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  1. How do I download the game again? Just give my info when it asks for new player info?
  2. it might be just me but it feels like you wanna pull this game more towards final fantasy detail and looks with all this weird fantasy junk. it needs to be more real and less fantasy...
  3. can we get a music folder we can add mp3 and such to it to get more music in game we want and maybe remove songs from game we do not want. not a question, just an idea... and set how often we want music to play
  4. not sure why i can not add my playlist... it keeps changing the link to different videos!
  5. heh, you were in irc when i first found this game were you not? or else you are creeping me out friend
  6. ok, i use a program that will basically kill other processes that try to use my cpu/ram and gives games full reign over my ram and cpu but in order for it to work at its best it tries to launch the launcher in full-screen mode but launcher will not launch in full-screen. this program really does help me get better fps on my slow labtop...
  7. I Have a request for developers, its really small but it will help me much. Can you make it so the login screen can be launched in full screen mode? I can explain why I must have this if you want. Thanks devs for great game!
  8. oqivXwp.jpg

    1. Hurhurhur


      first 4 days i played the game never got more than 30fps. when i disable cortex logger and the logger in the game settings i get even better fps 😀

    2. Shrimpiie


      Did you adjust the FPS limit in the settings via launcher?

    3. Hurhurhur


      i did not edit the limiter, all settings are set very low but the fps limiter is at an ok setting

  9. hi, i am part of a village you can join and we are building another one to deed. you are welcome to join, it is at q21 on map. i can pick you up.