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  1. Hi, Nahjo is still listed on the wiki on the page Skills:Prayer ~M
  2. This is how I expected it to work. I thought each tome came with a title and I would be able to select which one I can have displayed on the /titles command. I didn't get the tomes just for the titles but I did really want Necromancer and nothing warned me or gave me the option to select which one I would prefer, they aren't easy to come by and I feel like I only got a portion of what I saved up all this time for. I feel a bit robbed to be honest. Also, when you have say a green tome and a red tome it shows the +10% weakness to fire and the +15% resist to internal as well as +15% resist to fire and +10% weakness to internal. These really could be added together to make +5% resist to fire and internal. Would save space on the screen and could even be done purely client side, perhaps with an option in settings to have them separate or conglomerated. ~Morl
  3. Abandoned due to lack of interest. Please close thread.
  4. I think there's something in the drinks ... Dell is being brave and trying it anyway!
  5. In my mine, this guy turned up, he doesn't talk much ... I like to use the skulls for holding stuff.
  6. Hi, On the wiki page for meditating there is an error in relation to the Path of Insanity on this page Under section "Path Bonuses" it says that you get Shield of the Gone at level 11, you actually get it at level 7 but maxes out at level 11. The more accurate version of the path bonuses list can be seen at Morl
  7. If anyone is interested in attending Libila sermons, there will be a regular event happening on Independence. All Libila followers and priests welcome. For practical and timing reasons I would like any priests wanting to conduct sermons to let me know beforehand so we can do this in a somewhat orderly fashion. If you don't let me know beforehand then you can still do a sermon but would be added the end of the list. Proposed time: Sundays at 23:00 GMT (15:00 PST / 18:00 EST ) Location: Temple of Libila, The Grand Steppe just north of The Four Oaks In-game cords: i/21 Community map cords: 49x / 27y
  8. Looking to buy a black tome ( Please contact me via PM in game. MrMorlanius ~Morl
  9. hi, do you still have this? I would like to buy it from you, I have a white tome also that I no longer have a use for.
  10. Mistaken item log Location: Indipendence Timestamp: 14/03/2020 Item: Shiny shard Mission: "Libila's Strong Word" Type: Invesigate Sacrificed 2 mins after aquisition. This counted as a charming harp for the mission "Celebration For Fo" ~Morl
  11. Perhaps an exception needs making for arrows and kills could have some kind of variable set to who the corpse belongs to but that would be a matter of rewriting a lot of permissions code and out of the scope of what I'm suggesting here. The idea I have here would be a much smaller change.
  12. Hi, I would like to add our new need please. Cords: 55X 9Y Name: SeaReach Mayor: MrMorlanius (me) Thank you ~Morl