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  1. Hey beautiful people It's a bad time in the world - I get that, you get that, and everyone with COVID has definitely got that. Now, I don't know about you, but over the years I have been playing this game, I have made some fantastic friends - people who I would happily invite into my home, if not for the whole plague thing. Running a server for the public is great, but in my opinion, Wurm is best played in small groups, and so, it is with a heart both heavy and joyous that I announce that in mid-July, Eventide will be coming down to make way for a smaller, restricted-access server for my close friends and I, available to the public by invite or application only. For those who have played on Eventide before, you have until around the 15th of July to log on and do whatever it is you may need to do, whether that is take screenshots of your deeds, say goodbye to your beloved animals, graffiti the landscape, kiss Teddy on the nose, or find the chocolate I stashed under the armoire in my bedroom. After that point, though, the Eventide you know will be taken down so a new chapter can begin. We have some great memories on Eventide, but we're going to build greater ones, together, in small gatherings of two to four
  2. Hello friends! Spring is here, though it's Autumn coming onto Winter in Eventide. If you are looking for a cool Wurm experience, with a harsh-but-fair wilderness and a good set of mods to provide QoL and new layers to your gameplay, or you just want to hang out with an excellent, helpful and friendly community, Eventide is the place to be. See you there.
  3. Double Vote Reward Weekend is on now - get twice as much coin for voting for Eventide until Monday.
  4. Are bad dad jokes a selling point? Can I attract people with bad dad jokes? Eventide has bad dad jokes. Come play - we'll laugh, we'll cry, we'll die a lot, and we'll roll our eyes so hard they fall out of our heads. Sounds like a good time to me!
  5. Yes, it's a thing. This rolled out last night, and it works on xray... most of the time.
  6. Okay, I'll elaborate on things here - I define a cheater as anyone who seeks to gain an unfair advantage over another individual when the rules say 'no', and to me, that's what the live-map does. It reveals ALL the ores. It goes beyond quality of life, like Timelock and Improved Improve, and into the territory of unfair advantage. On Eventide specifically, we had players digging out 20+ long tunnels directly to valuable ores, and I felt that had to be stopped. This is fair - I don't mean to step on Wyvernmod's toes here, and I'm not publically releasing my mod because it isn't as good generally as Sindusk's (I would think) and I don't want to take away from the excellent work he's done. It just works better for me, specifically. Sindusk is an excellent modder, and his work, which I do use on Eventide, is very good. I just had performance issues trying to run the anti-cheat. No offence meant to Sindusk or to his work, if it worked okay for me I would have used it. It is also fair that I don't know the attitudes of every server owner ever, and my experiences may have just been bad luck in the long run, but I know I have definitely been on server after server with an owner that couldn't care less about fairness. Perhaps that colored my perception. I apologize to everyone who I insulted in my post, that was definitely not my intention but reading back on it I can see how you might have been. My bad on this one entirely. Honestly, Kamiraa, that you don't use it when it's not allowed is what makes you NOT a cheater. It's people who use it DESPITE it not being allowed that makes them cheaters, I guess? On Eventide I very clearly outlined that I don't like to see the livemap orefinder turned on, and yet people were still using it - they were cheaters. The people who usually use livemap orefinder turned on on a server that ALLOWS it is fine, I think, because they're not breaking any rules around mods. I'm sorry to have insulted you. My use of the term may be a little harsh, but I meant it in the way that I think more people can agree on - that people who break the rules to gain an advantage over people who abide by them kinda suck. Please allow me to say that I have Wyvernmods enabled and I do use it but that the Wyvernmods anticheat itself caused me some issues that sorta necessitated programming my own. I mentioned this in my post above introducing this, that 'some of the already existing programs didn't work for me so well'. I probably should have gone into greater detail, but I had some lag and performance issues. Again, not trying to ###### on Sindusk's work, it works fine for hundreds of people and I am the exception. That said, I do not think it is fair to say that I 'refuse' to use the config settings that disable the parts that bother me. I don't refuse, and I made my own to do it because I wanted to use it but could not. You're right that the Code of Conduct could be more specific - I left it vague to give myself options on how to handle the mods, and respond to how they were being used rather than the