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  1. Hi, Noticed this, pretty sure this isn't intended behaviour. Resizing box doesn't change it, widgets acting normally. Doesn't appear linked directly to number of tabs, can open new tabs without this happening only happened after opening IRC via console. non-steam client running on Win10x64 Morl
  2. Server has restarted and no more corpses have appeared. Looks like the issue is resolved.
  3. The two corpses mentioned above were just after the update, we have buried both of them and ill update once the server has restarted.
  4. Logged in today, the 2 corpses that were on the tile have vanished despite not having much damage on them. I don't think anyone on deed buried them but a passerby could have. A new corpse has replaced them. I know this is a new one because I had slightly moved the previous 2 and this new one is in the spawning location.
  5. There looks like there is room for them but the buttons aren't being made visible.
  6. Corpses are respawning. This has been happening with the corpse of the person that died and his zombie's corpse, this corpse was buried several times and reappeared every restart, the corpse was butchered. A GM came and destroyed the corpse and it no longer respawns. I had created a zombie from this person and dropped the zombie's corpse near by, this corpse now respawns every restart. It has been buried 4 times and a GM has been and destroyed it 3 times. We currently have two corpses of zombies. A corpse of the zombie appears every restart whether or not the previous one has been buried or destroyed, I have moved it a little so when the server restarts you can see the next corpse, I expect before long we will have quite a pile of them. Another issue I have been unable to track down or replicate adequately. When raising zombies a few weird things can happen. * The zombie can be cloned and will spawn somewhere else. EG: I raised the corpse of a friend, it (the zombie) ran off and got killed by a spider. A few hours later I was informed that a zombie with the exact name was milling about over 2000 tiles away. ~morl
  7. Noticed a few issues, some small some not so much. Text displayed twice when casting locate soul.
  8. Hi, Nahjo is still listed on the wiki on the page Skills:Prayer ~M
  9. This is how I expected it to work. I thought each tome came with a title and I would be able to select which one I can have displayed on the /titles command. I didn't get the tomes just for the titles but I did really want Necromancer and nothing warned me or gave me the option to select which one I would prefer, they aren't easy to come by and I feel like I only got a portion of what I saved up all this time for. I feel a bit robbed to be honest. Also, when you have say a green tome and a red tome it shows the +10% weakness to fire and the +15% resist to internal as well as +15% resist to fire and +10% weakness to internal. These really could be added together to make +5% resist to fire and internal. Would save space on the screen and could even be done purely client side, perhaps with an option in settings to have them separate or conglomerated. ~Morl
  10. Abandoned due to lack of interest. Please close thread.
  11. I think there's something in the drinks ... Dell is being brave and trying it anyway!
  12. In my mine, this guy turned up, he doesn't talk much ... I like to use the skulls for holding stuff.