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  1. I am interested in priests with good channeling, decent stats and meditation 70, preferably not pok? i also have better reputation now, I buy a couple accounts but my buddies I got to play game, buy 3 of them off me. I can provide sources if you need.
  2. yea some aspects were pretty frustrating at the start. something would have helped me is go through a mandatory tutorial at the beginning where you have turn climb on and climb a hill, where you have to fight a wild cat, where you have to create a raft or edit the rowboat recipe to where it is even easier to make, like 25 materials each, where you show the player how to activate a tool, how to heal your wounds. this game seem to be a learn yourself or ask kind of game, but new player NEED to know how to play before stepping into real game.
  3. thanks buddy. I did not understand where post went when I went to see if anyone post.
  4. I am looking for an active deed / group of players that take in beginners. I know my way around and am pretty independent when it come to learning the game. I play on unlimited for 3 weeks, and this my first week on Wurm Online. I have sailboat and am willing to travel to you. I just want people to log in and play with, keeps me busy.
  5. My game client freezes then unfreezes every 2-3 seconds. I cannot seem to find the solution to this.
  6. I appreciate the advice and helpful players. They same to be more into it than where I previously was. I need an account that can fend for itself. The mobs were ridiculous on the WU server, and I couldn’t even kill some of them. They would kill all my guards and then me, and it got repetitive, and I ended up going backwards in skill gain. I don’t want anything crazy, just something to start out with.
  7. Being a new player to the forums / Wurm Online, I’m looking to start building my reputation. I have played on a Wurm Unlimited server for a couple weeks, but not many people played and so I decided to give the real game a try. A buddy suggested I could buy an account as the game is dying and might not be worth creating my own. Grinding skills high isn’t really my thing if it takes years. Things I am looking for: 1. Self-Dependent Account 2. Drake Armour Set (Might be interested in Dragon Scale Armour Set) 3. Basic tool set to improve tools / weapons to a useable level. 4. Boat. 5. Weapon 6. VILLAGE to join 7. Any other suggestions on useful things to have? Preferable payment methods: PayPal, CashApp, Venmo, I’d prefer not to purchase expensive items with in-game silvers as I would have to purchase silvers. I have gotten the “You are a new player and don’t have a reputation, I won’t sell to you” stereotype a couple times now. I am hoping this is a good way to begin building some sort of credibility. I thought by helping find a thief on Celebration that maybe I could build some credibility, but I do not know the details behind it. If there is anything I can do, let me know.