mod itself - Timelock has plenty of innocent application in screenshot gathering, and Better Compass shows tile height in a way that isn't really accessible in-game. I'd like to give people enough credit to think they are going to use the mods they deem fit to use and ignore the ones that damage their game experience, but I couldn't sit idly by with livemap orefinder because there is no way to really use it other than to get ores faster. On a server with orefinder against the rules, and most players following the rules and not using it, it does suck when one person decides they can skip the grind and bypass everyone else's hard work. THAT person is a cheater. Also, please be reassured by the fact that I don't suddenly decide things. When I saw a player using livemap orefinder egregiously for the first time, before it was against the rules, I asked them to stop. It is only after the rules were written that I started collapsing mines of very obvious livemap users and if I saw a new mod that I didn't think was fair, I would probably ask the players who were using it to stop before I took any other action. I am trying to be fair, here, to everyone - to the players who like mods, and to the players who don't. Please also be fair to me, and to others. ~~ Anyway, at the end of the day, I apologize for insulting other server owners, and I apologize for the misunderstanding - I didn't mean that EVERYONE who uses Livemap Orefinder is a cheater, only if they are using Livemap Orefinder on a server that does not allow it. I won't apologize for disabling Livemap Orefinder, though, not that anyone asked me to. At the end of the day I made Eventide to suit me as my perfect server, and to cater to anyone who comes along and decides, 'you know what? I like this'. Disabling Livemap Orefinder was a step towards what made it more perfect for me. With it disabled, I don't need to collapse mines, which means better game all around for me and my players.
  7. Hey guys, made some updates here! I've been working on an anti-cheat program for a few months, since some of the already existing programs didn't work for me so well. It's designed to stop people from being able to see ores on the livemap, and it seems to work brilliantly! Very pleased with it so far. If you hate cheaters, and you hate how so. many. servers. just seem to have a laissez-faire attitude towards cheaters and cheating in general, then I think you should check out Eventide. I do my level best to ensure that cheaters never prosper on Eventide, and all you have, you earned.
  8. Hey folks - due to some internet troubles on my end I was unable to update the map link as fast as I would have liked, but it is now correct - feel free to check it out! Eventide is going strong, and just waiting for you!
  9. Well folks... Quarantine is on in full effect in some of our player's countries. Are you also trapped inside? Might, uh, might as well come play Eventide then Beat the bored with our glorious 8k by 8k map, well-configured mods, and awesome community!
  10. 1st of March, 2020: The Treasured Update Removed the ability to lockpick. Now, all treasure chests spawn with a 100ql lock. When all the guardians of a chest are slain, the chest will become unlocked. Added some new items for lucky players to find in treasure chests: * The Armor Cache, which can contain random pieces of armor. * The Tool Cache, which can contain random tools. * The Weapon Cache, which can contain random weapons * The Potion Cache, which can contain random potions. * The Gem Cache, which can contain random gems. * The Rift Cache, which contains rift materials. * The Map Cache, which contains another map. Introduced the Affinity Swap program. For 5s, Manadh will switch the affinities of two consenting players. Player A will end up with Player B's affinity, and Player B will end up with Player A's affinity. This will hopefully introduce another layer of trade, with people able to spend additional money to buy the affinities of other players.
  11. Hello! As of this writing, the double bounty and vote reward weekend has come to a close. I think it was a pretty big success; there's now more people able to found their deeds, and a bit of extra cash floating around to help kickstart the economy. If you missed it, that's too bad There might be another one in the distant future. Thanks, and enjoy your day!
  12. Be my Valentine, Eventide! This Valentine's Weekend, celebrate love and friendship on Eventide with a double bounty and double vote reward weekend. No better time to get started on Eventide and begin your grand adventure! Along with that, pushed out some minor fixes: - Changed Titanforged to require 300 favor to cast. - Removed Wisdom of Vynora from Vyn priests because Fatigue is disabled. - Increased the amount of karma one gets from burning bodies. - Fixed Threedee's functioning.
  13. Thanks very much Tenniel, best of luck to you as well
  14. For those of you looking for a hardcore (but fair!) Wurm experience, with QoL that removes unnecessary and unchallenging tedium, then Eventide is the server for you! Come and give us a try - we promise you'll die a lot!