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  1. I am starting to like this server, yes its slow as hardcore mode. I dont mind, sadly i gave up Wurm Online, just too much griefs and harassments going on. Looking forward to stick around for a year or longer
  2. Was told there a tool that can check your map size, giving how much ram is needed. But also creature counts and other settings will be added too. So i dont know how much ram will need to run a 8k map, the creature counts wont be that large though. Any suggestions? Thinking about renting a hosting server to setup my world for public view in the USA. Sadly i couldnt get this thing going on the manage your own server, for some reasons i only get LAN and wont show on the server list. I was told i could post the server infos on the forum and put IP server to connect directly, but i will need someone to check it out and test it first before moving on to the next project.
  3. Yeah that could be what most people think, but what about for those getting crashes? That another issues we have to deal with too, cause aint my pc spec, its wurm doing it We did had some lag issues though.
  4. Yes i will do that, cause there are too many players in the game doesnt give a crap about who you are really. Like do this and do that and move on, idk doesnt seem to be friendly in these days. All i was trying to is sharing that moment with you guys and though may like it. Instead it feel like espionage going on here and they sure doesnt want nothing to do with me lol. If this was posted by Pomona or any veteran players, that would be pretty serious consequence and either friendly or hostile actions be taken. I though this was freedom isle that we all should be friendly about this and share, etc. If this was on Chaos or pvp server, that a different story. I dont get it, some of you players are mean and not friendly at all.
  5. I had the same issues as well and would like to know how to get around it. I checked everything firewall, ports and going it over many times. My question is, when the game is created, that is not passworded, is it possible the other can see it and the user cant? I heard rumors about this on Steam.
  6. Let me ask you guys something, when you find something and show proof that you claim it and be happy about, esp something that is unique, how would you guys feel if someone manage to cheat/hack their way to doesnt care about who find it and form a party or do it on their own to steal it from you? I mean that happen really fast right under my nose, no one mention anything about forming a party or even ask me. So by the time i saw it, draw it near my deed and talk to someone in private how to set this up for a pirvate party cause i dont want 100+ players all over the place tearing up the place near my deed. Its pain to clean that up. Yes some of you did made a mess, i had to clean it up too and destroy that Fo alter there that is interfering with my influence. Anyway, by the time i was talking to someone and posted that screenshot, if i hadnt made that shot or even with my character name on it, i wouldnt be able to claim it to share with you guys and doesnt mean you can just go in there and take it or wreck the place. So not long after that screenshot was posted on the forum for public view, Stryken use a location spell to get a fix on me and i believe only work when you are online, during all that time before the party showed up, no one ask me or notified me about anything. That isnt a very smart move, its considered being spying on and stealing as well cheating! Stryken and some of you are playing a dangerous game here, so you maybe facing some serious issues with me and others down that roads.
  7. Chew, i dont know you and we never had a conversation. So unfort i had to get some sleep been a long day. Sadly no one want to keep in touch, but someone went too far and not planning this right and keeping others out. Not very many are happy what happen there. I only had four hours sleep, by the time i login, half of you guys were there and look like about to pack and leave. So the way i see it, no one give a crap, it like take it or leave it! I am still pissed at you guys and few others are concern too and this isnt a good time to talk about it.
  8. Yeah i didnt want anything bad happen to this poor thing, only one left But i cant have him too close, would have killed me in two hits. He or She is vicious though, so watch out! This is very disappointed, by the time i login. There were already handful of players there and i knew most of them and sadly i didnt get anything or not even any credits or thanks
  9. Looking for that ol' Trident skin for metal spear and Agile bow for medium bow skin, let me know if you have them. Looking forward to get them, thanks.
  10. Yeah if you are lucky, i found some feathers laying around on the ground, but not very many unless a bird or birds were attacked by a predator.
  11. Bump this thread up there, instead i want to be able to use large wooded shield with this long spear. Make it count devs, lowbies couldnt use it cause they arent train or even in shape to do them both or even 2handed weapons. Instead, giving out enough requirement of strength, body control as well fighting skills to be able to wield shield with a spear or large weapon checks. Been waiting for so long for this, doesnt look like they are going to do it
  12. I wouldnt mind doing this, but that would take more efforts, gotta kill something that has feathers But you cant grow them, might find some on dead birds, etc. Believe it or now, they can be hard to come by even in real life situations back in those days. What i want the most beside this, is those quivers showing arrows in it, when you have arrows. It look like a scroll case on my hip or back, wasnt happy with that.