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  1. Hey there, noticed you are from Kansas, I use to live in Liberal KS on the far side. Didn't like there and moved out. Eastern part of Kansas is much prettier than western parts.

    1. lowborn


      Yez. I am in Wichita KS. No one wakes up and says, "Im going to move to Kansas". You were  born here or came for some kind of business.

      I would move too but its a clean safe place and the rent is cheap. You can rent a 5 bedroom house for 1200 US or a 1 room apartment for 500 or less.

      Its safe from war as the government will do anything to protect the nukes and fighter jets here. Food. not so much. 

    2. Wildelf


      Well before Kansas, use to live down Texas Pan Handle. Been down there for awhile taken care of mother until she pass away. Then decide to go north to start a new life.


      Yes the rent isn't that bad over there, right now living in Upstate NY. Met someone online and ended up moving here in NY.


      Plan on staying here for awhile longer then want to go back to Midwestern part of US. But not sure where yet.