is one way to solve this problem. Although, maybe I'm wrong. It would be nice if new products appeared every season and every month. So, it makes sense to come to the merchant more often, even in the absence of online. If you played in Valley Stardew or My Time is Portya, you may realize that this is not bad. If you think that if you put traders, the desire to develop will also disappear. But this does not mean that you must give them everything. A small portion of the content is enough. And if the game has a little content, then the developers did not report it. But can they not report something? After all, developers boast of diversity. And how many food recipes are there, will the players really cheat the NPCs of the cook? It seems to me that you need more demonstration of goods, as it’s not good to come out that with modest online players once in five years will flash goods, and then click with their beak. Not good. Well, next in line are craft professions. I could not even remember them, since it is difficult to come up with something innovative for them. But just remembering them is already good. Maybe the developers will change their mind: D A carpenter Available in a variety of wood materials or painted products. Perhaps there are new furniture schemes? What kind of goods is lying around with him, well, I just can’t imagine, because there are so many types of trees and colors of painted goods in the world. Can we find his ax with which he killed his wife? Sometimes gives tips on where you can cut down a tree. Stonemason Stone man, like all of his NPC brothers. Does he have stones besides what's under him? Probably ate everything. But can he reveal to the world unexplored materials of unprecedented strength? Or it will also sit by a broken stone, depending on the developers. Tanner Bring him skin, and maybe he will make you an exclusive. And maybe it will give you a tip where the next skin runs. Weaver Need a thread or a needle? Or maybe you want to sell cotton? Find him fashionable clothes and a brutal headdress? Blacksmith Is your sword cursed or are you an idiot? He will fix your sword, and you will pay the next time you come. Thief - Cracker Do you need a dagger or poison with a speed debuff? Or pick a good master key? Engineer This profession involves the creation of siege weapons, arbatels, suspension bridges and so on, all that includes mechanisms But it’s not necessary to have it on sale. You need secret drawings. Jeweler Charmed bracelets included Sculptor Buy a Rolf statue? That's right, a statue, because Marrkus Perrson ran far ahead. Barber Is there a hairstyle? Need a hairstyle? Not? So now she will not be! Working professions Builder He can’t build, but he can tell me new craft. Miner Where in the world is there a good mine? If the developer wishes, he will give you a tip. Cattle drover Will sell you your favorite animal food (He has it special) Plowman Can't find the seeds? Every year we have new ones. Groom Keep your lasso
  13. I don’t know anything; I don’t want to compare music and games. Sandbox, this is first and foremost freedom of action But what kind of freedom, when there is nothing in this freedom It’s like wandering through space in which there are no planets. If there is something missing in your music, then you need to make it appear
  14. (I apologize in advance for Google translator) The game, in addition to the Middle Ages, is fixated on deities, so the first thing I remember about religion. What is religion? Gods and those who believe in them. I want to talk about the latter. There is an altar in the game, but there are no churches. How so? Since the beginning of the game, I always had this thought. Suppose you can build it yourself. But in addition to entertainment for the players, there must also be those who will always be the post of churches. There are so many religious professions, but it would be interesting to observe them in the game. But, when it's just a game, where are there so many religious NPCs? And then a thought came to my mind, what if they were improved by some method, gradually increasing them in ranks and giving them new opportunities? Sounds cool to me. Grant each branch of the NPC their own branches of development. Basic and secondary. Plus you need to come up with. how to promote them in rank. Can give them karma and money? I myself am an atheist, and I don’t understand religion, so I just found the titles from one gaming site. I will try to list them and find application. Novice Engaged in a church (which is not) Gives a small random buff of 5 minutes to the owner of the NPC and his friends further improvements Monk Side Negative Branch Gives a small random debuff of 5 minutes on the area to those who are not friend of the owner of the NPC Pilgrim Side branch Gives a small buff to 5 minutes speed Grave digger Side Negative Branch Grants Summoned Undead Buff Regeneration a priest Gives quests to destroy the undead and consecrate the earth Once a day can heal any one player’s wound Sells amulets, icons, sacred water (imagination) Inquisitor Side Negative Branch Gives quests to kill monsters for the sake of souls (and also annoys me that the ghostly guards for the token come from almost nowhere) Once a day can summon a random monster (on the inquisitor, my dark side fantasy broke down, even if just like that, I want you to move my fantasies further) Archbishop Destruction quests are larger and more profitable. Once a day can completely cure a player Assortment expansion The patriarch Gives quests to destroy highly dangerous monsters Once every 12 hours can completely cure a player Assortment expansion Buff distance increase Cardinal Gives a prayer bonus Gives quests that affect the game board of the gods Once every 8 hours can completely cure a player Assortment expansion Buff distance increase Legate Gives a bonus on prayer and sacrifice There is an opportunity to call a sacred beast (on your imagination) Gives large quests that affect the game board of the gods Once every 5 hours can completely cure a player Assortment expansion Increase buff strength and distance.
  15. I know that this is a pretty commonplace topic, but all the time it depresses me that the game has NPCs, but they seem to be gone. I don’t know how things are in Wurm Online, but judging by Unlimited, and there are not so many differences between them, then in my opinion, everything is very sad. All that you see at the starting location is a small piece of the reserved territory. There is no beautiful city that will always surprise you with its colors and there is no diversity in the inhabitants of the starting city. There are no specialized buildings that with wide open virtual arms will send you to kill the dragon, and then give you a lollipop and soup from dragon insides. Players are given freedom, but when online is not so high, there is an increasing desire to contemplate them, to ask, what’s what? There are a ton of professions in the game, but there are no NPCs specializing in them and always ready to help you. And I want to remind you, if not all, then some of those that could be present in the game.