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  1. I hate letting my inner cynical-ness free reign but I see people saying top heavy economy, hyper skilled players...I hate to break it to you folks but the few real vets that have their grinding system down to min/max their gains are all going to be running the economy on the steam server as they have on the old servers. I am sure there will be a few exceptions but for the most part those that are on the top now will be so again. Minus the RMT grinders who only did it only to make bank, Credit-card warriors and others I am probably forgetting but there is also going to be a rash of macro bot grinders and shift-played skillers. I do wonder what will happen to the old servers after they become even less played on. Good Luck!
  2. lol I did the same thing and spun up 2 other computers and tried on them and nothing so I reset my router. Finally gave up when I saw this post.
  3. same here, I guess the server isn't responding but a "little more information from the client" would be nice really nice.
  4. I usually force java garbage collection or relog when I notice graphic stuttering or see the memory usage start rising and yes this is when I am travelling, used to have the exact same issue in the windows version as well but I am not sure if it still does.
  5. I agree and I have and will continue to support this game until the very brink. You won't be seeing me sell off the my main accounts or gear. I am not going to cash out but I may not choose to support it further if they continue down paths that are not healthy to Wurm Online. I am not talking about the health of the CC AB and GCG but of WO itself. You right i shouldn't whine and instead hope for the best. It looks like we are going to lose Samool's creativity and hard work on WO, I do not see how he will be able to split time between product management, steam realease client, and WO client needs. That looks like an awful lot of work for 1 person. I do not think throwing new servers out in hopes of a revitalization of the player-base and their bottom line is the answer. Steam release will help some, maybe even help a lot in the long term but at what cost? Short term gains, yes they will see some but the only true way to keep a players interest in a sandbox game is through new content and/or innovation. examples of things - coming soon™ However you correct, whining will not solve anything. All we can say is Good Luck CC.
  6. I seriously doubt the validity of this statement. There is no way they have even reached 50% of the gaming population much less tapped that market completely. You can do very basic searches for a sandbox crafting mmo and wurm never pops up? There almost no mentions of it on mmo websites. If those 2 very basic information areas are not saturated with at least mentions of it. How could the market be tapped? On a side note, I ran into a singular post about wurm in 2006 or 2007, it was a blog that happen to mention some game I can''t remember was like wurm online. That was the only reason I found wurm and I only found that because I was bored and clicking a link a blog I had never read before. I think it has been only in the last year that there has been any push what-so-ever in marketing of wurm through twitch? I have not see anything else in my casual searches.
  7. Congrats Samool on your promotion! and Thank you Budda for all your work. Is calling people biscuits a technical term from community relation coordinators? Here it's a bit rude to reference someone in that fashion.
  8. So more fracture, less population for freedom and we the current playerbase (you know the ones who have stuck by the game rather than abandon it) get left by the wayside. Good for the future of the game and company, I guess that is a good thing for you but looks like we are going to get scr*wed again. I am talking only about the population of active players, the fact we are spread across several servers even as the population dwindles and nothing is done, that epic and pvp have only been touched on but not actually addressed. You basically pay for ghost-servers who have populations of less that 20 active accounts (who knows how many are actual players and not alts) but nothing is done to consolidate these costs. Instead you decide to spend more money in hopes of another influx of revenue to continue forward. I am sure it will fix the short term cash flow issues you probably are having as more and more people leave wurm online. The ship is sinking and the rats are abandoning the ship, it happens all the time and I have seen it many times over the years in many different mmo's. While I think your path forward is a nice band-aid it does not actually do anything for wurm online freedom cluster except keep the doors open but the problems for us as players still exist and are about to get worse. That's the bad news as I see it. I am a cynic and see only what has been presented to us partially skewed by my thought process. Please refute it as I would be happy to know how you plan to address dwindling server populations with your steam release? Are you hoping enough players move to steam so you can shut down servers rather than addressing the issue head on? Is there a light at the end of the tunnel or are we going to have to bite the bullet and move to steam wurm if we want to play wurm in an active population? Is that the fix? If there is nothing to address the actual issue in wurm online freedom, please let us know so those of us who just paid for several subscriptions for our accounts and in game silver through the wurm shop can decide if we want to continue to support CC's "goal" of a steam wurm or should we cancel our subscriptions and move to a stable WU server or maybe an entirely new game that will support the playerbase and not their just their bank account. Harsh I know but that's how it looks to me. BTW if I am wrong please let me know. I am sure others have read the same thing I have and come to the same conclusions.
  9. This would be awesome! It would not fix everything but it would go a long ways towards it. I have over 200K+ dirt of work and no idea how much surface mining done on one of my deeds, while I would never want to redo that work, some of the complex buildings I have seen deserve being preserved or duplicated rather than having to rebuild.
  10. Sounds interesting but little to no interest to those of us who do not want to spend months and months rebuilding a new character's skills. If you look at Jackal population vs rest of freedom you can see there are quite a few who would rather not be bothered grinding all over. I know that some players have 12+ hrs a day to grind but most people do not, we have spent our time grinding and working on skills over longer periods of time. To have to spend all those months redoing that work makes me nauseous. I would be happy moving my characters with nothing but their skills and silvers I just bought (from CC no less) for leaving my old server (if you were shutting them down or merging them) But starting over, no I would probably request a refund on the subscriptions I just paid and find something else to do. Also a side note, if you do start a steam server you will fracture the current population even more. In case you are thinking otherwise please revisit that conclusion. It may not be your intention but it will happen nonetheless.
  11. Wouldn't your opinions have more weight if you posted it with your normal forum ID instead of a newly created "anonymous" id? You have some good suggestions but by the same token, "MMO" games with instances and lobby isn't really an mmo, nor are the ones with server limits of 64 players. 300 seems closer to "mmo" tag than either of the previous. Yes for the current population on 9 servers is a bit crazy but any major changes like merging servers or consolidating the servers would remove even more players. The last straw and all that. Does something need to be done, yep it does. Things that might help is better marketing, targeting more mature players who have expendable income and are not part of the instant gratification crowd. I know little of those things so I can't really comment on them. Not sure merging code bases would work but it is something to think about. Looking at the WU servers who serve the instant gratification players, they never last long (ignoring the servers with corrupt admins) but anything with very fast gains and speeds seem to fade out or re-invent themselves quite frequently. WU private server stability, I have played in several (tried 20-30 different servers) since it was released even ran my own for a while before handing it off to someone with more time. Of those that I have played only 4 still exist today in the same form they did when I played. There are others that are still around but they have new maps, resets and other things that have changed them. That will not help retain players, I am very hesitant to spend hours on end building a deed that can poof over night, but that is just me. Anyway I wish CC and GCG good luck.
  12. I am speaking of just the corpses stuck on the bridges. They take decay, it just seems slow in comparison to a corpse on the ground. However that could just be my perception.
  13. Yeah I thought of that but I am assuming that the error, means the server acts like they are on the bridge just not on the tile I happen to be on when I try to bury or pick them up. I know assuming will probably bite me on my butt but hope springs eternal. I never thought it would simple fix I am just hoping it would be easier than fixing the "corpse stuck somewhere on the bridge that is unreachable" bug that has persisted for 4 years or so?