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  1. This looking interesting, too bad I came by too late. May I ask how long this server will run for? I didn't want to hop in there and got like half way whatever I was doing then the server get taken down.
  2. Yeah I been trying to find something else, just wasn't happy with WO. Some servers are alright, but I was looking for something more realistic and long lasting. This is private at the moment, dunno if I will open this or share. Gotta wait and see how things goes first. Most players doesn't like 1x action and 1x skill gain, beside this map is default creative map and was told that is 1k map. It got five random spawn points, if I share this players gonna need settlement token or a place to bank it. Cause this doesn't have free deed options. I just like to live into the wilderness, there is no civilization around. Dunno if anyone like living in the wild like myself, I am a elf
  3. Ah 3.0 is what feel more realistic, thank you guys. Finally got my server up and running and enjoying it.
  4. Hmm it was 1.0 and I change it to 0.1 maybe that is why? Alright gonna try something like 3.0 this time and see what it does.
  5. I just got my private server up and running for more than a day and I am happy with it except that farming is growing too fast. I was curious, cause I couldn't find a way to change the setting options. Does it has something to do with seed's QL? Or do I need to find a mod to reduce the growth speed? At the meantime I will poke around and see if I can find that mod and I never use a mod before, hope it isn't hard to do.
  6. depending on your video settings, you should lower your gamma some in order to be more realistic.
  7. That what I was afraid of, wish they update it. Guess they wanted players in WO to make more money, idk. I spoken a lot of players that they didn't want to pay the monthly fees, infact didn't bother me, it just didn't like the way things are setup in WO. That is why I prefer WU over WO. Maybe a mod or two to do these tricks.
  8. Curious does the last update provide HD graphic options? I remember using it last Fall and included adjusting your sail on a sailboat, etc. Also God rays just came in not long ago will be nice to add these features to Wurm Unlimited. The sun in default setting, look like hard boil egg hanging in the sky, doesn't look realistic. Been playing on someone server and have the latest beta patch on, but I couldn't see any of these addon features.
  9. duel wield couple large tooth picks would be funny
  10. So how this server running? Thinking about getting into something new and like the ideas that is 1x skill gain, to make it long lasting experiences. I have to say, this is what I been looking for and hopefully this server will lasted another year so I can enjoy it.
  11. But I do hate seeing those sands on the steep slope on the hills and mountain, I been removing them time to time. But around the water banks and rivers, that I don't mind.
  12. A lot of places are wrecked, some ugly, etc. That server is going to be just another zone to settle. Imagine so many players trying to race to get the sweet spot and going to be crazy. Might even be laggy as hell and believe it will connect to the rest of WO, not just brand new server. Let wait and see how things goes, looking forward to it myself too, but wasn't sure if that is what I am looking for.
  13. Yeah I agreed, just making something for myself to relax. Love the game, but in WO is a mess and wanted something that is brand new world like nature environment. Even playing by myself doesn't stop me from playing. But I will still keep this server open, maybe make some friends a long the way. Only thing I didn't like, when you stop playing, the world or time stopped until you come back. So I need something that been running 24/7, see how things grow.
  14. Ah I see, that is good details you mention here. I manage to grab a barebone from Newegg and I build pc myself. So got this hardware and look like it will do fine. Now having two steam accounts running at the same time, don't think that will happen. So I may have to set up another Steam account and buy the unlimited use that as 24/7 from there. Just didn't want to use this pc all the time. Infact I do have good ISP here, least wont be in Sweden lol. Now I gotta figure out what mods to use or even a map. I was really hoping WO would add that 1handed spear and I mention since August or September last year and doesn't look like they will do it. I do remember playing on someone server last year and they had 1handed spear and wanted to roleplay out a amazon character such as a wildelf or something lol.