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  1. Awesome, thanks for getting back to me so soon. I'll hopefully get something mocked up and tested tonight. I'll post it once it is finished if anyone else would be interested in using it.
  2. I like the fact that there are mods to removed the priest restrictions. Not being able to create or dig has always seemed odd to me. On the flip side I also don't want it to be so easy to be a priest that everyone has to be one just to stay on level with everyone else. Priests should be special and it should be a big deal when they hit various faith and channeling levels. So the idea of having your skill rate change once you become a priest popped into my head. I'm just starting out with modding for this game but I'm a programmer by trade so java is not foreign to me, not my favorite but oh well. Does anyone know if this is possible before I go down this rabbit hole or might anyone have something I can build off of? Any insight or input would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Here is my first attempt at creating a map (4096x4096). Would like any constructive criticism anyone might have. Would like to get better at making these. I did go a bit tree heavy but the concept for this map is a new unclaimed land. Have a small spawn village (540, 320) area. Trying to get more of a survival server going. Cold winters, possible getting sick from none well water. Delivery routes for money. A few other mods i'm not sure if I can get working yet. https://www.dropbox.com/s/uwv6by8g0qrflsd/NewWorld.zip?dl=0 Ore- Iron: 1.5 Gold: 0.1 Silver: 0.2 Zinc: 0.2 Copper: 0.3 Lead: 0.3 Tin: 0.3 Marble: 0.5 Slate: 0.5 Sandstone: 0.5 Rocksalt: 0.5 No Moon metals
  4. I'm just getting into map creation and in general my height maps are getting better with time. What I am focusing on now is biome placement, particularly the various trees available. This may be a philosophical debate but is it better to have large groves of the same tree type, like actual forests, or have multiple tree types in a single grove. The second approach could be better for game play so players dont need to hunt as much for a specific tree types. Some people might like the hunt as well. I would like to hear everyone's take on this.