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  1. A good way to grind your soul/soul depth is any of the cooking skills, so Hot food cooking, cheesemaking etc. My faveourite method is having my priest sit and fish (also gives soul skills) then fillet the fish (yep more soul skills) then in sauce pans I make goulash (more soul skills... you can see why I like it!). The goulash recipe is x1 fish fillet (or cooked meat filet if you have it) and 0.25kg of water (a small pottery flask full). in 1 forge I have 100 saucepans, I fill up as many as I can with that days catch and light them up. Otherwise any skill under the Nature category will help your soul/ soul depth.
  2. Ohhh no more mine hop pvp.... sounds brilliant
  3. I know what you're talking about it grates me too, you end up with little pyramid houses, or if you make a porch and theres a wall next to the roof its too high to see the wall behind from the ground, or you can only just see the top, and it doesn't attach to the wall it's another little pyramid. The roofs next to walls dont bother me too much, you just have to design around it. Also I fix the pyramid houses by leaving the middle square as a floor tile and not roof, that way it doesn't have the point at the top, looks much better imo. So I can see your issue, but there are ways around it, maybe its something they will work on it the future
  4. Hmm I dont think there should be titles for every skill at 20, but I can remember being a newb and 20 did feel like a big achievement, now ofc that I've played longer and gone premium ofc 50 is the goal, then 70, then 90 eventually 100. Wurm is a complex game and when you first start you dont think about getting to 50 you think about creating something without failing more times than succeed! So if a player could get a fluff title for getting their first skill to 20, I think it would only encourage them to continue, and to go premium and improve other skills and hunt other titles.
  5. I'm keeping my fingers crossed I've only harvested pre- 1.1 crops atm, I have 72 farming, using a 69ql Rake and 80/90ql seeds and after tending twice a day I'm getting 4 yield..... not impressed. But going to wait a while before I start raging and worrying too much :S
  6. Tears of Tarsis X22 Y30 (top left area of map square)
  7. +1 to a bonus for all titles, but I think you should need to change title for it, maybe the bonus could be a better chance to make a rare?
  8. Hey Everyone, I don't know how useful this would be on the Freedom Servers but I think it's really needed on the Epic servers. Permission to see & speak in Village Chat Permission to see & speak in Alliance Chat Alliance Elder/ Officer Chat with permissions to see and speak in With these options in Village and Alliance settings players would be able to manage their villages much more and enable them to recruit new players without as much risk. Living on Epic makes you wary of new players and adding restrictions until players are trusted could be useful for everyone. It could even be used for temporary villagers your hiring to do manual labour without exposing Alliance details.
  9. I've only heard a couple of people talking about this on mrh, and tends to be items with enchants that they've paid for. I can understand why people do it. If I was raided I'd just enchant some more, it's be a pain but hey ho you get on with the game. However not everyone has a priest or access to one who will do things for free so if you've paid silver for items you'll do what you have to do to keep them safe. Money flow is picking up but it's not great, there's not always work to get and if you've transferred euro's into game silver what you buy with it will always be that more risky to loose.
  10. Penning Feedback

    I don't play on that server, but I've seen far worse and not had that much lag passing through. Shaky's right a lot of people - including myself - play the game for the animals. The new bred in captivity trait will stop people hoarding the best hunting animals, special traits like greenish, raging etc I think it would be better if bred animals didn't count towards the overall server count for that animal so that new animals were spawning for the people who do want to hunt them or get their own to start breeding. But I don't make the games I just play them, no idea what you'd have to do to solve the problems extra animals on server would cause to lag etc
  11. Upcoming Changes

    I'm glad the tile decoration is being expanded, 15 is plenty Merchants...... imo pvp puts too many things at risk as it is, why penalise people who don't abuse merchants for storage? I really hope that Rolf re-thinks this and doesn't change anything until he can think of a different solution. The economy on epic really isn't great, with the influx of new players that 1.0 brought it has picked up a little, but on home server there's no way I can sell goods on a merchant at the starter deed safely with this change - which is where the majority of business comes from as its where the new players can get to and remember easily (in most cases ). The way I've understood pvp in this game so far, is that newer players and vets who like to dip their toes in pvp/ act as defender set up settlements and play on the home server, if you're hard-core into pvp you move to ele. Being able to steal from merchants in any way, or killing npc's so they would have to be re-bought, anything along them lines is hardcore pvp. If this change goes through and comes to home servers, it's just another reason on an ever growing list for me to leave epic.
