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  1. Hi. Selling 31 sleep powders. 30s for all. Will deliver to nearest coast.
  2. Hi all. Would love to evaluate this char. Thanks in advance.
  3. Thanks for detailed review. So, meditation and probably weapon smithing in terms of usefulness from the freedom only players point of view.
  4. Hi all. Interested in PC of this account. And even more probably interested in your opinion of what to improve to make it more... well-rounded and valuable from solo player point of view. Thanks.
  5. Ruffus Hunt(O11) and Mountain Pass(T10) were disbanded a while ago.
  6. Hi. Selling 13 sleep powders. Pick up at southern Pristine. If you buy all - can deliver to seashore.
  7. Hi all. WTS character Liberal. 95 digging, almost same masonry. Full skill chart can be found here Affinities: mining, 2xfine carpentry and normal fighting Send your offers with PM. Selling for ingame currency.