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  1. The update has indeed rectified the issue. Many many thanks.
  2. Hey all, First up, full credit to the devs for winding back the minimum OS requirements. Awesome work. UPDATE: This issue has fixed via an update. After installing the new native 10.8+ Mac launcher that dropped this morning, I seem to get caught between the splash screen and the game world. I'm not even entirely sure how to explain it. All of the GUI elements appear, but instead of seeing the wonderful land of Xanadu, the splash screen remains. The cursor shows the text "Cave Wall" (as I am presently in a cave) but moving the cursor produces an effect very similar to the cascading cards on the win screen for MS Solitaire. Resizing the any of the GUI elements produces this same effect. Switching back to the purely Java launcher, I am able to successfully enter game. Even noting the moved and resized GUI windows. As yet I am unable to determine if this is a build issue or local computer problem. I've tried very little and I'm all out of ideas. Of note: This occurs in both Windowed, Windowed Fullscreen and full-screen modes. I've tested 2560x1440, 1920x1080, 1024x768 resolutions. Disabled GLSL support. Unselected 'Optional PMK Graphics' (Stabbing in the dark.) My dedicated Wurm Box: Mid 2010 iMac macOS High Sierra (10.13.6) with all current OS and Java updates. 2.93GHz Intel Core i7 8GB RAM ATI Radeon HD 5750 1024MB on-board graphics. Any thoughts?
  3. I think this thread is focussing on the Windows side of things: Hopefully this guides you well.
  4. Disappointingly, the launcher requires the latest macOS (10.14). I haven't been able to identify any features that have been deprecated between 10.11 and 10.14 that would affect the game or dictate the need for 10.14, but I'm not familiar with your code base to fully know if this is an actual requirement. Moving forward, if 10.14 is going to remain the minimum requirement for the native launcher and if the Java launcher is dropped, these might be my last WURM days
  5. Mac users experiencing this issue might find this article helpful:
  6. Hi Mac people, If you find that you are getting "Unsigned certificate", "expired certificate" or "… not signed by the same certificate" errors when launching via Java, these steps might help: Click on the Apple menu (top right corner of the screen.) Select System Preferences. Click on the Java icon on the bottom row of the System Preferences screen. You should see a message stating "The Java Control Panel opens in a seperate window." After a short pause you should indeed see a new window open titled 'Java Control Panel' If it is not already the present tab, select 'General'. Below the 'Temporary Internet Files' category, click on the 'View…' button. A new window titled 'Java Cache Viewer' should appear. Locate and single click on the line item "Wurm Online [Stable]" Click the 'Remove selected items' button. (The big red cross button at the top of the window.) Close the 'Java Cache Viewer' window via the 'Close' button. (Bottom right corner of the window.) Close the 'Java Control Panel' window via the 'OK' button. (Bottom left corner of the window.) Close the 'System Preferences' window via the red close window button. (Very top left corner of the window.) Try relaunching Wurm Online using the wurmclient.jnpl Good Luck.