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  1. WTB Black tome

    Message me ingame thanks
  2. awesome thankyou! awesome Thankyou!
  3. stone chisels w73 and w75 and the file iron to Delll (it's 3 L's) TY
  4. After update

    TY Samool it is now perfect again
  5. After update

    After the latest update my light reflections are "odd" especially in caves.. here are screen shots and my client log
  6. Some things can't be tested in the box though, the issues will be sorted I am sure
  7. nobody's fault, things go wrong in all aspects of life and in every other MMO, yes it is inconvenient but we can be patient I am sure, not all would offer a bonus so thanks for the sleep bonus, much appreciated. I need to go and do this thing they call real life till it comes back.