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  1. You can add the new deed "Camara's Hub [260, 1338]"
  2. Is it automatic or do I have to do something ?
  3. What is it? The Camara Hub is a brand new deed, part of the Uncanny Legion Alliance, located West of Celebration. It was founded 15/10/2019. Population: 3. Who are we looking for? We are looking for people that would like to join so that we can be reasonably self-sustaining. We have close to nothing yet except some help from a deed of the Alliance located nearby so you have to want to start from scratch. I will put an emphasis on teamwork as the goal is to create a small tight-knit community rather than a big village. Interested? Send me a message through the forum or directly in game, ign: Minstaer. 20/10/2019 update We now have 3 members as things start to get going. We're still recruiting.