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  1. Yeah if you are lucky, i found some feathers laying around on the ground, but not very many unless a bird or birds were attacked by a predator.
  2. Bump this thread up there, instead i want to be able to use large wooded shield with this long spear. Make it count devs, lowbies couldnt use it cause they arent train or even in shape to do them both or even 2handed weapons. Instead, giving out enough requirement of strength, body control as well fighting skills to be able to wield shield with a spear or large weapon checks. Been waiting for so long for this, doesnt look like they are going to do it
  3. I wouldnt mind doing this, but that would take more efforts, gotta kill something that has feathers But you cant grow them, might find some on dead birds, etc. Believe it or now, they can be hard to come by even in real life situations back in those days. What i want the most beside this, is those quivers showing arrows in it, when you have arrows. It look like a scroll case on my hip or back, wasnt happy with that.
  4. Been messing with Elite Dangerous, learning the ropes, etc. Waiting for that expansion comes out soon.
  5. Yeah they all been premium characters, just wish there an options to delete them when ask. I find some very interesting names on that generator, glad i found it some years ago. Glad you like it
  6. Thank Maiya, been wanted to remake this elf and decided to stop playing her. She was my first and things didnt go as planned, like some bad turns, ppls giving her free stuffs, etc. So i like to earn it and enjoy the game. Plus i have some alts i dont really need anymore and that would be useful for others to use those name. This is the only site i goto and pretty good name generator as well... Seventh Sanctum: Name Generators
  7. Can i request a character i own to be delete and start over? If not, should have that options, cause players out there are running out of names unless you guess figure out to expand the naming those characters. A surname would be nice.
  8. Happy New Year guys, hope we make it through this nasty outbreak again!
  9. I have handful of useless affinities, not much can do about it depending the roles you are doing and what servers too.
  10. Curious how long to get to master the WU, if you decide to build one for yourself? Like know how to make the map the way you want it, upload it and then have the knowledge how to run a GM and other sorta things. Someday i was thinking i may try jumping back in WU if i can get it setup correctly. Wasnt sure how they manage to change some details, IE like you start out with a short sword instead of long sword, etc. Does anyone have a guide or some useful links i look into. I would like to try to learn this things time to time while playing WO and when i am ready i may give WU another shot. My attentions are, to be able to run a GM or head GM and then may have few others for supports. The size of the map, havent been decided, the minimum would be 8k. So my background, i use to get into DnD and DnD PnP way back in the 80's. Able to do things and anything is possible. Not just standard WU rules, i mean if a play wish to become a necromancer and want to invade and/or destroy, that can be arrange. It will be like an events going on and of course there will be players want to do other things as well. So anything is possible, its not just about crafting, building, exploring, etc. Can do much more, just need to setup the backgrounds and other details. I think the biggest problems is that when new players popup, not be able or prepare for what is coming. I could perhap place some npcs like guards to balance it. But not sure if anyone is interesting of doing such a thing i mention. If you have some ideas or want to share, go ahead say it in here. I been into alot of servers, most of them doesnt even have the right taste of roleplaying and how it should be setup, but its limited on things you can do in WU and as well how creative the GMs and staffs are as well.
  11. I think the biggest problems that some players have mild bioplars and other issues that cannot stick with long term type of games. Some doesnt like to be around too many players and some do and when there are too many, it will be a mess. The free part of playing WO is fine, give the a taste if they like it or not before they decide to sub or not. Yes some players do come back to see if there any improvements and/or finding the right players to hang out with. But i seen alot of loners, that include myself that perfer doing things on their own. Infact some are creative and some arent. The sad parts is for those who doesnt want to do these things, having others do it for them or simply steal someone else things. Yes it great confusing going on in Wurm, sometime i rather play WU instead to avoid all this. But sadly WU has it limits and if you dont have the skills and experiences, then you have to take the risk joining someone server and there no telling how long it will stick around or how things will be. So its a gamble, just gotta keep trying to find your place and relax.
  12. I found a horde of them, but i aint telling Few hours later, they all gone! Look like gonna have to buy them from those thieves. I dont need em.
  13. Nah, i couldnt handle the Xanadu, too unstable and annoying lagspikes. I did manage to hang out in Unlimited for awhile, then didnt turn out what i wish for. So many things are different compare to WO to WU. So missed WO lol. So look like i am back to Indy again. This time something completely different character i never played before, so far i like it, will take awhile for me get up there to be decent. Later i may check out the smaller maps, not the new ones, its too crowded.