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  1. Not sure if i post this in the right place, but i have mention this on CA Help section about this issues and was told i should post this. When i equip my bow in character sheet, does show the bow in my hand, but no animation during aiming and shooting the bow. So some players recommend that i disable, then logoff and try to enable it again to fix the problem. Still doesnt show anything. I had a friend make a character, to see what she was doing while shooting a bow and she does nothing by holding the bow on the side, but the arrow fly away. Is there anything i can do to fix this or is this how suppose to look like? I do see other animations, such as digging, mining and melee actions, but no archery animation.
  2. Also would like to point out, if there isnt any animation while shooting a bow. Not sure if you guys manage to get this going or on waiting list. I got on my friend pc, set it up and wanted to see what i look like while shooting a bow, well unfort only show holding a bow in my hand, when i tried to shoot an arrow, doesnt show any animation at all. I checked the settings and see if i miss anything, look good, unless i miss something. Could we have Bow Animations Please?
  3. Anyway, Zen (Ayes) already cleared the entrance of the mine and look like he is done with it. So sorry for the troubles i causes and hopefully no other players ended up did what i have done. Hopefully everything is cool now.
  4. Zahnweh, the mine isn't even open yet, pretty much a hole down there the way it was before. But landed on the side or pavement, pretty sure you going to take fallen damage from it. Happen to me once while climbing and sliding back down.
  5. Flubb, its a small settlement of two players that are close to each others and I found this place I liked like three weeks ago and didn't take up on it. Infact I wasn't an experience player back then, just started. While learning new things and get a hang of it, that is why I decided to stick with Haven to see what kinda people are there and how friendly, but didn't turn out good as I though it would. Anyway this cozy place I found, really suit an elf, that is connected to the big lake, having a little Elven Bungalow under a lot of trees and good overlook into the lake. I am happy there, made a deed and now going to take time for me setup the place. I named it Shady Hollow
  6. Alright I manage to find a suitable place for an elf to hang out and enjoy, at the meantime still trying to setup the place and transporting stuffs and that is not easy task. So while I am in Haven, gonna continue to try to reopen the mineshaft before I leave this place for good. Been digging time to time when I get a chance, even a new player want to help me. That was nice, he almost felled in that hole and told me that wasn't the first time he died from a deep steep hole. That what I was afraid of, so I told him don't stand too close on the edge while digging or you will slide down there in the pit. So it look like it going to take me longer than I expected to reopen the mineshaft for the public. I wont abandoned it until I am done, then I will move out of Haven. Btw he asked me who did this "who put those trees there behind the fences?" i wasn't sure what he mean, until i realize he was talking about the one I planted over a week ago. He said "wow" and like it. So we had alittle chat, told him what happen and wondering why i am digging here, etc. So also told him what happen and feel bad for doing this and want to clean up my mess i made. He still want to help, that was the interesting parts. Also told him, i am going to pack up and leave, once i am done reopening the mineshaft. He was upset and didn't want me to leave. He manage to make a little cube hut or shed right next to my plot. So i told him you can have my big cottage i made once i am finish. But he was sad and still didn't want me to leave. Also he wanted to make his own cabin there next to me. Anyway he been asked a lot of questions, like how to plants those trees i did, etc. I told him you can continue to do what i started if you want, after i leave and keep that place clean and nice and neat. As long don't mess with someone mine lol. Hard to tell if this actually a new player or just messing with me. He been around since tried to shut down the mine that very day.
  7. Well Ayes I did ask and nothing good coming out of this, already mention if you are willing to help out by either repairing the mine or relocate it. Unfort this isn't going well for me, like don't care and Bloodscythe did help and even ask for permission. I know that he help others as well, giving some few items to help out with without even asking for something in return. That is why I never see you around until this started. I bumped into few players (possible your alts) that are strange and doesn't like others. That doesn't want to talk, get involved or anything. I been poking around in Haven for about two weeks, I didn't see anything good going on and infact I did ask few times in general chat, nothing. Except for new players, that they know nothing or even know how to play. Anyway this isn't going where I was hoping for, so I am stop playing this elf and try to start a new character as new life. Sadly this had to go down the drain cause I didn't up setup a deed, infact it was alittle too close to Haven and the others didn't like what I was trying to do around my plot. They didn't have a deed over it, so I could do whatever I wanted, well I tried to do the right things here and nothing good in return. Bloodscythe is a good player and does help when he can, on the other hands I don't see anything good on your parts or even by reputation. You can go ahead and destroy my plot if you like, I am done with it! Wildelf RIP!
