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    I enjoy bonsi and Wurm and my girlfriend and cooking and cleaning. Love startrek and news and science programs.


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  1. Hey there, noticed you are from Kansas, I use to live in Liberal KS on the far side. Didn't like there and moved out. Eastern part of Kansas is much prettier than western parts.

    1. lowborn


      Yez. I am in Wichita KS. No one wakes up and says, "Im going to move to Kansas". You were  born here or came for some kind of business.

      I would move too but its a clean safe place and the rent is cheap. You can rent a 5 bedroom house for 1200 US or a 1 room apartment for 500 or less.

      Its safe from war as the government will do anything to protect the nukes and fighter jets here. Food. not so much. 

    2. Wildelf


      Well before Kansas, use to live down Texas Pan Handle. Been down there for awhile taken care of mother until she pass away. Then decide to go north to start a new life.


      Yes the rent isn't that bad over there, right now living in Upstate NY. Met someone online and ended up moving here in NY.


      Plan on staying here for awhile longer then want to go back to Midwestern part of US. But not sure where yet.

  2. I find elves quite sexy and strong. I think they craft some top notch items.
  3. I would like Christmas lights that I can string on my houses and walls.
  4. Yes time to get online and start swimming.
  5. I am running out of good movies. What is your favorite movie and why? My second favorite is Training Day. A gangster cop movie. My most favorite movie was voted one of the worst and it is Water World. There are many reasons why I love this movie but if you don't know them then I cant not explain it. Just watch it again three times. My third favorite is Les Misérables. Again I do not have enough words to explain why. Sorry.
  6. I play my faction for the same reason I pay games online and not off. Realism. Being human is dangerous. I want that same danger in my online experience. I enjoy real enemies and not npc because they are smarter and willing to talk. You cant get that with npc. I am not blacklight because I don't have a need to harm others. Epic gives me the feeling I look for in an online simulation.
  7. Such a good discount that I bought it. I have no use for it. Maybe in the future I will feel different. Total charge on my card was 8.50c US. They charged me twice but within one hour they took one off. I logged on to steam and it was a bit different with npc talking to me. I don't have enough time for WU but hey, I have it. I like WO but if you love WO then one must own WU
  8. I don't have an answer but seems no way to defend against attackers.
  9. I was watching tv today and I was surprised to find myself happy that what I enjoy the most is both environmentally friendly and black Friday free. With WURM online I have no plastic to throw away. I don't have to spend gasoline to go to the store. I don't have to look for sales. 20$ or less I can enjoy for many hours over two months. What a deal.
  10. I went from 1 to 70 in a few months but I did a lot of other things. My hint would be that you need good gear so that you can fight and not run.
  11. I like the idea. Even to 10,000 tiles. Some will say pvp implication but that would just be trolls.