  12. +1 from me, would make a very impressive entrance to the new castles/cathedrals people are building
  13. Glad people like it Hmm I don't have a problem with other templar's close by causing confusion, but I guess you'd have to look for the orange text in event window to see if you're gates are locked? or does that not solve it... If not the only solution I could think of without it becoming a silly amount of text is if the Deed templars were named, so it read - "<Oathkeeper Templar> I'll take care of Aged Brown Bear! Allies to the North" But in all honesty with the length of some deed names that could get silly as well. I'd just be happy with some kind of direction being added
  14. Hey All, I would like to see the shout from the spirit templar improved, currently when an aggro animal wanders into deed borders it shouts in local - "I'll take care of Aged Brown Bear" As I'm still working on my fight skills, I would love to join in the fighting, but 8/10 times by the time I find the spirit templar & bear etc it is dead! So instead I would like it if the spirit templar would shout a direction with his war cry, something like - "I'll take care of Aged Brown Bear! Allies to the North" What do you all think? Luni
  15. +1 been trying to design/plan houses around this problem so would love to see something like this implemented
  16. Hmm, personally I would head inland a bit, more space, you'd need the guard tower to help with animals though, especially if they can bash heh. As Ols said it's more the coastal deeds that get raiders.
  17. Ever since I got the ability to enchant tree's it has bewildered me what the point of them is, beyond protecting your cosmetically planted tree's! I like your idea but it would be a little over powered how does this sound? Pro's: Can be harvested for fruit & Sap in the right seasons just like a normal tree except 1 harvest gives double fruit yield. Stay at "Overaged" for a pro-longed time like the 'care for' system with animals Thorn Bushes still give damage Grass at the base of the tree should resemble Enchanted grass (but with none of it's perks) as a visual representation as well as an updated description when the tree is right clicked and examined. Con's: Can be cut down The damage dealt by enchanted thorn bushes would be either halved so much less damage or become a % chance of damage dealt when walking through them. Saplings can be picked but at a much lower rate to normal tree's What do you think?
  18. That's kinda hard to answer, it depends on where you settle really. If you settle near the starter city 1 layer of tall walls would probably be ok, If you settle inland, fairly hidden by forest/natural hills I guess 1 layer of tall walls and a guard tower would be about right. If you settle on the coast you need as much defence as possible. It's always good to make friends with the community, I live a fair distance from the starter city but I have good neighbours and friends on the whole server who I know will help out and group up if Raiders come by, and I'd help them too.
  19. I've only played on MR, I like it & the community, As for space I can't speak for JK, but a group of players have cleared up the abandoned shack towns that were around our starter city and there's plenty of space around still,whether you are wanting a small place by the starter city or you want to venture out into the wilds. There are occasional raids but if you settle in land and work on your defences you'll be fine
  20. That's a good option, I've read threads about updating the alchemy skill and a simple potion to use on Enchanted Tree's could be included, as long as it was available to most players, i.e. low skill needed to make it, ingredients that aren't super rare. Another idea is that once the tree reaches Shrivelled it reverts to a normal tree and can be chopped down, any tree that re-plants itself would just be a normal tree. So after some discussing these are the suggested pro's and con's to update Enchanted Tree's to make them more useful to all players; Pros: Tree's & bushes can still be harvested for fruit & sap in the right season Thorn Bushes do deal damage when walked through Enchanting a tree/bush gives the tree a pro-longed life at Overaged before turning shrivelled Like the 'Care For' system with animals. Grass at the base of the tree should resemble Enchanted grass (but with none of it's perks) as a visual representation as well as an updated description when the tree is right clicked and examined. Cons: The damage dealt by enchanted thorn bushes would be either halved so much less damage, or become a % chance of damage dealt when walking through them. Like now Saplings would not be able to be picked & the tree would not be allowed to be pruned. Removing Enchanted Tree's should be easier by either a poison; right clicking and select remove enchantment with sickle activated, or once the tree has reached Shrivelled age it is able to be cut down or re-plants itself as a normal tree. What do you think?
  21. Cutting down the tree does seem to be the most logical way to remove the enchantment...but it's also the only reason to enchant at the moment -face palm- Apart from a pro-longed life at overaged all of the suggestions I have made to improve enchanted tree's are properties that tree's already have, if they could be cut down there would be no point in enchanting the tree's. Much like it is at the moment as enchanting is purely cosmetic.
  22. +1 It would be nice to have some type of gate system
  23. +1 would love taming to have more uses & dogs/ dog models maybe with the addition of food bowls...