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  1. WTB 2x 70+ woa clay willing to pay up to to 1s each + cod.
  2. Deed 41X38

    Auction canceled do to rude people. Pragmatist please contact me.
  3. Deed 41X38

    Please stop commenting on my auction bids only
  4. Deed 41X38

    How can you scare everyone away with a 60s bid then withdraw it later. Doesn't seem fair to me. Your bid is binding I thought. Would like an explaination.
  5. Deed 41X38

    I have a private bid at 40s if anyone else is interested they need to bid 41s or more please.
  6. Deed 41X38

    So let me get this Hordern you argue on my thread about someones bid and then don't bid yourself? Thanks for confussing everyone with all the added ###### Now I am getting complaits that people can't even figure out what the bid is at. You could have PMed me and I could have explained it to you.
  7. Deed 41X38

    Bump bid is still at 40s
  8. Deed 41X38

    but he bid 40s when the starting bid was 60s
  9. Deed 41X38

    someone else
  10. Deed 41X38

    Private bid 40s
  11. Deed 41X38

    ok sorry about that should be fixed now
  12. Deed 41X38

    have changed the starting bid to 40s Abomin if you are still interested please repost bid.
  13. Deed 41X38

    not on deed or on a perimeter