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  1. This is worth funding. Has many options. HELP THIS GROW WITH THIS LINK. I don't have funds now but I can spare something soon.
  2. I've noticed an large increase in viewers on the forums. These viewers are unregistered. I thought there are to many of them. Then I thought....they are google and others learning from humans. Is this crazy? Or is it real? They are looking at things decades old. I have some fear.
  3. No no balance in the request. Maybe you are looking for the suggestions thread. Besides I thought it was a good idea. There are no bad ideas here. as far as QoL. nope I cant say I find anything wrong with the game at all.
  4. I think a high level priest of some god should be able to teleport through walls with... what ever it takes. maybe its already a thing
  5. dirty ass troll. I don't care how you roll You are mean and you are green I don't like you. Yes its true. I don't like you. I have to run for home. No one to help, I'm all alone. I'm just trying to hunt. You fat butt. Go home to your hut. Its not a good poem. I don't care. Of the troll beware. He is ugly and green ruthless and mean. I don't like the troll. spiders and scorpions ok but god did curse us this day The troll. I don't like him.
  6. Imping some find it a bore. Unless your willing to pay the bill You must raise your crafting skill. I cannot craft this is true so what good will imping do. I can go from one to thirty but my gear is still rusty and dirty. I have a few coin this is true but I will not give it to you. Without good gear I will die. I will pound my fist and yell why why why. Imping that's the way. At least that's what others say. Hammer iron felt and stone. I am trying to imp so just leave me alone. My gear is crap cant you see. I must imp for eternity. Oh a friend will give for free. Put it in trade and let me see. Now I'm strong. I can kill and never had to pay the bill. Thank you
  7. but serious. POKER. It would be fun to sit down with friends and play some poker. A few iron or copper maybe even silver if one is rich. I don't know when cards came out but I imagine it was long ago.
  8. I guess we wont be able to cook human pies. I would like to be able to serve deskjet to company.
  9. Thank you for the awesome work you have put into this.
  10. Thank you. Love your voice. I listen while cooking. Posted to bump over my other posting.
  11. Grinding fighting skill. Run from one to another kill kill kill Its not complicated. Its not complex just go from one to the next Be they crab or be they scorpion. Just don't give in. Beware the troll loud as can be he will send you to eternity. Armor is important don't forget. Going naked will lead to regret. My word is not final. My skill is low. I run for safety with creatures in tow. Do not get lost for the woods are great. dying that way you will hate. Ride a horse to get away. Live to fight another day. Buy some gear before you start something enchanted will save your hart. Don't take my word give it a try. Don't PM me when you die. I will find your corpse and loot it true. Don't blame me for what you do. Maybe your a crafter or builder be. Maybe you wish to sail the sea. Stay at home where its safe. Maybe fighting is not for you my mate.
  12. I've not been to Jackal. WURM is so huge and complex that as a new player Jackal is just another location and I've not even explored a fraction of what's within a mile of my village. I do want to explore Jackal and I plan to do so but it will be in a year or two.