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  1. 1 lump sold. Edited the topic.
  2. All lumps are 1kg/ea.
  3. Hi all. WTS seryll lumps 2x90ql - 3s/ea 2x93ql - 3.5s/ea 1x94ql - 3.7s Seryll plate gauntlet 90ql PM offer. Buy all lumps - get gauntlet for free
  4. yup, bump
  5. bump
  6. b u m p
  7. bump
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  9. ...
  10. Lion Pelt COD to Fitzgerald please
  11. What if we had a system allowing us to know: 1) where are the merchants situated; and/or 2)which goods do they have It can be made through UI or as ingame mechanic. For example: Merchant owner can write goods listed for sale and merchant location.( That can be done using those papyrus sheets to make them more useful) That list can be sent as an object to anyone. (Using that list can add mark on the map for merchant location) And/or that list can be added to merchant database either accessible through UI or at the unique building/board at the main city.(although board can be craftable for more player-involved mechanic). P.S. Sorry if something like this was already discussed - don't even know how to search this subject.
  12. Hello wurmians. Time has come... for me to pass those pieces of nature's art. 24576ql of high quality(>10) gems are for sale. PM with serious offer. Can sell any quantity for 1c/ql at the place of their location which is T14@Pristine (Moonlight deed). But of course would prefer to sell all at once.
  13. Reserved for future buyers