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  1. Idk know that others think about the game, i was talking to someone on Steam, that he had alot of villagers around when WO Steam went live. Now he mention lost about 90% of players that loss interest in the game, not sure if any of them ever played WO before, but i do know that nothing compare to other MMO games. I remember some saying, the character models is terrible, ie the animations, etc. Funny few of them wanted to play a elf with long pointed ears. They are happy with the graphic overhaul, but many went back to WU instead or find another game. Guess they though it was a walk in the park with this game and didnt realize it will take weeks or months to get your skills up there to be effective. The skill system seem to be fine with me, just a long road. But wouldnt hurt to work on those character models for animation. I also remember someone wanted a scale armor, that would be nice and a padded armor too. No i am not talking about dragon scale, something more of large fish scale or snake.
  2. Heh i remember playing a game awhile back, that my tummy started to make funny noises and kinda feel creepy. I been using the old fashion herbs, veggies and pork, dont think i ever got into pizza thingy. Hmm i think i had to redo every time cooking fresh batch around 12-24hrs game time. Before it goes rotten, so trying to keep my nutrition up around 74+ at all times by eating hot meal. Never had a affinities foods. But i do realize that when you eat something, you get a bonus, but only lasted for like two or maybe three seconds, that sounds like a joke and not enough time to do things to react.
  3. Did a great job on that UI and other features in the last six months. Looking forward for more improvements and very much like to see 1handed spear, so i can use a shield. I have already mention this a year ago and someone else brought it up. I know there so much to do, depending on the manpower and skills, just gotta be creative and patient. Back then sometimes end of last year, i heard rumors that they were planning to have log cabin, so you can build a cozy cabin in the wilderness. Now that i would very much like to see.
  4. Just realize that this old compound bow i have here is called "Golden Eagle", its pretty heavy, but very accurate and good firepower. Noticed there some selling on ebay for 150+ USD. Not sure what the retail price would be. I didnt feel like take a pic of this bow, but found alot of images on google, this one below look just like mine here...
  5. Mist lake...

    Hey there, nice to meet you too. Sadly i havent seen anyone around in this areas, except southern part of Mist Lake. Noticed there a ton of boats parked around Silent Hill, gotta be some party i missed.
  6. Thank Hugh, i didnt want to tell you guys how to do your things or upset someone. It just alot of changed over here where i am at. Some roads are removed, some rock slabs and even close one mine entrance. Since no one around, not even using that mine, it was pouring out alot of nasties and it was getting out of control lol. Still trying to get my place look nice, just so much terraforming, esp digging to do. So now trying to stock up for upcoming Winter, she doesnt like the colds lol. PS i think i would be happier here, since i got more room. Back over near that tunnel entrance i use to live, didnt have much room and i dont think it will work for me there.
  7. Here an interesting facts about longbow back in the old days... https://archeryhistorian.com/japanese-bow-vs-english-longbow/ One thing that i could grab a Yumi, but kinda pricey and no telling if that thing is real or not, just too many Chinese copy going on. Chinese usually into numbers not really good into quality or good craftsmanship. So that is why there so many copied going on in the markets.
  8. I think its more gradual, when i got this bow, came in with protection gloves, etc. Wasnt bad deal and it was selling out fast cause USA wont be trading with China anymore. The bow string was already on there, pretty darn sturdy too. The other bow on top, you need to unstrung it, otherwise can wear down the bow. Kinda tricky putting the bow string on that bow and need to be pretty strong doing it, depending on the bow strength. I wanted to see if i can find a real Japanese bow, they had some interesting bows back in those days. Now it is hard to find, except copy from China of course. I check the reviews and do some research before i buy it, otherwise ended up with fake and/or ###### lol. Edited... I just look through the stuffs came with that bow, had extra bow string and a harness that allow you to unstring the bow. Gotta really hard to do with that 50lbs, esp without breaking it. Like that furry ball things on the top and bottom of bow string. Sadly came off some furry little critter that the Chinese killed Here the pic... That one up there look slightly different due to recurve, but this one is the one i have. There a Hungarian recurve longbow, Flagella. Something i never heard of, by longbowmaker store, probably another Chinese copy. Though about grabbing that one too. But was looking for Japanese bows.
  9. Here another bow i picked up from online, its a Mongolian Recurve Longbow, for horse archery and ground. This thing is strong and put punch a big hole. This one is 50lbs pull, very nice and not even heavy. I tried looking up for some medieval longbow, but they arent cheap. Beside some were fake and collectible can be hard to come by.
  10. Yeah, i also have another elf named Woodelf lol. But this one was my very first character i played last year and wanted to stick with her. She doing pretty good so far, hard to believe after all these mishaps, wrong turns and all over Indy and she havent got herself killed either. Lucky i guess, probably more caution than most players, but she still doesnt like caves or dungeons.
  11. Over a week been working hard on this new place i setup, mostly terraforming and setting up my bungalow. Not long ago found a wandering aged golden horse, not far from where i live. Then found like three to four silvers and some copper coins in the grass. During at night i hanging out my place near the fireplace (forge) to keep warm and though about improving my tools and manage to make a rare longbow (willow), then decided to make a bow, another rare! Also noticed that i cant fit the longbow in the large chest, decided to make a bow rack, after i built it, then improve it some, booom a rare bow rack! Also made a rare shortbow too. Surprisely they all are willows and the bow rack is oakenwood. Guess this is what i get for being a elf Wont be long before the hollow event comes around the corner, gonna be creepy this year!
  12. Gonna put this quiver away, just dont like it. Look like a scroll case on my back lol. I just use the old fashion ways by putting arrows in my inventory for now.
  13. hey skyefox, i manage to change some details how the map should look like. I do things around my area and this what the map should look like... If it hard to see, let me know i can blow it up some more. Also i just realize that island i made near my dock is bigger than the one on the map.
  14. Either the termites and/or the torch to burn it! Like that orb shaker to seal the mine entrance, could use something like that to buy one, but that gonna be costly though. The priests should have that ability to cast termites, destroy w/e on those vehicles. But what if that player came back six months later and see his/her boat gone? Aint gonna be pretty though. Those ships take alot of efforts and believe most of them bought it from ship builders instead of making it themselves. I would say, if the deed is abandoned more than three months and hardly no one will want to deed over that plot, cause its ugly and beside take alot of efforts to clean up the mess too. On the same server, the GMs should teleport that boat/ships to nearest spawning points. For example, on Indy, should be moved either Haven Market Docks or The Howl. Several times i tried to contact GMs about removing or moving those boats and ships outta the areas, that nothing is around and sadly i couldnt deed that far out, they wont do nothing about it. Now for wagon carts, those are very easy to make and should be able to bash it!
  15. Very much like to see arrows poking out of character's quiver while equipped. It may not look right if there is no arrow or showing a few arrows, dunno if this been tested or not. Could use a formula as 1 as one arrow, 2 as two arrows and 3 as three arrows, if its greater than three, showing many arrows in the quiver, otherwise it would be zero as none or showing/display as empty quiver in that slot. I noticed on the wiki, you can have up to 41 arrows and that is a lot of them, is that true? Cant see how that many could fix in that little quiver. I assume that war arrow are slightly bigger than hunting arrows. Btw it does look good on the back inside the hip's side. I dont normally wear a backpack unless i am going on a camping trip and it nice that we have a bedroll