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  1. Just looking for a good set of armor
  2. Cod set 4 to braveborn please
  3. I apologize for not sending it in right away. Things got hectic irl and didnt have time to get on. I am sending it now. but id like to change my order from 85ql to 90ql since i purchased silver off the store
  4. Canceling order These will be sent by Jothebard ingame but returned to Braveborn. Tools are labeled. WTB 5 tool imps. 75ql steel hatchet imped to 90ql, 63ql iron pickaxe imped to 90ql, 68ql iron saw imped to 90ql, 59ql iron carving knife imped to 90ql, and 45ql tin trowel imped to 90ql. WTB 90+WoA on the tin trowel. I will need to wait to send until my friend logs on to have him send the tools to VirusMD. I do not have a runed mailbox to use for the sending. I will PM on here when I am able to send but I wanted to put my order in beforehand. Thank you VirusMD you always do greatwork.
  5. The Blackfire Tavern. 954, 1234 Also contains a guard tower on deed.