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  1. Come visit Refuge Ranch located in the heart of Refuge (s25 on Xanadu map)! *We have a pen filled with an assortment of free horses. Just look for the signs *We also have special color horses for sale. Will update when possible. Dreamerik: Male, Black Silver, Aged. Fight fiercely, strong body, lightning movement,carry more than average, very strong leg muscles, and has a certain spark in its eyes. (40 copper) Notchpie: Male, Black Silver, Venerable. Fight fiercely, fleeter movement than normal, very strong leg muscles, and unusually strong and healthy. (25 copper) Southclip: Female, Brown, Venerable. It has fleeter movement than normal, It has a strong body, It has lightning movement, It can carry more than average, It has very strong leg muscles, and looks unusually strong and healthy. (25 copper) *In addition, I must introduce our complimentary horse pimping dating and breeding service! (No need to pay, but any donations are welcome.) So bring your lady horses over to meet our 5 speed males. Inquire about colors. Most available and hopefully in the mood. *Finally, feel free to bring any of your afflicted horses to Refuge. I can cast Genesis to heal the poor souls.
  2. Hello everyone. I was doing a bit of baking and beverage making and thought of some ideas. Sweet Potatoes Making this brightly colored, starchy tuber would be easy. Sugar + Potato = Sweet Potato Biscotti Biscotti are long, crunchy, and dry cookies that are usually dipped in beverages such as coffee or a dessert wine. They get their texture from being baked twice. Any cookie + knife = cookie pieces. Place the cookies pieces back on a baking tray and bake again in an oven = biscotti. Limoncello Limoncello is an Italian lemon liqueur that is made from steeping the zest of lemons with a spirit, such as grappa or vodka. It is then mixed with a simple syrup. Lemon + vodka + sugar + water + saucepan or cauldron = limoncello