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  1. Yeah!  I love to see flowers and plants.  Makes things look more alive and varied. 


    Yes, to mountain flowers too!  That would be cool to see like a flower here or there or even a hanging tree on a mountain.


    Oh and maybe some rocks for decoration too.  I made the rock scythe trap but it was not very good as a nice rock, what with the scythe sticking out and everything 😅



  2. Hey, I think it would be great to have some extra plants for the water. 


    Either deep water or along the shoreline. 


    Lilypads are one such example but also some water based flower plants would be good. 


    Maybe even some trees for the shoreline.  Maybe there could be a new tree shoreline tile that could be created to fix the issue of trees not being able to be planted at the waters edge. 


    Maybe you could use the hand icon on dirt that is a max of - 4 in the water to create prepared moist soil or something. 


    Then by having a special tile created with these slope conditions it stops people being able to plant trees in the middle of the ocean.


    This was inspired by my friend who made a pond in my village and wanted some nice Lilypads and other plants to be around the pond to make it look pretty. 

  3. Harvestmoon is a great place to come visit and live! 


    It might be the biggest village in Release and it is easy to find as well!  


    On an island in the top right of the map screen. Good boat travel as well and the size of release is a good size anyway for a good server to stay and play on.


    Lots of iron ore and other ores in the village caves and if you want some monster hunting then head over the bridge to tiki sandbar and go into the woods.  Lots of spiders, bears, wolves, hell hounds and trolls await you 😆  


    It is a great place.  so come check it out and stay a while or even longer 😉


    Btw: If anyone from Harvestmoon sees this - I currently do not have full Internet use so I can't get in game.  Hope to see feather, zyar, tria, pro, agent, Harvey, ultra and ryial (the master ship builder) vero and others in game sometime soon when the Internet is fully fixed. 

  4. Thank you for putting on this event :)

    I also want to say thank you to the people who imped my tools, weapons and armour.  Really helps. 


    btw - I also want to say thanks for mailing two of my items to me that I forgot about.  I did actually forget all about them and did not even know that they were missing until I got them in the mail.  So thank you.

  5. My first reaction to your post was: "I do not want that to happen to wurm because that would threaten how I enjoy and play the game"    It would also make me leave the game.


    I come to wurm to either zone out or to relax or even to talk to some people. I think that alot of people play wurm when they have finished work and just want to unwind.

    Bringing all of the investments, having to play for a certain time frame, getting rid of npc guards to be replaced with hired people, 20 - 30% skill loss on death...etc...etc is just bringing in far too much stress and well.....making things just far too risky and hard.   It is changing so much stuff and would force people to totally rethink how they interact with the wurm world and each other.


    Your ideas would be good if the game did not already have a player base and was instead starting from scratch.  Now you could for example suggest that this is how their steam version could be though I'm not sure how cypto currency and all of that jazz would go along with steam.  No clue.


    I play games to zone out, de stress, maybe create drama, mess around, be social or not, explore and be creative.


    I am not a competitive gamer -  I am not your ideal user for your plans. I reject your suggestions for this version of wurm that I play but any version of wurm that I do not have any sort of investment in...well.....Knock yourself out -  Change that version however you wish.

  6. The hitching post sounds really cool and interesting. 


    I've not been in the game yet but how do you make a hitching post?  Planks, nails, shafts and rope?  How much carpentry to make?


    Like the look of the new winter graphics. I do like the winter season on wurm. Is good how the terrain and trees change with the seasons.

  7. Hey great :) Look forward to the fantastic new boat!


    I might be going out soon, so if you come along to drop off the boat and I am not around then I have given you permission to access my Large Cart. (If your char name is the same as your forum name) It has the 4 silver coins inside it.


    It is called rare Zexos's Firestorm.   The Large Cart is located on the Shoreline next to an unfinished Guard Tower and a Timber building called "Harvestmoon Cakes and Clothes" 


    There are two small marble bridges near by as well and a rowing boat on the water called "don't steal me maybe"


    Many thanks.

  8. Hello


    I would like to buy the Corbita for the 4 silver coins. I have never bought anything from another person before in game so I don't know how it works...

    My location is HarvestMoon Lagoon on Release - D 22/23 -

    I only have a rowing boat at the moment so this would be a great upgrade :)

  9. Hello, I just made a yoyo and saw that there was no animation showing.

    I had this idea of me walking around town while spinning my yoyo or while talking to someone. 

    Not that big of a deal but something that would be cool to see.
    Animations in the game for the yoyo, instead of just words for the item.


    Thank you.

  10. I think you should focus on what you already have and market that.

    This is more so of an old school game design. There are people out there who like to play games in this type of style.  There are lots of different things to learn and explore in the game.  It is not one which you can just pick up and know how to do everything.  You've got to research, test, explore, ask, experiment...etc to find out more.


    The main stream crowd generalisation is that they want instant rewards and would just pay for fast skill gains and upgrades.  Easy mode - Instant rewards and something to get them addicted so that they come back for more.  Though, is that really how wurm is? 


    I've played MMO games like that and even ones where you could buy to level up your character to a high end level, as soon as you start the game.  To skip out on all of the lower level areas to get to the high end, end game content. 

    I did not play long on those types of games because there is no work.  There is no payoff.  There is no discipline. You did not really get to learn and explore as the days and weeks went on.  You just got alot of free stuff and easy rewards and other ###### piled on top and that is what all of the other MMO games did (That I played at least)



    An idea that I have, is that you should market towards people who love to play old school sandbox games.  Market to people who have the time, money and discipline to stick at the game and become long time members.  To build a community.  That is the number one thing that I personally enjoy here.  The community that you can build.

    One idea that I have is marketing to the older generation. This means people in care homes or more so elderly people. This could be like a way for them to still interact in a world, perform many different tasks and who might have more discipline then the normal causal mainstream user.


    It is an un-tapped market, I think.  You could sell subscriptions or deeds to care homes or even other community spaces. Then their users could use and interact with the wurm world.



    You could also tap into the nostalgic vibes of the old school game interface and design. 

    Just look at the Dragon Quest Games and how long they went on for while still keeping some of their old classic elements.  That is what gives a game its identity.


    For example, if I put in "old school MMO" into Google then I get back over 7 million results.  People like old school MMO games. There is a market for them.



    I do not think that it is wise to compare wurm to other MMO games as well since wurm is more of a laid back kind of game.  To me at least.  One which I play to relax and take the stress away or help deal with stress.  I've seen quite alot of people who play after they get in after a long day at work.  They tend their fields, talk to some people and walk around town. 


    The great thing with wurm at the moment is that you can do and be whatever you want but you've just got to work at it, learn and explore.   That is what I think makes wurm great!  If you can expand upon that then fab :) More power to ya