  8. Retro, I gonna reopen the public mine, since there are like four or more mines in that areas plus a starter mine as well. Sorry I was uncomfortable where that mine was next to my plot and wanted to see if I could make another one on the other side to replace it. When I made this topic, noticed someone is willing to help. We did however ask for permission to do so, as long we replace that mine nearby. But I don't understand why (whoever did this) would destroy the roads on the other side, its like cutting off from outside of Haven. So this mine was way too steep and unsafe, really hard to get outta there, if something nasty in that mine. Plus no fences or barriers on the upper, help keep from someone falling down that four tiles, that would be fatal and unsafe. Anyway I am going to reopen the mine somehow and pack up my stuffs and leave Haven. There are several players hang out in that area for sometime, doesn't seem to be friendly. And I was trying to make Haven look nice on the NE side, to add some tree parks, etc. But look like this going no where here. I was really start to enjoy playing Wurm for the first time, then something came up that didn't like what I did, really ruins everything and feel unwelcome in Haven, esp for those who have alts or characters. Maybe cause I am an elf? Cause I planted all those trees over next to safehouse??
  9. Ayes, if you really care and want to help, then help me build another mining shaft on the other side the road. I may not be skilled enough, but I will be someday The reasons I did this, I wasn't happy with it next to my plot, infact players been leaving junks around my gate and roads I have to clean up after them. Secondly, shouldn't have cut off the road on the other side and there was no fences around that four tiles, that someone could fall down there and that would be fatal. Ayes, if you going to be rude and disrespectful, then I will simply pack up my stuffs and leave. Seem to be some horrible players hanging out in Haven, that aren't helpful at all. I asked several times to some players been around in that area and got a feeling that is your alts. I wont say who they are, but I know now. Third, was also trying to add some forests in that area to make it look like a tree park, like a national park. Took me awhile to clean up the mess in the whole NE section of Haven, if you been around that long, doesn't look like you care anyway, except that mining shaft going down so steep. Imagine if there were lava fiends or hellhounds down there, that new players wont stand a chance to escape going up that hill to get out in time. If this get no where and cant get along, then I will pack my stuffs and leave.
  10. Bloodscythe, thanks that was really nice of you helping me with the mine here. We had a good day doing things and couple of rares and a supreme dirt I found. Now I need to work on that new mine on the other side of the road, this would make up for the mine I wanted shutdown. It was a long day, but we manage @Nomadikhan, yeah he does help people and that is good for new players.
  11. Looking for someone willing to help me to seal this mine entrance, just right next to my cottage. Its look unsafe and unprofessional whoever did it. My cottage is located in Haven and don't really have much coins, but I do have some gems. Was hoping someone help me seal this mine entrance, that go down 4 tiles steep angle of 45 degree. It been brothering me all week and very much like to seal this off, so I can fill it with dirt. Anyone willing to help? Was told a priest can do it, but unfort I just started almost two weeks ago and not even close to be doing something like that atm.
  12. I noticed that Body that has three attributes under there, so just wondering if I manage to max out Body of 99.99 or 100, will I still be able to increase in other attributes under body? For example, let say I have 99.99 Body, that really high strength and mid ranges in stamina and control. I wasn't sure if I can max out all three attributes under Body. Same thing for Miscellaneous, there are number of tool working in there and wasn't sure if you max out Miscellaneous, I wouldn't be able to increase other attributes? So wasn't sure if this will lock at 99.99 or 100, that other attributes wont gain any xp under that main attribute or parent's attribute.
  13. Would be nice to be able to create an artificial ponds and lakes, esp around our settlements and villages. After I manage to created my basic cottage North-East of Haven's landing, I wanted to fill that mine shaft next to me, since it was going way down steep. At first I though it could get flooded, we did however had a lot of rain pouring in. After waiting like a week to see if anyone actually mine that spot, I haven't seen anyone. But last Saturday, finally got a chance to talk to someone that made it and he didn't want me to do it. So I will respect that. So I though about digging some around my place and put sands in it, not sure if you can mix with something like clay, etc. And wanted to see if I can make an artificial pond there. But I was told you cant at this moment. Naturally the weather can do some crazy things, if its rain a lot, some places can form ponds or even a lake. Infact I have seen a lot of mine shafts going down so deep (that isn't very bright thing to do) and could ended up flooded if I get a lot of rain. What they should have done is build a mine shaft building over it, mining sideway or same level, usually on the side of hills or mountain, then down or up, which ever you wish to go.
  14. Yeah I can understand that you want to keep it minimum as possible so it wont lag down the game. The last update with Jackals already caused some problems and there a risk everything you do something, esp something new. I remember pushing this wagon cart off my lawn, belong to someone that played time ago and didn't seem to come back for it. So finally got it over the hill and hoping it would roll down naturally, but it doesn't work like that in the game. We all want this game to runs smooth without any lag spikes or CTDs, those are annoying to deal with. Anyway I was just trying to help, even improve the game in some ways.