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  1. WTS Pottery Bricks and Shingles, 1k/3.5s (IN STOCK: 5828 Bricks, 2421 Shingles) Pickup at P10 Pirates Bay, Harmony.
  2. YES!!! Thank You for finally giving combat an overhaul, the current grandpa combat system is just too boring and requires absolutely no skills. target mob, click attack, wait.......
  3. wtf you had a timer + no buyout price... i was gonna wait to offer more.
  4. I'd like to aquire a blueberry shaft or peg, plz cod to Tyrail
  5. Yea i couldn't agree more, why have all these different types of stones if we cannot utilize it for everything. Please make this happend please.
  6. New Tristram @ 773,849 Thanks.
  7. I would like to make another order for: Wood Cutting, Hatchet, Mining, Pickaxe, Digging, Shovel, Pottery, Stone Chisel + 2 Random. Thanks
  8. Glimmersteel Chain Set (Price: 11s - https://prnt.sc/tgml4l) SOLD