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  1. Curious can someone help me with this payment issues i am having? When i use my credit card for the second time for premium membership, got declined now the bank called about the issues, told me i cannot use my card again and i have to go in sign up for another one. So this wont give me the black friday deal, but the time they send me another card, would be too late. I also used my secondary card, i used it once for purchase, but the second time i use it today (both cards) got locked and cant use it anymore. What the hell is going on here? Oh btw i dont use paypal, been too many problems and heard there are some hacking involved as well. Too bad i cant purchase like i did on steam, using the old launcher here. The one on steam seem to be easier and friendlier too, without too much hassels. Edited... I think i know what happen, not for sure though until i visit the bank tomorrow. I remember someone told me that if i purchase something from the same store or online within 24hrs, this can lock or decline your purchase. So i am not sure if anyone experience these issues. During that Black Friday Sale, i was making several purchase from the store.
  2. Aww that is too bad, looking forward to meet you dorf
  3. Interesting, with that many people working on it, either they argue about their ideas that wouldnt kickin and/or too many mistakes. Yeah i got a feeling this SC is gonna be lame for sometime now and i wouldnt even think about it. But i do want to see it complete at some points before i die lol.
  4. I did test that, use my old character like this one and see what it will do and said connection denied cause of old character i had. Then i typed in random name, didnt say anything or no errors, just hang on trying to connecting to the server... Also saw some of this issues that players was confused about on Steam forum under WO as well.
  5. I tried using this old character as Wildelf, by the time it launch the game, saying that this character "Wildelf" have already been taken, so this new character i just made on Steam, kept trying to connect to the server, not working properly. Any ideas what is going on here?
  6. By looking at that, going to be another five or even ten years if they are lucky. Guess they are lack of creative people that want to kick back take their time with coffee and donuts. Of course dont want to rush it, would ended up with alot of bugs, but seriously with all the money fans have giving them, need to hire more people to help finish the damn thing already.
  7. Idk if i am the only one having this issues with Steam verison, but after i typed in the name and agreed with the term, then hit the launcher and then show a screen that trying to launch the game. Unfort it didnt do anything, just wont connect to the server. It didnt crash or no errors shown. So i had to bring up the task manager and forced the game to close!
  8. Well that unfort, gf just got off the phone with ISP they are having some outages with their machines or whatever it is, that explains why i can play steady on Xanadu.
  9. Cool i will come by when i get into shape, just need time to get my place setup and least have basic skills going.
  10. O.o i think i figured out my problems, i was using a router here and my gf using her pc as well. While looking at the resource meter on the Network, i went in there and noticed she was watching some videos on facebook. Now i got her off of it and see what it was doing on the resource meter, everything was back to normal. Things like Netflix and watching or even downloading through a router can be tricky if you dont know what they are doing, if split more than one directions. I spoken to her, hopefully she wont do this while i play Wurm lol. Do that on another time, when i am not playing Wurm. Its been strange lately and didnt realize how could have effect me on Wurm and what she doing in the other room.
  11. I just started playing a new character on Steam version, now i am not so sure if that was a wise thing to do. I did play on the old launcher and never had any problems, except for those on Indy during the rift events, etc. So i rolled a new character and this time wanted to get out of Indy, landed on Xanadu. Did play well for four or five days then the last two days for me was messy. So i wasnt sure if it was my ISP, i checked, look fine and wondering if something poking around like Windows Update, etc was harassing me. So i disabled the update and gonna see if that will help or not. Now for Steam user, that i am not so sure, i did manage to disabled the Steam overlay (Tab) that players can talk in between while different areas, etc. I have very good fps, just that something fishy going on and was told Xanadu isnt a good place to hang out by other players. On the task manager for Windows, noticed something was taken some bites out of send/receiving on the network while playing wurm online (steam), something about svchost, wasnt sure what was that, then it disappeared. Next time it lagged pretty bad, gonna try write that down and see what the hell was that. Any suggestions?
  12. I just made another character, this time on Steam version and wanted to start fresh and curious is there any elves that roleplay or at least some of it playing on Xanadu realm? Very much like to meet and share some common goals here.
  13. Hmm that is interesting, surprise to see no one manage to set it up as roleplaying, pve and pvp on that map. Thanks for the link
  14. Very much like to see this up and running that is mixed up in PvE and PvP environment that setup as it was in Game of Thrones Series. Have anyone gave any thoughts about this? I checked all PvE, PvP and even Mixed sections, didnt see anything about GoT.
