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  1. Hey! The rift mod has a problem, specifically that it doesn't read the low/med/highpowerneeded values from the properties file. (I decompiled the classes to take a look at it.) I edited the classes with a class editor for now to change the hardcoded values to what I wanted, but it would be nice to not have to do that :D Cheers!
  2. Hey! Yes we launched a few weeks prior, but didn't post here immediately because we had a lot of stuff still left to be figured out. We told some friends about it who helped test it all. Also we wanted to have the website set up before we posted here. There are only like 4 people who have had a bigger headstart, the others have barely played a bit.
  3. Shrine of Toyot and Silent Winds are player deeds, the others are the spawn town and to mark important spots
  4. No, you have to pay for creation and upkeep (as per the OP), but it's balanced in a way so that only by voting you can keep up a fairly sized deed. And yes, it's a 4k map, you can see the coordinates on the livemap in the bottom left corner.
  5. Hey there zCat! There's still a bit of balancing left to do so that 3CR is subject to change. We accumulated that stuff at spawn during testing, that's why we're a bit ahead.
  6. Welcome to The Commonwealth! The Commonwealth is a new PvE server with the intention of providing a well balanced WU experience so as not to make it either too hard nor too easy. We spent days on creating the perfect map for this, and even more time on making sure that the mods are set up correctly. It is hosted by us personally so we have full control of every aspect of the server, making it easier to intervene should it be needed. Check out our website for detailed information on the mods and changes! We also have set up an entry on which can be found here. A short summary of the most important details: 2x skillgain 3x action timers 4k custom made map 80k creatures, 45% aggro rate 50 hits per wall Deed cost and upkeep enabled 20 starting characteristics, except 21 BC Can load stuff without 23 BS 10 FS, 1 in other skills Crops won't rot We hope to see you on there!