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  1. a logical correction +1
  2. would love to see it implemented. just don't agree with with hitching one animal it will be just a small version of large cart. and it would be easier to move with it in terraforming without need to commend it then disembark.
  3. +1 the alchemy skill should give us more considering the technology at Medieval Period
  4. it is indeed not suitable for the medieval immersion, but I will argue back if we want to immerse in that all kind of era. chat should be prohibited and only use letters. no offence.
  5. as the title says I suggest to be able to leave a message in game as it will ease the communication between people, and it give the ability to leave messages to someone's who is offline. even though some will say you can use the forum to leave a message there, I still find it tricky as it is not always someone is on the forums and if they are, not all have same names there and in game. that come from my experience; I have taken a commission in game, when I have finished it I tried to contact the client to no avail and he was not in forums with name. so it stayed like that till he got online. I hope it is feasible to do so, as it will definitively be helpful.
  6. first, I have no problem farming as I have the skill high enough to examine the fields. what I find a little weird is this is that this happen only this week as I have never have such problem. and for what u ask this is a laptop and I dont have a graphic carte for it as I did not find a compatible one .
  7. while I was farming, I noticed that the cucumber field is not visible. so I was think may be it is early for it to be visible, still sprouting, I waited two real days, but it is still invisible even though the cucumber is halfway ripe. to make it more puzzling I find that my pumpkin field visible. so I was thinking is it just a problem from my setting or is it a bug? I would also add that there are other fields that have the same problem.(garlic, rye, potato) as I have some problem with inserting image, I linked the screenshot of the cucumber field and the pumpkin field. this is my console right after I log in then log out.