  15. Interesting setup you have there, unfort i dont use discord and cant complete the sign up for that web site you have there. So i will do without it, wanna try something else out and find a new home for this elf on your realm.
  16. Though about jumping in here, but the rules is kinda harsh and beside there is no 1handed spear, so i cant use a spear with a shield that i wishes for
  17. Your video card is what i have too, the VR ready one. I cant really say what the issues, just send them the debug reports during the crashes or errors. I think they have one, not really sure, some games have crash reports in game's folder for debug, etc. Also Microsoft Windows can be pain, take time to update them and once you already reinstall those programs (not OS) make sure the directory is deleted as well and some the registry need to be fixes or deleted. That is why i formatted my drive to start over fresh, like cleaning out your room completely that doesnt have any bugs. Once your PC starting all over again, this can be pain, when your Windows has auto update, that can slow down or even cause some issues while playing. I got mine on disabled auto update and only check once in awhile if needed and update Windows manually.
  18. Hmm with my rig setup, i havent had any issues or crashes. Got my settings on max though. Have you checked for another video card? Drivers?? Even hard drives can have bad sectors uploading the game files can be annoying too, tried switch to SSD. Try work on something cheap and small before moving up something big, cause this maybe simple than you think. Sometimes i had to reformat my main drive with the OS is to get the programs to work properly, so i dont if there something fishy with the registery, cause few games i tried to play wouldnt launch at all and after formatted my main drive with the OS is, fixes the problems. Hope this help and good luck out there! I know can be pain dealing with these issues, been there. PS: check your PSU, some are cheap and unrealible to have and should be avoided at all cost.
  19. I do remember reading some articles about they wanted a refund, by taking them to court, etc. Funny they didnt read the whole statement and many have invent alot of money into this dream game. Might be few more years or who knows before it get interesting.
  20. One thing for sure, you gonna need a kick ass pc running that game and its quite complex game too. I may go there someday, once i get my pc upgrading some more. Just waiting for them to put more efforts into it, didnt care for Squadron 42 w/e that is.
  21. Heh that GTA5 Online was trash, too many glitches and not enough creative ideas into it. I enjoyed it for awhile then quit, btw the Online Community is very toxic! Sadly i didnt like the single players the story is fine, just didnt want to play out those characters. I perfer to make my own. Very much wanted to make Harley Quinn, even online doesnt even fit in, catching using mods, well kiss your ass good bye!
  22. Like that video, sure look interesting and would like this more than Eve Online and Elite Dangerous.
  23. Gotta be crazy spending that much on those deeds, esp more than one. So if trading fail, gotta find another way or ended up disbanding them. I keep only one deed atm, around 1.6s should be fine. Infact there is a place or two i am looking after, incase that place disband itself, i can take over it and keep that place running as long i can. Not sure how the owners is going to feel about this, could work out a deal.
  24. Idk know that others think about the game, i was talking to someone on Steam, that he had alot of villagers around when WO Steam went live. Now he mention lost about 90% of players that loss interest in the game, not sure if any of them ever played WO before, but i do know that nothing compare to other MMO games. I remember some saying, the character models is terrible, ie the animations, etc. Funny few of them wanted to play a elf with long pointed ears. They are happy with the graphic overhaul, but many went back to WU instead or find another game. Guess they though it was a walk in the park with this game and didnt realize it will take weeks or months to get your skills up there to be effective. The skill system seem to be fine with me, just a long road. But wouldnt hurt to work on those character models for animation. I also remember someone wanted a scale armor, that would be nice and a padded armor too. No i am not talking about dragon scale, something more of large fish scale or snake.
  25. Heh i remember playing a game awhile back, that my tummy started to make funny noises and kinda feel creepy. I been using the old fashion herbs, veggies and pork, dont think i ever got into pizza thingy. Hmm i think i had to redo every time cooking fresh batch around 12-24hrs game time. Before it goes rotten, so trying to keep my nutrition up around 74+ at all times by eating hot meal. Never had a affinities foods. But i do realize that when you eat something, you get a bonus, but only lasted for like two or maybe three seconds, that sounds like a joke and not enough time to do things to react.