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  1. Offers by PM please. Does anyone want to give a PC on the remaining items? Send by PM please. I've been out of the game quite a while so I'm not sure about prices.
  2. I'm looking to sell some rares. Sailboat maple 61.9ql Carving knife 91ql Hammer 77ql woa83 coc84 Needle 72ql Needle 71ql coc43 Needle 81ql woa83 coc83 Pickaxe 76ql woa95 coc102 Sickle 91ql Small anvil 73ql woa72 coc67 Lantern 71ql Iron lamp 50ql white 224/224/224 Iron lamp 51ql white 224/224/224 Fruit press oak 63ql Carving knife 91ql Butchering knife 80ql coc90 Rake 70.8ql Hatchet 89ql woa66 coc71 Sickle 35ql Trowel 74ql File 72ql Saw 73ql woa67 Statuette of Fo gold 39.7ql Forge 59ql Leather jacket 67.9ql aosp22 Lantern 77ql Spatula oak 50ql Clay shaper birch 82ql Chain set: Supremes: Chain gauntlet bronze 59.9ql Short bow maple n91 coc95 Offers by PM please.
  3. Prunedb

    Well, I started from scratch with the characters. Deleted the one with no gear and started again. I do wish this setting defaults to off, I've changed it now anyway, hope that my post helps some others.
  4. Thank you bdew, this is the bit that I was missing. I've extracted a .properties file from the .jar and put it into the /mods folder. From this I've learnt two more things: - I didn't need to rerun the patcher, the mod loaded up - leaving the settings commented doesn't seem to actually deactivate them e.g. #enableSeasonsCommand=true enableSeasonsMotd=false first line still is in effect even though commented out, suggesting that it is the default setting (not what I understood from the readme for the modloader) second line explicitly overrides the default which would be set to true if this line was commented Hopefully this is me done now. Summary: Download and install modloader for server (and client if required) by unpacking the zip into the server folder i.e. Steam\steamapps\common\Wurm Unlimited\WurmServerLauncher there should end up being a /mods folder within the server folder Run patcher file Start patched server, resulting in .config files being generated in the /mods folder these can be used to configure the mod, maybe the default settings are written there? But commented out, override if required (remove # from front of settings) Close server for now Extract .properties files from the .jar of the mod using 7zip, place them in the /mods folder this is required to enable the mods
  5. I've interpreted this as that is not required i.e. the .properties file gets looked for in the .jar if it is not found otherwise. Well, I will try that anyway!
  6. I believe the .properties files are inside the .jar of the mod. The .config files get generated automatically when I start the server, if a new mod is in the /mods folder - a .jar in the folder named that mod. So I think this is not the issue. Thanks though.
  7. This hasn't worked for creatureagemod with these settings: increaseGrowthUntilAge=12 increaseGrowthTimer=16 Hasn't worked for harvesthelper with these settings: enableSeasonsCommand=true enableSeasonsMotd=true [18:19:48] Unknown command: /seasons Those are the ones that should be easy to test. I have tried removing the WurmServerLauncher-patched.exe before running patcher.bat but it doesn't get replaced so I just put it back. Can anyone confirm that these mods work for them with server v1.6.3.2?
  8. I did try this, even removing the patched .exe file first, but the patcher claims that server.jar is already patched. What is the process? If this is the crucial easy step I'm missing that would be great!
  9. Hi, I've only just started to use this modloader. I'm having issues with it, so far it seems that most of the mods in the bundled package don't work for me. I know that the modloader is functioning because I can get the rendered server map through to the client modloader and it displays in my client. I want to use these mods: - creatureagemod: I've uncommented #increaseGrowthUntilAge=8, #increaseGrowthTimer=259200 and #excludedTemplates=boar_fo,zombie,worg,gorilla_magranon,skeleton,hyena_libila I've tried changing increaseGrowthUntilAge=8 to 30 instead, and I've tried setting the growth timer to 480, 80 and even 8 (which I think would be 1 second real time) no effect on aging of the horses on my deed. - harvesthelper: uncommented all three settings, the /seasons command doesn't work and there is no MOTD. I can harvest while on a cart but I think this works without the mod anyway (in fact I see this in the latest patch notes for WU) - cropmod: uncommented both settings, crops turn to weeds anyway. - spellmod: I want to use this but I haven't tested it yet. Am I right in saying that I only need the use the patcher.bat once, and after that I can add/remove mods from the /mods folder or change settings in the config files, this will get updated into the server each time it starts? Would appreciate some help from those who know and understand how to make this run.
  10. Prunedb

    I've just gone back to my wurm unlimited server after a few months not playing. When I logged in, my deed got deleted, and then my character got deleted too. Next time I logged in it was a fresh character and stuck out in the ocean at 0,0. Not a fun start back! After some research I've learnt that prunedb was set to true and this is why my character was deleted, subsequently without the deed holder the deed got deleted too. Why is prunedb set to true by default? Or maybe it has been set during the server update that happened when I started it up. Either way this is just stupid to make that a default setting. Is there a way to recover the characters that got deleted or are they gone for good? The replacement character has spawned without any of the starter gear for some reason. I'd much prefer to recover my characters but if that is not possible then how can I get a proper fresh one with the gear?
  11. Auction over, thanks to the bidders.
  12. 1h sniper protection activated so 12 mins to auction end
  13. Bump for a great mining deed! All the veins you need!