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  1. I know it early to say this, but the system ingame says "Merry Christmas" aint suppose to happen til the next two days or day and a half in Europe. Did I miss something??? Btw Merry Christmas!
  2. Just noticed that you can keep sailing even if your stamina is zero out, this is odd. But doesn't seem realistic though. Least I wouldn't have to stop every five to ten minutes regain my stamina, would be annoying to do that.
  3. I agreed, sometimes it get crazy and don't wanna deal with it. Guess some players have nothing else better to do than talking to themselves, so I don't know if they are on medications or what, just crazy. Personally I like to meet people in person, like roleplaying role to get to know them and maybe be friends. I do go out and boat around time to time, but unfort there some players on Indy aren't that friendly or they don't like me. Someday I will get out and explore other zones to see what it is like over there, had few wanted to me move there and hang out with them. But I just wasn't ready yet.
  4. After I login, seem to be okay. Doesn't show any details that you mention up there. Least the tabs are gone
  5. Thank you, I will look into this and see if that will work. At first though it would be under settings, doesn't look like there is any. Got it, thanks. This really helps so I can avoid those hostile and immature players
  6. I came across a lot of bad players, mostly are talking non sense and into politic situations. I mean some are pretty bad talking to themselves and not making any sense out of it. So I couldn't find a way to disable that tab esp Freedom and GL-Freedom. I have ignored a lot of players, but got tired of closing the tab, every time someone reply quickly, with those flashing red lights. Really starts to get annoying. I don't hate people, just that some don't mix up and infact some are pretty bad during in conversation, esp when things get out of line. So the only way to avoid this is disable the whole chat window, but I cant get any message from friends, PM or even Alliance. Some told me better off closing the chat window and play your way and enjoying the game, have been doing this for some time now. I wont stop playing cause there are bad players in the game, even if they are threaten me. Love the game, relaxing and fun!!!
  7. I like the improvements on the sailboats, haven't see what it is like on others. But I noticed when you sail at full, the stamina drain seem to be pretty high. Any chance lower these numbers tad bit? So I wouldn't have to stop every few minutes to regain my stamina. Seem when you go fast or really fast, those numbers goes down quickly too. Also would like to see wakes while moving.
  8. Seen a lot of boats out of place. The whale I post up there, had a knarr right behind it. Hard to see it though.
  9. Yes tricky trying to get around this issues, gotta work on all tiles (remove dirts) before working on that rock tile. So if you want to dig down, need a pickaxe to chip those rocks or make a tunnel. Keep experiment with it until you get a hang of it.
  10. Use to love that game, esp PW server, forgot what the name of it (start with an E then x). But that was back in the 90's. Played Diablo II like crazy back in mid/late 90s in hardcore. Right now just messing around on ESO and sometimes I play WO too. Been trying to roleplay out like a amazon or Valkyrie in WO from Diablo II. Unfort they wont add 1handed spear or jav I put over 2k hours into Skyrim and another 1k into SE, but I got tired of messing with it.
  11. Not sure if this where I should post this, came across something odd this morning and I found this... https://imgur.com/aVILFe8 If anyone got something to share, I am sure we all like to see it. I tried post this ingame chat, not sure if they can see it, sadly no reply. I use the Insert image from URL, not working, so idk what going on.
  12. I though about that, back near that tunnel that I wasn't aware of really mess things up. Though it was a mine. So I moved away from most urban areas to see if I can find a suitable spot to relax. So I found a spot, doesn't look too bad and named it Willow's Cove. But it doesn't give much room to expand, if someone wanted to join me in this elven community. Btw I doubt anyone will, since they don't know how to roleplay well, playing a neutral or good elf, you gotta respect the wildlife and the wilderness. Most doesn't, going around killing everything that move and destroy the trees, etc. I will keep in touch and stick around long as I can.
  13. Hey there, noticed you are from Kansas, I use to live in Liberal KS on the far side. Didn't like there and moved out. Eastern part of Kansas is much prettier than western parts.

    1. lowborn


      Yez. I am in Wichita KS. No one wakes up and says, "Im going to move to Kansas". You were  born here or came for some kind of business.

      I would move too but its a clean safe place and the rent is cheap. You can rent a 5 bedroom house for 1200 US or a 1 room apartment for 500 or less.

      Its safe from war as the government will do anything to protect the nukes and fighter jets here. Food. not so much. 

    2. Wildelf


      Well before Kansas, use to live down Texas Pan Handle. Been down there for awhile taken care of mother until she pass away. Then decide to go north to start a new life.


      Yes the rent isn't that bad over there, right now living in Upstate NY. Met someone online and ended up moving here in NY.


      Plan on staying here for awhile longer then want to go back to Midwestern part of US. But not sure where yet.

  14. Yes they can be, if they put those animation models in the game. Was hoping they add masks, so look like an elf.