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  1. I know this going to sound silly, but would like to have a mask that actually look like an elf with pointed ears, etc. Female please.
  2. You welcome, going to find a road that lead directly from the guard tower up on the hill and see where it lead, already cut off that road that has two ways next to cateye. That road was leading all the way down to my deed and very steep. So the other road from the guard tower will connect to that main road somehow, haven't had a chance to do it yet. So for the coastal road around from the Northern part of land is cut off, but there a road going up on the hill. You will see a willow tree there where I cut off, then up. Was thinking when I get a chance to make a path from there all the way around on the cliff side or high up then around to the main road. That way you can see down from up there, give a nice view of the bay. Sorry I didn't like players roaming around my deed, just too many are trashy and don't take responsible for their action, just like I did with the tunnel. Hugh and I been talking about this, he doesn't mind removing the coastal roads, but still debating the Cliffside network. Right now trying to get rid of that dock areas, no need for that there. Edited... I just found out that road lead from the guard tower to the west will go around like a U turn then back to the main road with the cateye at the end. Also put some wooded fences on the edge where I cut off, it was very steep, someone could actually get killed rolling down there.
  3. Hey guys, sorry that I put a mine door over the mine that happen to be canal (Bay Hill East-West) that I wasn't aware of. When I saw this spot, there wasn't a sign post and made a dirt path to get over on the other side with a wagon cart. Realize it was for passage through with a boat. If I knew sooner this wouldn't have happen in the first place. So everything is cool now, I torn down the mine door so players can go through there without any issues But there are some roads I want to remove coming down from the hill/mountain that lead to my place. Hope that will not be a problem. Want to seal this spot where I am at and make it wilderness sector and leave the passage going through the mountain as it is.
  4. Yeah I was aware of that, it been so long that time to move on. So things will change over time depend on how players react to the world, growing, evolved, etc. Just too much work to destroy the mine door atm. But have everyone access to it now, except for those put me on KOS list. So if they want to be like that so be it, they will have to take the high way. I don't mean to be rude, but they started it lol. All they have to do is ask me, be friendly and none of this wouldn't happen in the first place. Just misunderstanding here. So the one put hostile remarks on me will stay that way unless take me off the KOS, then everything will be fine for those players. Would be nice for new players to have access to the latest map, some may wander off trying to find a suitable spot. The ingame map isn't going be enough details to start with. But they don't know where it is, I didn't see it on the wiki I think the hard parts they left out is that no one deed there or the other side, no signs, no nothing. So how is new players going to know before all hell break loose???
  5. Thank you, really like it. Took me awhile to learn the ropes, etc.
  6. I had the similar issues myself, there were a tunnel near my deed that I wasn't aware of. Sadly there wasn't no sign post, building or anything except for paved roads. So look suitable for me to deed it and do whatever I want to do. So put a mine door over it and a path so I can get over that deep part of water with a wagon cart. Unfort this player been lurking near my deed, wouldn't say anything for 45mins. He stole some of my dirts and ranoff with it lol. So I put more dirts there and he got pissed and left. So later on I figure out what was going on, but they shouldn't be rude in the first place. Guess some players don't like talking or say hello. Then they put me on KOS list and I figure out what that mean and did the samething as well to them. Just realize they were upset over that silly tunnel that runs through the mountain and I didn't like it so I put a door over it and dirts in front so I can get across it. But anyway for those wanna be nasty, still on KOS list and cannot access through the mine door (tunnel) others can. Very simply, talk to your neighbors get to know them and reason things out. If you play nice and let them know what going on, shouldn't be a problem. So they had to play dirty... Nobody want to be treated like ###### or trash, be nice to players! No wonder there isn't many new players that want to stick around due to all this politics going on.
  7. Hmm sorry I don't know anyone name Wetwogwade, just making my interests that is all. Sorry for flaming your post.
  8. Yeah I knew the winter wasn't so far off when the Halloween Event took place. Just in time for me setting up my new deed. So been roleplying out my elf here, trying to get my place setup, stock up on foods, etc. Doing pretty good myself. Still trying to learn the game, there so much I don't know, but I am a quick learner
  9. I mention it few months ago and curious if you guys planning on adding more features to the game. I very much want to see 1-handed spear in the game, not hard to do. All you gotta do is copy the .dds of the picture/imagine, then the model and make it 1hand instead of two and rename it short/medium spear. I know there some players out there still waiting for bedroll for along time. Not sure if that will ever happen or not, but should be able to sleep in starter tent. Since you cannot repair it, so worth it. Giving that player more time to get their place setup and a bed. Not sure if you guys adding any additional features to the game. I know there are so much can be added and/or improve the game.
  10. What I am concern is, if they do move to Steam, is there gonna be a wipe or still as it is?
  11. No keep it as it is, skill limit 20 is fine. Until they pay the premium.
  12. Well I don't think that Steam will make any differences, already have WU on the list and for those who bought it will see WO as well. I know there are some users doesn't like Steam and others just don't seem to be care about it. All Steam does, can see your friends on the list, that who is playing and offline. Also show how many hours you been playing it. Other than that its just a gamble. So not sure if you are willing to move this WO to Steam, but don't move the entire servers there. Keep the servers as it is, then if you want to invest it another spot in Steam go ahead. Probably going to cost you twice as much running all these servers. Half of the population probably split in between these servers. You also need to find a way to make profits to keep these servers running, otherwise you going over the cliff here sooner than you think.
  13. Same here too, CTD. Hopefully they will fix this issues soon.
  14. Thanks Xor, yeah i got it. Forgot that you can use different emails, etc. And it worked.
  15. Got my gf playing this and ended up with some characters that needed to be deleted. I wanted to start over fresh, unfort, the system is telling me that i have reaches the maximum character limit. Any GMs can help me with this? Need some character deleted. Nevermind, i just make a new email to create one. Some of these characters, doesnt have backup infos like questions that will need to verified. Sadly she didnt write them down, like i told her to.