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  1. I feel like theres an eclipse going on, everything is tinted blue. This was taken at 10am wurm time.
  2. hi, I know this is a known issue but it seems to be "unusual". When crossing a border in a corbita we get glitches every time we cross, have to disembark and embark again to carry on going and this happens 100% of the time. However crossing on my own in a sailing boat was fine, when crossing in a knarr with 1 other person it was also fine. This only seems to happen when using the corbita with more than one person on. We can replicate this every time by crossing the border on an edge and not a corner with a course plotted. I know this has been a bug for a while but I have never seen it this bad before and to be so specific to one boat type (I think as I have no Cob or caravel to test with) ~Morl
  3. Hi, I would like to add our deed to the map please, its name is MorMegDel and I am the mayor. The location is 48x 45y and here is a little picture.
  4. Perhaps adding an "Are you sure" dialogue box might help too.
  5. Hi, I would like to see a modification to the online shop for buying premium. It would be very nice to be able to buy premium for someone as a gift directly from the shop rather than having to buy silver and give it to them which spoils it a little. Suggested mechanics Add checkbox as_gift if checkbox == TRUE show textbox recipient_name if as_gift == TRUE and recipient_name.value == NULL show error message and stop if recipient_name != valid_username show error message and stop All other behaviour should be unaffected and the payment receiving callback should then process the credit on the account indicated by recipient_name. Most of the code for checking for valid usernames should already be existing in place so a simple function call on_submit should be enough without any real hard work being done. Thanks ~Morl
  6. Hi, Just a couple of ideas and what I would consider a fix which would be to move "Disband" in the settlement menu to the bottom rather than right next to "Info". Bear shoes. I would like to see some bear shoes, like horse shoes for bears. They should inherit all of horse shoe object proprieties and just given the appropriate images associated. Dropped object model should look like some sandals. Perhaps bears wearing shoes should have a attack-damage reduction on clawing type attacks leaving bite unaffected. Windmill. It should use sail mechanics to determine proper wind direction. Be a minimum milling level requires to release the break, and from that point the flour produced should be a function of the person's skill that released the break and the wind strength which should also affect production rate. When wind is lower than the minimal operational speed then the break should re-engage itself. Experience should be given on each item creation similar to that of a still. There should be a bar/lever jutting out which is pushed/pulled to rotate the mill Just some thoughts. Morl
  7. No, its tiny when opened from the launcher too but it is fine using JNLP. I'm on Debian Jessie The mouse cursor jumps when clicked on a tile but not anywhere else in the UI, I'm still able to use UI elements just fine, and its always to the same place. It doesn't do it all the time if I double click a tile then look around it stops doing it. If I click outside of the window into another application or on another screen then it starts jumping again. This also doesn't happen using the JNLP launcher or any other applications or games. Tested with legacy and modern renderers and no change in behaviour.
  8. Hi, I'm using the non-JNLP client under Linux Debian_64x and I'm having the following issues. Settings window is very small, just big enough for the close button the WM bar and nothing in the settings window except what looks like a button that looks like [...] Clicking on a tile jumps the cursor to the top left WM button (the one next to Pin) These issues do not happen using the JNLP launcher but do when using the native launcher. Running the launcher in terminal doesn't give any information when trying to do this however in the loading process I do get this message in the terminal window Which makes me think that "USERNAME" is an unpopulated variable with a default value or some debug symbol that isn't updated yet. And in the log the only other errors seen are these Settings window using non-jnlp launcher